New World New Life Chapter 147

147 Yama Yoma

Vy and Lycster flew swiftly in their respective sky forms back to the hospital. They had lost track of time in the garden and were about to miss the transport that would take them to Yama Yoma. The siblings entered through the open window and quickly transformed back into their human forms.

Turning to their side, they could see Nayla with her arms crossed.Having been caught in the act, Vy and Lycster did not know what to say. Nayla was not smiling like she used to. Her eyebrows were arched. Her arms were crossed at chest level. She was staring at them straight in the eyes and had not spoken a word.

After an uncomfortably long silence, Vy cleared her throat and bowed to apologise.

"My apologies for us returning late! We were just" before Vy could finish a sentence both her and Lycster got hit on the head.

"DO YOU have any idea how worried I was!" Nayla huffed in anger.

Vy and Lycster quickly apologised repeatedly. But seeing Nayla's angered expression also put them in stitches. Her cheeks were puffed up, face flushed red. In the end, all of them shared a good laugh.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Akon came into the room to inform them that Vy and Lycster's transport had arrived. Since it was only going to be a one night trip, they did not need to bring any clothes along with them. Furthermore, everything would be provided at the resort.

Vy and Lycster hurried down to the entrance. Vy had wondered what sort of transport would be provided. She had expected it to be a horse-drawn carriage. When they looked out of the entrance of the hospital to see their transport, both of them were in for a surprise.

Vy's assumption was half right. It was a carriage, but it was driven by a black cat. But the cat was even larger than the size of a regular horse.Instead of wood, the carriage was made entirely out of light brown bamboo. It also had a bright red collar around its neck with a bell attached to it.

Vy was entranced by the adorable creature. It reminded her a little of Dotty with its soft fur coat sharp ears. But its button nose, large round eyes and curious nature melted Vy's heart. She could not resist reaching forward to pet its head and scratch it beneath its chin.

Nayla was about to stop Vy from doing so but to her surprise, the cat creature was enjoying it! It closed its eyes and was making a purring sound as its tail waved from side to side. The cat even leaned closer to let Vy pet it even more.

Lycster was in shock at first but the cuteness of the creature overpowered him. He soon found himself tracing his hand down its back. Feeling the soft fur against his hand felt amazing! He had not felt something as soft as this! Not even in this mountain goat form was his fur this soft.

The creature enjoyed their petting so much, it rubbed its head on the both of them. They could have been there for an entire day petting the adorable creature but it was time for them to depart. Lycster and Vy entered the carriage and closed the door behind them.

Through the window, they bid farewell to Nayla and Akon.

"Remember to take the same transport back at noon tomorrow!" Nayla reminded them as she waved goodbye.

"We will! Thank you!" Lycster thanked them.

With everyone comfortably seated in the carriage, the cat-like creature stretched its legs and began to move. As it did, the bell on its collar chimed. As it chimed for the third time, spheres of flame surrounded the cat creature and the carriage.

When the cat leapt forward, the flames instantly disappeared. They were on their way. Curious to see their surroundings, the siblings looked out the window. But to their surprise, everything was a blur. They were moving at a breakneck pace! From Vy's assessment, the people on the streets were not able to see them either.

-This world is filled with endless wonder.- Vy thought to herself.

Their journey to Yama Yoma only took less than 30 minutes. When the carriage finally came to a stop, they had already arrived at their destination. From the window, Vy could see beautiful cherry blossom trees lining both sides of the pathway.

There were two people in full-faced masks and long flowing outfits ready to greet them at the side. Vy opened the carriage door and stepped out. As she looked around her, she could feel a soft cool breeze. Some of the petals from the cherry blossoms danced in the breeze, falling like snowflakes in the sky.

"Welcome to Yama Yoma," the two masked people said in unison as they bowed deeply.

Lycster hid behind Vy, uncertain what to make of these two people. But was he even certain that they were humans? Or elves? Or something else? Each of their masks was different from the other.

The taller person's mask was all white in colour, with crescent-shaped eyes and small red lips. The face of the mask resembled a woman, with a white foundation and vibrant red blush on the cheeks. The slightly shorter person had a dark orange fur bushy tail behind them. The mask was that of a vermillion fox.

The taller person bowed to both of them and introduced himself, "My name is Yoon."

"And my name is Yuna," the shorter person bowed and continued.

"We will be your guides during your stay with us. Please follow us to enter the Yama Hall and allow us to show you around." they both said it in unison.

Yoon and Yuna led their guests down the pathway and into the central building that stood at the end of the pathway. The building was made entirely of solid wood and stone. It's exterior blended well with its natural surroundings, creating a sense of being one with nature.

With every breath of air she took, Vy could smell the light fragrance of the cherry blossoms. As soon as they entered Yama Hall, she quickly realised that this was a place open to everyone. No matter what race or species you are, all are welcome at Yama Yoma.

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