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  • No Wedding Unless Enemies And Lovers

  • Genres : Action -  Drama -  Second Chance
  • Status : Completed
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No Wedding Unless Enemies And Lovers summary:

She is the most silly concubine he doesn’t want to see.He is the unparalleled king of the world.The two most improbable people are tied together, is it fate or fate?She pretends to be weak and pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger, beats the white lotus violently, and smashes all of Kyoto with poison!He sheltered her from the wind and rain, and subverted the world for her.A certain prince tore off a piece of paper from his face, glanced at it and asked, “What is this?”A certain woman said casually: “Oh? Lord, you can’t read!”A certain prince resisted the urge to roar with violent veins and gritted his teeth every word: “Of course this king can read, but…”A certain woman raised her eyebrows and smiled, “My lord, you are divorced by me.”A certain prince said angrily: “Come on, tie that woman back to this king!”- Description from Novelupdates

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No Wedding Unless Enemies And Lovers Chapters

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