• Noctis Noir

  • Genres : Game
  • Status : Ongoing
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Noctis Noir summary:

Astrid, Luna, Lyria, and Amelie live in the world of Aries, an artificial dimension resembling an MMORPG. With the World Guild War event coming up, the girls decide to start their own guild and reach the top of the rankings. However, their journey doesn't always run smooth especially with the threat of hackers out to take over the world and the wonderful distractions of romance. Can they get...

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Noctis Noir Chapters

Time uploaded
114 Promises3 weeks ago
112 World Rese3 weeks ago
109 Simple Days3 weeks ago
108 Resolve3 weeks ago
106 The Return3 weeks ago
101 Carpe Diem3 weeks ago
98 Invasion3 weeks ago
96 Still Family3 weeks ago
93 Fake Poe3 weeks ago
89 Your Fan3 weeks ago
87 Mercy3 weeks ago
81 Take My Hand3 weeks ago
80 No Means No3 weeks ago
77 Alice Lupin3 weeks ago
75 Frisks Type3 weeks ago
70 Prisoner3 weeks ago
69 Reset Button3 weeks ago
68 M.k.s House3 weeks ago
67 Reunion3 weeks ago
53 Safe Refuge3 weeks ago
52 Pio Wake Up3 weeks ago
51 Pandemonium3 weeks ago
43 First Blood3 weeks ago
39 Cooldown3 weeks ago
36 Prize Box3 weeks ago
33 Strip Poker3 weeks ago
32 Guy Talk3 weeks ago
30 Cat Figh3 weeks ago
28 Scammer3 weeks ago
27 Jealousy3 weeks ago
26 Twinnie3 weeks ago
23 Pizza Noir3 weeks ago
22 A Warning3 weeks ago
12 Magnus3 weeks ago
11 Temple Maze3 weeks ago
4 Black Rose3 weeks ago
3 Rune3 weeks ago
1 Prologue3 weeks ago
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