National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Qin Mos Suspicions

Chapter 981: Qin Mos Suspicions
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In that moment, all her stakes were hanging from a thread.

A black motorcycle came flying out from the alley

The driver wore a helmet, his gaze deep yet gentle and intense. It was Hoshino!

He held the steering handle bar with one hand and with a sharp turn, he reached his other hand out towards Bo Jiu.


The youngster grabbed onto his arm. With a leap, she turned and sat onto the bike.

Everything happened in a flash. Her actions were fluid and smooth.

The other drivers on the same road were dumbfounded.

Even if the crime squads crew at the other road took action, it was useless as they left on a heavy-duty motorcycle, which was exemplary in terms of its discharge, exterior, fluidity, and speed.

Just like a panther in action; it wasnt easy to block.

Qin Mo stood tall and firm as he watched the Dodge Tomahawk disappear in the mass of cars. He felt as though he was abandoned and clenched the face mask in his palms, a scary coldness radiating from him

Director Huang stood one street away, he could barely breathe when he saw Z escape. He turned and caught sight of the face mask in his hands, his eyes widening. You removed Zs face mask? Did you have a good look of that persons appearance? Should I contact the experts to craft out a profile with your memory?

I didnt see Z. Qin Mo glanced up along with the simple reply.

Director Huang froze. When did Young Master Qins gaze look so scary?

Cough. Director Huang started to reflect on his actions. Our planning was lacking, we hadnt been expecting the turn of events. Z is indeed thorough in her planning, she must have bribed a thief nearby to run upon her instructions. Ive spoken to the person we caught, he has no idea how Z looks like, he gave a brief description of his height and attire, which was the person you were chasing after. He didnt provide us with much information.

Qin Mo turned to look at him. Start with that motorcycle.

Director Huang was confused since they probably wouldnt get much information from its plate.

Its a black Dodge Tomahawk limited edition, there arent many of those in the country. Find everyone that has it, Qin Mo replied emotionlessly.

Before Director Huang could reply, his phone rang. It was a call from his boss, his tone heavy and tense, not particularly pleasant. Did you catch Z?

The criminal is too skilled, we will have to continue the investigation. Director Huang broke into a cold sweat as he replied.

The response was stern. You should be aware of the impact. It was a large-scale infiltration and yet the crime squad came up empty handed. Director Huang, shouldnt you reflect on the abilities of the crime squad? We have to give the public an answer and a piece of mind to those that have been implicated.

Director Huang took a moment before he replied, I understand.

Im not going to beat around the bush, Z hasnt done much evil but there are rules and regulations for certain actions. How is the public going to react if a hacker managed to uncover grievances that the police had no clue about? How are the higher-ups going to see it?

Director Huang inhaled deeply. Secretary Liang, I fully understand where you are coming from. I dont really care how the higher-ups view me but there is a point I agree with certain grievances should be uncovered by us or it will be a slap in our faces.

Secretary Liang frowned but hadnt had the chance to speak as Director Huang cut in. There is some leftover work I have to take care of. I dont think finding Z is the most important task right now. Instead, we should be reopening the case of a former colleague to give his son an explanation. If whatever the video said is true and Rao Rong has been trying in futile to redress his injustice, there is indeed something wrong internally.

Secretary Liang took a moment to digest his words before replying, I agree with that point. I still have to attend a meeting to talk about the situation today. Old Huang, any evidence you can garner from your side is extremely important. I have come up with a proposal to deal with this organization. We will be teaming up with Interpol for this case. The army will send troops over, they should have arrived in Jiang City and will be working alongside the crime squad. Thats all for now, Ill have to go to the meeting now.

When Director Huang hung up, he glanced over to the shopping mall. The screens were back to the advertisements that were playing before the interruption.

It was as though the video from before didnt exist.

But that was impossible since the video had been uploaded online. It went viral, which meant that Rao Rongs fathers case had to be reopened. And this time, no one would dare to tamper with the results.

Director Huang felt reassured as he finally understood the power of the masses. With the masses as witness, the progress would be expedited.

Likewise, he experienced how dangerous Z could be. Fortunately, all she did was expose the truth and hadnt used her power to do other things. But did she come to China just because someone was impersonating her?

Director Huang couldnt help directing this question at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo diverted his glance. He placed the black face mask in his pocket, his voice indifferent. Perhaps.

What did perhaps mean? Director Huang wanted to press on but Qin Mo went straight into his Land Rover. Before he shut the door, he spoke, The outcome of Rao Rongs case is the key. Rao Rong will only tell us what we need if we manage to find out who harmed his father.

Director Huang frowned. Shouldnt he be cooperating with us?

He wont. Qin Mo looked at Director Huang, his face expressionless. Because he doesnt have trust in the police.

Director Huang shook his head. What happened to this child?

He was hurt far too many times, causing the change. Qin Mo arched a brow. He spoke as though he was declaring a fact. In that year, he believed but later realized it only brought him more harm. If it wasnt for that hatred, no one would associate themselves with a criminal.

The situation was trickier than he imagined. If they didnt look into it thoroughly, Rao Rong would continue to put a wall around himself, which would be of no help to the investigation.

Theres one more thing. Qin Mo looked up, a hint of light beneath his gaze. There are things he is keeping for the real trial. He is worried that saying it in advance would alert the person who had harmed his father, buying them time to escape. You should think about who in the squad has the ability to do that.

A shock ran through him. Director Huang had thought about the things Qin Mo had mentioned but right now, this issue was proving to be a greater issue than before.

The Land Rover drove off. The driver was headed in the direction of the Military Courtyard. Just then, his young master instructed from behind, Turn left.

Turn left? Where did he want to go? The driver didnt have the courage to probe further though.

