Nirvana In Fire Chapter 99

Nirvana In Fire Chapter 99

After he returned to Su Manor, Mei Changsu immediately retreated to rest, because he knew he would not have a whole nights sleep this evening.

Sure enough, just after the third watch of the night, Fei Liu flitted to the side of his bed and said, Knocking. He got up quickly and tidied his appearance, and then coaxed Fei Liu to remain outside while he hurried into the tunnel.

Prince Jing sat in his usual spot in the hidden chamber, his head lowered in deep thought. He only raised it when he heard Mei Changsus footsteps, and his expression was calm, although there was a conflicted look in his eyes.

Your Highness, Mei Changsu bowed slightly. Youve come.

It seems that you have anticipated my coming. Prince Jing raised a hand and gestured for him to sit. Mister Sus performance in the sky prisons today was marvelous indeed. Even a person such as Xie Yu can be held completely at your mercy, like a toy in the palm of your hand. Your qilin prodigys reputation was not in vain.

Your Highness is too kind. Mei Changsu continued, But it is also reassuring to me that the truth has been forced out of Xie Yu. I was worried at first that Xia Jiang also harboured intentions to protect the Crown Prince, because he would be a difficult opponent, given his position as the Head of Xuanjing Bureau. But now we can be sure that he has no such intentions or biases in the fight for the throne, and there is already internal conflict between him and Xia Dong, so we will not have to spend further time or energy worrying about this person in the future.

Prince Jing did not speak, but continued to gaze at him solemnly for so long that Mei Changsu felt a little uneasy.

What is it, Your Highness?

How can you only think about this? A flash of rage passed across Xiao Jingyans gaze. Are you not shocked by the truth Xie Yu revealed today?

Mei Changsu thought for a moment, then said slowly, Is Your Highness referring to old affair of Nie Fengs murder? Many years have passed and the situation in the court has changed drastically, so there will be no meaning to pursuing this case further. Besides, Xia Jiang is not our enemy, and a wise man would not take up arms against a powerful enemy for a meaningless cause.

A wise man? Prince Jing laughed coldly. Did you know Nie Feng was the cause of the treason case against the Chiyan Army all those years ago? And now even this source of everything was false, so who can know what kinds of dark secrets are hidden within the folds of this great case that shook the nation, and what kind of injustice was dealt to Eldest Brother and the Lin family? And youyou think this is just some old affair?

Mei Changsu met Prince Jings gaze and said plainly, Your Highness is not just discovering today that Prince Qi and the Lin family were wronged, are you? If I remember correctly, I think you have insisted all along that they never rebelled against the crown?

I Prince Jing faltered slightly at his questioning. I used to believe in Eldest Brother and Commander Lin because of what I know of their persons, but today.

Today, Your Highness discovered this thread of truth, and many things that you could not understand in the past are now becoming clear, is that right? Mei Changsus expression was still calm. Then, what does Your Highness wish to do about it?

To investigate, of course, until the whole conspiracy of how they framed Eldest Brother and Commander Lin is revealed!

And then?

And thenand then. Prince Jing suddenly discovered that he could not continue, and finally, he understood Mei Changsus meaning. His face paled, and his breathing quickened.

And then, will you bring the evidence you have uncovered before the Emperor and ask him to turn over this treason case, starting a new trial and sentencing all those found guilty in the process? Mei Changsu pushed on coldly, Does Your Highness truly believe that Xia Jiang, Xie Yu, even the Empress and Consort Yue along with their sons that these people alone were enough to murder the talented and righteous eldest son of the Emperor, and to uproot and overturn the house of an illustrious and mighty commander general?

Prince Jings shoulders fell, his expression dejected as his fingers dug so hard into the desk that they threatened to leave impressions in the wood. His voice was low when he answered, I understand your meaningbut why? Why? Even if the power Eldest Brother possessed at the time were enough to threaten the throne, and he and Father Emperor had numerous disagreements on the way the court was run, he was virtuous and kind by nature, and never so much as harboured the slightest dream of rebellion, so how could Father Emperors suspicions of him have grown to such a statethey were still father and son, after all.

The number of emperors throughout history who have killed their own sons is surely not worth counting, is it? Mei Changsu took a deep breath, reminding himself to control his own emotions. And this thin skin of our Emperors is nothing new. It is my belief that he was suspicious and jealous, but given Prince Qis influence at the time, he did not dare restrict his power lightly. Xia Jiang saw this, and with his loyalty to the Emperor, how could he not take it upon himself to ease his lords worries?

You mean Father really believed it? Prince Jings expression was pained. He believed that Eldest Brother was rebelling, and the Chiyan Army was commiting treason?

With the Emperors highly suspicious nature, he probably did believe it at the beginning, which is why he dealt with them so harshly. At this point, Mei Changsu was silent for a moment. And from how desperately Xia Jiang is trying to silence Xie Yu now, the Emperor at least did not know the truth of Nie Fengs death, which was the start of everything.

Prince Jing gazed into the light of the oil lamp on the desk, shaking his head as he sighed, No matter what else, if it were not for the suspicions already in Father Emperors heart, these kinds of false rumors could be dealt with by bringing the suspects back to the capital for investigation, why would we have to resort to It is only a shame I was not in the country at the time.

It was great fortune that Your Highness was not in the country, or you could not have avoided calamity by association. Mei Changsus expression was indifferent. Although this case was initiated by Xia Jiang, it was handled in the end by the Emperor, so it will not be easy for Your Highness to overturn it. Your Highness would do better to take this advice: let it go, and refrain from further investigation.

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