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New World New Life summary:

Did you just reply me?\n\nYou can talk? You can converse with me?\n\nVyrena was amazed. She knew from the memories of the host that this has never happened before. This was new.\n\n-Why are you in my mind?-\n\n-Adapt? Adapt to this new world?-\n\nShe pondered what that meant, but she had more pressing questions.\n\n________________________________________________\r\n\nJoin Vyrena on her journ...

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New World New Life Chapters

Time uploaded
149 Blushing3 days ago
147 Yama Yoma5 days ago
144 Pink Bed6 days ago
143 Foolish6 days ago
135 Awaken2 weeks ago
132 Trapped3 weeks ago
130 Need3 weeks ago
128 Trus3 weeks ago
126 Let Go4 weeks ago
125 Wan4 weeks ago
120 Snow White4 weeks ago
111 What If?a month ago
104 Blackfirea month ago
102 Shadow Bursa month ago
93 Jackpoa month ago
92 Overkilla month ago
91 Pay The Finea month ago
90 The Trutha month ago
87 Catching Upa month ago
84 Unpacka month ago
83 Helloa month ago
81 Travellinga month ago
75 Aftermatha month ago
71 Black Clovera month ago
63 Escapisma month ago
49 Memory Lanea month ago
32 Dead Houndsa month ago
29 Murders?a month ago
26 Smart Boya month ago
20 Working Harda month ago
19 Morning Huna month ago
16 Upgradea month ago
15 By My Handsa month ago
14 Memoriesa month ago
13 A Fair Deala month ago
12 New Homea month ago
11 The Solutiona month ago
9 Fooda month ago
8 The Pendana month ago
7 Curiositya month ago
6 A Simple Ringa month ago
5 Shoppinga month ago
4 Civilisationa month ago
3 Blackfirea month ago
2 3 Giftsa month ago
1 Where Am I?a month ago
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