Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Chapter 2

Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Chapter 2

As a policy for the time being, it is good to have decided so, but the problem is, how much fighting capability exists in me right now.

Specifically how much capability do I have? if the goblins are one or two, I can fight with a sufficient safety margin and win.

Three or more animals will be a struggle but I'm sure to win.

If it exceeds 4 animals, the only possibility is to escape.

If there are five or more, it's a dead end.

Weak, I'm weak.

It can not be helped.

Even after becoming an adventurer for ten years, I have kept practicing hard for almost 20 years and I'm still weak at the end.

It was a very easy story, as to why I'm the weakest even after all that, well because I lacked magical power, and talent for martial arts, sword or others, I did not have much of any.

Besides, with my stats, it's worthy to be praised having achieved being an adventurer.

By the way, if you say something like magical power, its source is a mysterious power born from human beings.

If you have magical power, you can create fire and wind, you can create water and move soil.

If you become a powerful magician, you can do more complex things.

It is a very useful force.

This is an ability that around 50% of the population have.

However, about whether there is enough magical power to be able to reach the level of a true magician, roughly speaking it is one in a thousand people.

With some small magical power you can fire arrows or bullets of mud, but in order to do more than that you need the talent of one in a thousand people.

In my case I had magical power, but it amounted to nothing.

I understand the absence of talent.

But still, I think I was well-off, because I managed to create some water, and fire but unfortunately it was not enough to be used in battle.

Next, it is vitality, but this is the power which originates from the life force of the living beings.

If you can utilize it, you can strengthen your physical ability, give out strong power, or get stamina that is out of the ordinary.

However, it is difficult in the first place to recognize this power because everyday people use this unconsciously to maintain life.

Even so, if you can be aware of it, it is said that you need considerable training in order to make use of it, and for that purpose it is said that you need a talent like that of a magician.

I was conscious of this power, but I could not master it because of lack of talent in the utilization.

Nevertheless, as a trump card, it was a wonderful force as it was able to do about 1.5 times the attack power of a single attack once a day.

I also have the healing property a bit but at best the only thin I can do is clean up to make the water drinkable no matter how dirty it is, or to cleanse the wound so as to not suppurate, or remove scratches.

Still, it was useful as it was, and since it is a force that has been useful enough in the last decade. But as an adventurer it was no worth mentioning.

And, to say, that means that I have no magical powers, no strengths or no healing capabilities.

In other words, I was not suitable to be adventurer in the first place.

Well, it seems that a person who has all three abilities is very few, and not being able to use any of them, I never met such an existence besides myself.

However, what matters is quality, not number.

And in terms of quality, I was not blessed at all.

It is needless to say that people who doesn't have any talent like me will end their lives withan occupation which normally does not involve fighting.

The trouble is that I had a big dream.

By all means, I wanted to be a platinum adventurer.

Since longing for it from an early age, I have been pursuing that dream forever.

There was no way I could give up.

As a result, I still continue thinking of that dream..

"Man, if you are live you must do something to achieve it."

I can do something.

I thought so and I've lived until now...

Well, as a fundamental question, I do not know exactly whether I am alive now or not, but still it is possible to move and it is certain that there is something I can do.

It is not a bad thing to try hard for that.

I could use anything I had before becoming an skeleton without problem.

With this alone, it feels like I'm getting through.

At least, as an undead I think I can fight.

Well, after confirming my ability my decision was largely secured.

For the time being,I will just do my best to aim for my dream as before.

The thing necessary for that will be to defeat the monsters of the labyrinth and evolve.

As for why to defeat monsters, it's because they can raise their existence to the top one by accumulating years and experiences.

The one that becomes the upper existence by the passing of years and experiences, such as that dragon, was a monster thathas a considerably high potential ability.

In this regard, skeletons will be skeletons even if a thousand years passed. it's an immortal monster. Just being present will not make it stronger.

There is no growth.

Then what will I do? Get experience.

To gain experience means to fight anyway.

It is said that monsters can absorb the power of their enemies.

This is not only for monsters, but humans too.

So, although warriors and adventurers who have kept fighting for many years have powerful powers in many cases, the fundamental difference between people and monsters is that, regardless of how much a person absorbs the power of a monster, basically it will always be a person.

On the other hand, monsters may have evolved into a superior existence if they gain certain experience.

I am trying to aim for this.

Of course, there is a problem of whether I am a monster in the first place, but since it is something you can check if you actually try it, I'd like to work hard on the premise that I can evolve into another existence.

So, what I have to do now is to defeat other monsters first.

I am in the undiscovered section of the lower labyrinth "Starters Labyrinth", but I haven't seen any monsters and the memory was knocked down when I was eaten.

There are several theories about the detailed reasons of labyrinth monsters evolution, but in fact it has been confirmed that they will recreate after a certain period of time.

It is said that the phenomenon is called restoration. It is said to take thirty minutes at minimum, it can also take several days or several years if it is long, but it is confirmed that they will recreate.

I do not know how much time has passed since I was killed by the dragon, but the time required to recreate have passed.

Then, returning to the main passages is the fastest way, to encounter monsters.

I thought so, Imoved my body, step by step, bit by bit, and decided to return to the main passage.

Actually moving is severely heavy, I still do not feel fighting will be like I used to, but still I can move, with that alone I feel at ease.

Regarding weapons, I have worn one short sword and an armor that I've been using since the beginning, so there is no problem.

We have to confirm other things in the actual battle.

And about five minutes after I started walking the road.

I met the first monster.

That opponent, was another skeleton like myself.

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