Number One Zombie Wife Chapter 119

Number One Zombie Wife Chapter 119

    Number One Zombie Wife «第一尸妻» Di Yi Shi Qi.    

Chapter 119: Forget it! Just let me die.

    Zhan Bei Tian looked at the person who was moving into his arms, and his eyes flashed with coziness of the moment.

    Since he discovered that Mu-Mu is Mu Yi Fan, Mu Yi Fan has never taken the initiative to approach him. Now he has moved towards his arms. Does it mean that he has forgiven his last misunderstanding in the grain depot?

    Zhan Bei Tian took Mu Yi Fan into his arms and kissed his forehead and closed his eyes.

    However, the person in his arms was very restless, his lower body kept shivering, and, after finishing the front, turned and turned his a.s.s around to him.

    Zhan Bei Tian felt that something was wrong, and suddenly opened his dark eyes, and he muttered, “What are you doing?”

    Mu Yi Fan, who was sleepy, heard the sound, opened his eyes and shook his body: “I am cold.". “

    Zhan, Bei Tian:"…… “

    A cold man would not be shivering all over the body?

    How can he keep shivering in lower body?

    He frowned: “How can you be cold?”

    Zombie should have no feeling of cold and heat, how can he be cold?

    “I don't know what's going on. In short, my a.s.s is so cold, and…” Mu Yi Fan turned and leaned forward with Zhan Bei Tian: “The little brother (JB) below me seems to feel like I was standing up naked. On the highest mountain in the world, I was blown by the cold wind, and then the JB became an icicle."

    Zhan Bei Tian: "…"

    This made him directly think of Mu Yi Fan standing naked in the snow and ice. .

    Mu Yi Fan looked up at Zhan Bei Tian: “I describe it like this, so you should be able to feel how cold I am, how uncomfortable that is?”

    Zhan Bei Tian tweeted: “Only these two parts are cold?”


    “How could this be?”

    Zhan Bei Tian thought about it, only thought of the reason was him drinking the spring water.

    Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian thinking that he wants to draw G.o.d, and he was depressed: “Don't just stare at me, hurry and give me a rub down.”

    Zhan Bei Tian wonders: “How?”


    “… …” Zhan Bei Tian said, “I am going to get you a hot water bottle.”

    He was about to get up and saw Mu Yi Fan holding his head and shouting: “It hurts, hurts, hurts.”

    Zhan Bei Tian eyelids flashed anxiously: “What happened?”

    He let Mu Yi Fan drink the spring water. The intention was to make Mu Yi Fan stronger and have a self-protection ability. He did not expect such a thing to happen.

    Mu Yi Fan was in pain and the whole face is distorted. He spoke in difficult: “I don't know what's going on, my hair hurts…”

    Zhan Bei Tian gave a slight glimpse: “Hair pain? Shouldn't it be a headache or a temple headache?”

    “No, it's hair. I clearly feel that the hair is hurting. Also, the hair under my arm hurts, and… … Ad my little brother's hair hurts too…”

    Zhan Bei Tian's forehead was crossed with the black lines: “You are saying that the whole body's hairs are also in pain, so you don't have to describe it so clearly.”

    Mu Yi Fan endured a million needles biting pain, he exhaled and said: “if I do not describe it clearly, how would you know how painful I am? The most uncomfortable thing I have now is the cold, painful, what is going on?”

    He suddenly thought of the problem of spring water: "Did I become like this because I drank the water you gave? Ah~~Itchy~~~~”

    Zhan Bei Tian, ​​who didn't know how to help him, heard him crying and asked quickly: Pain? Where is the pain?"

    "Nail hurts, and teeth hurt." Mu Yi Fan was so uncomfortable that Zhan Bei Tian gave him a rub directly: "I'm so uncomfortable, I want to bite something to grind and bite my nails."

    Zhan Bei Tian wanted to reach and he saw him grinding out his teeth, and quickly stop, then he took a stone from the s.p.a.ce and gave it to him.

    By the way, his gloves were pulled off, revealing black sharp nails, so that he could use his stones to grind his nails. However, Mu Yi Fan just scratched it and the stone broke into several pieces.

    Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

    He had to change a steel bar to Mu Yi Fan.

    Immediately, the room was full of ‘Clang Clang' piercing claws.

    After a while, Mu Yi Fan began to shout again: “I am so hot.”

    Zhan Bei Tian's heart raised again: “Where are you hot?”

    “The bones are all hot, I am now feeling like I fell into the volcano, so hot, so uncomfortable.”

    “…” Zhan Bei Tian was about to go crazy by Mu Yi Fan, cold for a while, hot for a while, pain for a while, itchy for a while, in fact, there is nothing, but the cold, hot, painful, painful places are too strange, except for the lower body, teeth, nails, he can find a solution to lower those pains but hair and bones, how does one solve that pain?

