No Matter How Long Time Passes I Still Love You Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Spoiled Duck

Three people stepped out of the vehicle and walked casually towards Susu. She was shaken up by the sudden twist of events and stared at the familiar figure who was approaching her. Chen Mu hurried to Susu's side and hugged her tightly, "are you alright?"

She nodded and opened her mouth to ask why he was here, but Tian Yuo started spitting out nonsense again. He said, "Hah! Well if isn't my best friend, Chen Mu, the one who snatched my ex-wife from me. What? You think because you have these well built bodyguards and I'll be scared of you? If you're a man, take me one on one. Come on!"

Chen Mu took off his jacket, wrapped it around her shoulders and felt her hands. "Didn't I tell you that it'll be chilly today? You wore too little. What if you get a cold? You had a few coughs the other day." He totally ignored Tian Yuo's existence and his words. All he cared about was Susu's well-being.

Susu smiled as he rubbed her hands in his, "I'm alright. I don't feel cold. My arms and legs are always cold."

"That is because your blood regulation is poor. You should listen to your potential hubby slave before he makes everyone bring a portable heater with him wherever he goes." Chen Nan interrupted their couple's time.

Ariana coughed and elbowed her husband lightly in the stomach, "sorry for his interruption. Chen Nan always sucks at reading the atmosphere, but at times like this, it is warmer inside the car."

Susu blinked and looked at the couple, "Umm, excuse me, but you guys are?"

"Oh right! How could I forget about them." Chen Mu facepalmed his forehead and guided her towards them.

"Squirt! How could you see your pretty wife and forget your cousin and cousin-in-law who were with you since this morning?! Sheesh, men these days sure chooses girls over buddies." Chen Nan teased Chen Mu for his forgetfulness.

Ariana stared at him and pinched his chin, "Oh, dear? Are you not a wife slave? You sounded quite proud just now."

Quickly, Chen Nan pinched his ear lobes with both hands and said, "I'm sorry, wife! I was just teasing him! It runs in the Chen family! We're both wife slaves obviously, but I'm the biggest one!"

"Okay. Okay, already. Sorry for the late introduction. This goofy looking guy, who is somehow related to me, is my cousin, Chen Nan. The pretty lady beside him whom I have no idea how he managed to woo and get her as his wife is Ariana. They are a few years our senior and recently came back from abroad. They tricked me into believing that I had a scheduled meeting with a client this morning."

"Ahhh, I see. Nice to meet you, I am Yin, Susu." She smiled and greeted them.

"Hehe, Chen Mu's description of you is definitely not even within a thousand-miles range of how adorable you are! Hah, come, come, let's get in the car. It's cold and a bit windy. We should get in the car." Ariana gave Susu a hug and dragged her to the car.

Other than Lily, no girls had ever acted this close to her, so Susu was a little shocked to see how amiable Ariana acted. Chen Nan chuckled and shouted, "Don't mind her, she's always like that to family. Since she doesn't have any friends here, why don't the two of you have a talk inside the car? Get to know each other more, while we deal with some leftover business."

Ariana turned back, winked and gave the two of them a victory sign. Seeing her hand gesture, Susu wondered what they were signaling each other about. Ariana let out a soft laugh and rearranged Susu's fingers where her thumb and index finger made a gun shape. Then, she directed Susu's finger towards Chen Mu.

Chen Mu sent a flying kiss back towards Susu and said, "I'll make it quick."

Ariana whispered, "This is our secret symbol that we made up. What you just did meant to come back quickly; I'm waiting for you."

"Oh..." Susu wasn't used to these weird symbols, but went along with it. While waiting in the car, Susu couldn't help but get distracted from their conversation. Ariana also knew that it would be hard to focus on one topic when the other half is in a fight.

"How about we just watch those two deal with that man. What's his name again?"

"Tian Yuo."

"Ahhh, that kid used to be cuter. Puberty probably happened to him. Rotten families do hatch spoiled ducks." Although she was mumbling, Susu still heard her.

"Did you know him?"

"Know him?! Not only do I know him, I- nevermind, sorry. My emotions got out of hand. You just have to remember one thing, though. Stay away from the Tian's. They aren't good people. Just a bunch of ugly wolves in sheep's clothing with infinity type of masks. Masks that they wear every day to different people, trying to suck the life's force out of you." Ariana sounded extremely serious that Susu nodded in response.

"Well~ Let's watch our men beat the crap out of that guy. How dare he not respect people? Everyone has their personal space, for lord's sake. Sometimes, a man needs a good beat to learn his mistakes. Sorry, I've misspoken, I meant lowlife, not man." Ariana stared at the window and Susu followed.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards moved aside when they saw Chen Mu and Chen Nan folding up their sleeves. They cracked their knuckles and approached Tian Yuo who randomly waved his arms towards them. He tripped over his own foot and fell on his butt, "What the heck do you guys want?"

"Don't worry, we are only here to take back what belongs to Susu." Chen Mu bent forward and snatched the cellphone from his hand. After wiping it clean with a wet wipe, Chen Mu smiled, "Thank you for handing this back. Now, for the real business."

"Y..you just said that you were taking back what belongs to her. What real business are you talking about?"

"Didn't you provoke me and said to fight you one on one? Here, I'm giving you a chance to speak up. What do you want to say?" Chen Nan saw Susu's bag on the floor and some items on the street. He looked around for important items and collected them. Items such as lipsticks and pens could be replaced, so those he didn't take because he didn't know whether it belonged to her.

Tian Yuo supported himself up using the pole and said, "Hah, you're standing up for her for no reason. What I said were all true. I am her first man so even if you guys marry or fuck each other like bunnies, I'll still be the one who took her virginity! That will be a splinter in your fucking big ass donkey heart!"

"So, all I did was give her an offer to marry me. If she does, she will save her damn alligator tears and everybody's time. What? What are you going to say to me, huh? That you're a kindhearted man who doesn't lust over your woman? Bullshit!"

Chen Mu took a deep breath and cracked his neck, "you're finished talking right?"

"Yeah, I am. So what?"

"Then it's my turn." Chen Mu's move was as quick as a lightning as his knee knocked right into Tian Yuo's crotch followed by several punches straight to his stomach. The attacks were sharp and would have been fatal if the punches were aimed at his organs. Internal bleeding would have been his death if that were the case.

"Phew, I had to get this out of my system. These punches and that one kick were all for Susu's suffering. I held back before because I needed to get information from you about her. For all the things and tears that you've made her shed, this is your retribution. She's too kind to hit you, but my fist is rough as steel."

Tian Yuo coughed on the ground in a fetus position as Chen Mu bent down and said, "By the way, you were not her first man. I was. To make sure you don't make up rumors about her, we got together after you guys divorced. Go near her again and I'll castrate you with my surgeon knife. Mark my words."

"Also, think before you speak next time. One on one? Look at yourself and think of your wobbly limbs. You're lucky that I was your opponent, and I let you off easy. If it was a gang, you wouldn't even stand a chance of keeping your limbs. If you're looking for trouble, come for me. Be a man, not a critter. Sneaky and snooping around for other people's food."

Chen Nan patted Chen Mu's shoulder and said to Tian Yuo, "bring your father a message for me. Tell him to enjoy while he lasts. What he took from years ago and tried to obtain years later will be taken from him by more than hundreds of folds."

After saying what needed to be said, Chen Mu took Susu's bag from Chen Nan and walked back to the car. The bodyguards waited until everyone settled inside the car before going back to their vehicles and following closely behind. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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