Qin Mo sat in the backseat, studying the black face mask in his hand. He reached for his phone and made a call.

When the familys phone started to ring, Chen Xiaodong headed over to answer the call. Hello, Fu family.

Chen Xiaodong? Qin Mo asked coldly.

Chen Xiaodong felt his scalp tickle. Al-Almighty Qin

Its me, Qin Mo replied without any emotion. Get your young master on the phone.

Chen Xiaodong replied immediately, Ah, Young Master is not at home, he moved and is staying on campus. Young Master Qin, why dont you contact him on his mobile?

Staying on campus? Qin Mo asked. Perhaps he had heard wrongly, but based on his intelligence, he shouldnt. His voice started to sink. Staying on campus?

Chen Xiaodong cursed internally. What world was Almighty Qin living in that he doesnt even know about staying on campus? He moved into the male dormitory in school and comes only back home on Saturdays.

Without his explanation, Qin Mo didnt have such a strong image of the situation but now, after he had laid it out so plainly, Qin Mo tightened his grip over the face mask, his eyes deepening. With the other hand, he smashed hard on the car door.

The loud thud didnt just shock the driver, even Chen Xiaodong on the other end of the call was startled. What was with the situation?

The driver peeked at his young master through the rear mirror. His face was tight and cold, looking like someone with a vengeance. Someone was going to be down on his luck today.

And indeed, someone was truly down on her luck. Fen Jia had never expected the situation to escalate to such a state.

Z! That person should have died. How dare she spoil her plans?

She had to be prepared for the retreat but she couldnt just let go of everything here.

Perhaps, there was another solution.

Fen Jia narrowed her eyes. She had to ensure both her and her partners reaped the greatest benefit.

As long as someone warned Rao Rong, he wouldnt say much.

She took a moment to think through the situation. Even if she didnt warn him, based on his intelligence, he probably wouldnt say much to burn the bridges.

Rao Rong didnt know who caused his fathers death. She was the only one with that knowledge. If he ratted on her, this knowledge would become an eternal mystery.

There wasnt any information or case files and the judge that had handled the case had retired. Moreover, the incident happened such a long time ago, which made the investigation a pain.

Besides, the culprit was someone with power, he wouldnt have done the dirty work by himself. It would take a painstaking investigation to sieve him out.

Rao Rong was well aware of that and thus wouldnt say much until that person showed herself. Even if he leaked information about her, her current identity would no longer be the same as before, it would have been altered.

But there was some information that could put her in deep shit. Hence, she would have to take precautions.

Fan Jia clenched her fists. It was all because of that person that was supposed to be dead. How did she know which school she was from, and how did she manage to deduce her current disguise?

It was just like what her brother had said. If she wanted to obtain her desires, she would first have to eliminate Z!

They made use of Qin Mo the previous time and even though it wasnt very successful, they managed to reap some benefits.

Since Qin Mo had lost a part of his memory, the chances of their success would increase by a few folds this time!

Moreover, those people wouldnt want Qin Mo to have any more interaction with Z.

They would want him to stay rational and objective.

Actually, Fan Jia still hadnt figured out why Z was different in his eyes to this day. And that difference was the reason she wanted him.

Fan Jia? Fan Jia?

The voice got her back to her senses. What is it?

We are going to meet at the main gate, are you coming?

Sure, Ill come after grabbing something.

The more tense the situation, the more normal she had to behave. Even though she was met with obstacles and her plans had to be postponed, it didnt mean she would end up as the final loser.

Fan Jia pushed the door open to enter the dorm room. She reached for her phone and made a call. Rao Rong betrayed us. Make it impossible for them to get anything or make him shut his mouth forever. It should be more convenient to take action from your side.

The person on the other end inhaled deeply. Are you crazy? How can I take such chances in such a critical moment? Do you have any idea how stringent the checks are?

Regardless of how stringent the checks are, you wont be able to make a case without evidence, Fan Jia replied, her eyes narrowing. Besides, the disappearance of Rao Rongs father was a decision made by the higher-up. With him protecting you, there isnt anything to be afraid of. Do you know when he will stop protecting you? It is when you are acting like you are right now, not doing anything. When the search for the mole finally gets to you, no one will be able to save you and he will cast you aside. That year, the incident was cleaned up thoroughly. Even if there are news, it doesnt mean they will find something. You either be the offensive side and take action or wait to be executed. Think through it.

A uniformed middle-aged man stood in the corner of the corridor. With each word the girl spoke, more sweat piled on his forehead. The moment he had seen the video, he had a premonition. He wouldnt be able to hold his position any longer.

What are you doing out there? Arent you coming in for the meeting?

Yes, Im coming.

The man watched the back view in front of him, the girls words circling in his mind. She was right, he was left with two choices. He either made a big fuss or end up being hurt by the turn of events. Rather than wait for a response, it was best to take the initiative.

It was an important meeting that was kept under wraps.

The sky was changing as the wind blew her clothes, helping to calm her nerves. She smiled. That was a close call.

Hoshino kept silent since the youngsters actions had always been the same. Had there been a time she wasnt so loud and obnoxious?

But Qin Mo was indeed the toughest opponent they had ever faced

Drop me off in front, Ill take the train back, its just one stop away, Bo Jiu replied as she reached into her pocket and saw an incoming call from the Fu familys house.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. Hello?

Young Master, its me, its me. Chen Xiaodong was so startled by the previous call he was starting to stutter.

Mmh, Bo Jiu replied. I know its you. What is it?

Young Master Qin just called for you, I told him you werent home and have moved to stay on campus and that seemed to have angered him, I dont know what

Bo Jiu reached out to caress her temples. Chen Xiaodong. He really was a burdensome teammate creating trouble for her.



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