    Mu Yi Fan turned very uncomfortably on the bed, and said painfully: “Zhan Bei Tian, ​​you will give me a bullet, let me die and rest from this pain.”

    He is now in more pain than someone in death.

    “Shut up.” Zhan Bei Tian stared at him with red eyes.

    “But… but, I am really uncomfortable now.”

    Zan Bei Tian couldn't see how hard he was, and his voice was getting weaker, but he couldn't help himself. This was making him feel that he was very incompetent.

    “I am going to find Dr. Zheng to show you, how?”

    Mu Yi Fan quickly stopped him: “Don't… Don't go, I'm afraid I will scratch him, and… And, I am like this now, He certainly wouldn't know what to do, if you told him to come over, and the nails will make him anxious."

    Zhan Bei Tian looked at his unhealthy look, his heart groaned, and watched Mu Yi Fan twist into a ball.

    Immediately, he thought of something, he promptly got up and ran to the bathroom, put the spring water in the bathtub, and then, he pulled Mu Yi Fan, he carried him to the bathroom and put him in the bathtub.

    Mu Yi Fan was so comfortable when it was soaked in spring water.

    Zhan Bei Tian saw that he was not so painful and immediately asked: “How is there, is there any place that is feeling better?”

    “Much better.” Mu Yi Fan escaped unimaginable pain and he was like a dead man, lying in the bathtub.

    Zhan Bei Tian suddenly loosened the tension in his body in one breath: “Then you are here for a while.”

    Fortunately, the spring water of Lingquan has a role to play

    After Mu Yi Fan was not so uncomfortable, he gradually fell asleep.

    Half an hour later, Zhan Bei Tian took the man out, dried his body, put on his pajamas and put him on the bed.

    However, in less than fifteen minutes, Mu Yi Fan began to feel the pain attack again.

    Zhan Bei Tian had to put him back in the water.

    This time, he didn't take the person out again, but he was afraid that Mu Yi Fan would slip into the bathtub and drown, and he sat next to the bathtub.

    It was not until dawn that he took the man out and put him back on the bed. After waiting for half an hour, he saw that there were no more seizures, and then he rested on the bed.

    However, just closing his eyes, the door was knocked

    Zhan Bei Tian got up and went to open the door. Seeing that it was Mao Yu, he asked, “What is it?”

    Mao Yu noticed that Boss had dark circles under his eyes and knew that Boss had not slept well overnight. Of course, he might have struggled with someone for one night.

    “Boss, the breakfast is ready.”

    Zhan Bei Tian whispered: “I won't eat, and, before noon, if there is no very important thing, don't bother us.”

    “Don't want to go looking for supplies?" Mao Yu asked.

    “In the next few days, you don't have to look for materials. However, you have to step up your time training, especially those who have abilities. If there is no other self-protection ability, if there are those who don't have any ability they have to train more. Right, if Rong Xue is not willing to partic.i.p.ate in training, don't pay attention to her, but other people must strengthen their training."

    Mao Yu can see that Boss doesn't like Rong Xue, and still even finds ways to toss her. This time he does not let Rong Xue train, and saw that Boss doesn't want Rong Xue to use too much self-protection ability.

    “Okay. Then I will go down first.”

    Before leaving, Mao Yu glanced at the situation in the room, and when he did not see anything he had to leave.

    Zhan Bei Tian closed the door and laid back on the bed. After seeing that Mu Yi Fan was still asleep, he closed his eyes with peace of mind.

    No one knew how long he slept. He felt that the people around him were moving again and again. When he opened his eyes, he turned his head and saw that Mu Yi Fan was holding him again.

    This time, Mu Yi Fan's face had no painful color, but instead, he has a comfortable voice coming from his mouth.

    Zhan Bei Tian felt that there was something hard to poking his lower body, and suddenly his face was covered with black lines.

    Mu Yi Fan, who is sleeping, can't see Zhan Bei Tian's face, ​​so it is so beautiful that the author is intoxicated.

    In the dream, he was following a person over the bed to cover the rain and mix with the clouds, so he is not happy, he had to keep up with all the gasping, let the other party reach the climax.

    And he himself comfortably rubbed himself on the person's body, made this climax moment taste just right in the horizon, which made him be particularly satisfied, he felt that he was very fit with the other's body, this is the pleasure he has never experienced.

    He looked up and wanted to see who this person was. However, the other person's face was blurred, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't see the other's face. He could only see from the body that the other person was a man. Moreover, it is a very good and fit man.

    Suddenly, his b.u.t.t was touched, and then the man's face in the dream became clearer and clearer, and then he saw an incomparably handsome face.

    Mu Yi Fan squinted at the big eyes: “Fxck me”

It turned out to be Zhan Bei Tian!!!

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