No Protection Tonight Chapter 44 2

No Protection Tonight Chapter 44 Part 2

Liu Jie's face became embarra.s.sed at my question. As if his love for me was too pure, “We'll see how you perform.”

It's up to me to perform, but I'm clearly making an effort. All right, next time I'm going to make Liu Jie experience the taste of the sky.

I remembered when I was in the bathroom with Saozi, she gasped as if she was flying. Immediately the blood flowed through my body.

Liu Jie really knows how to leave me hungry. If just by placing a finger and moving it inside her, she felt unusually warm and cozy. I just don't dare think what it would be like if my little brother were inside, it wouldn't be like going to heaven!

We were planning to pick up the ride we were originally on. However, Liu Jie's phone rang. It was the driver who had come to pick her up.

I have always thought that, even if he doesn't get along with his father, he is always looking out for her. For example, he always sends to pick her up, even if he arrives half an hour late after the end of cla.s.ses. No, maybe it's me who's being watched.

If in the village the families pay attention to the people who enter their family. In the city I can't imagine how much they have to look for a person of a similar social status to be part of the family.

While I accompanied Liu Jie to the school door holding hands. I asked him if he wanted to marry me. However, he told me not to think about those things yet. So I pretended to get angry and tell him that he didn't fully trust me.

But Liu Jie soon softened his heart and cautiously asked me: “Feng-ge, are you willing to take on the role of a son-in-law?

“Are you talking about marrying you?” Liu Jie nodded to my question.

“That's right, you're willing to live with our family” It was the first time I handled such a concept, so I had no idea. “Well that doesn't matter much, however there is one condition. When the first child is born has to carry the surname Liu, then my father will agree that the two of us should be together.” Liu Jie's voice was shortened by what seemed to be telling the truth.

I felt something strange inside me, so I shook my head. “No, how could I betray my ancestors and allow me to have another surname?”

If they were something else, it could be discussed without problems, but when it came to that matter, my thoughts were deep-rooted. Liu Jie's face lost its color. “Feng-ge only has to wait until he is big, and then he can change his surname from new to Zhuang.” Liu Jie took my arm and pressed it on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Although a switch was turned on inside me, due to the softness. Don't change the way I think.

“I cannot betray my ancestors. Also, if my parents found out that the child bears your father's surname, they would prefer me to marry an ordinary person.” Gently drive Liu Jie away. Tears began to flow from her eyes.

“My father is not to blame, he only had one daughter. He is always busy with work, and has not fulfilled the responsibility of being a father, nothing more, but in others there is no problem. If you marry me, all the family businesses will be yours. Feng-ge you can't give in…” If I were someone else I'd be happy to hear Liu Jie talk about luxury cars and properties. However, I said “Ha!, Liu Jie, what do you mean? Family business and all that has to do with your family I'm not interested. I just want to be with you.”

Of course, there's an amount there that has to do with Tangge. But I don't care about his family's money. I just want us to be happy and live happily together.

However, it seems as if Liu Jie and I are only united by a monetary question and not by love.

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