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  • Nine Paths Of Asura

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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    Nine Paths Of Asura1 votes : 5 / 5

Nine Paths Of Asura summary:

One day, when a young boy, Lineir, is scavenging alone in the abandoned Old City he angers a horde of undead. Chased all the way back to the New City, he escapes the fearful undead but gets several of the local city officials killed in the process! The next day his back is infected with a strange undead curse mark and the city officials are after his head! Follow Lineir's story as he uses his wits...

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Nine Paths Of Asura Chapters

Time uploaded
63 Homecoming7 days ago
62 Lord Ligh7 days ago
59 The_____7 days ago
58 Caged City7 days ago
41 Cheating7 days ago
38 Reaper7 days ago
35 Slow Walk7 days ago
32 Noble7 days ago
29 A Way In7 days ago
27 Talon7 days ago
24 Final Hear7 days ago
22 Survive7 days ago
19 Devastation7 days ago
16 Burning___7 days ago
14 Coincidence7 days ago
6 True Power7 days ago
5 Redline7 days ago
4 The Deadzone7 days ago
1 Lineir7 days ago
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