Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Book 17 Chapter 1

Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Vol 17 Chapter 1

Published at 11th of September 2019 05:59:45 AM Chapter 1

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, everything has been prepared . What do you think?”

There was the reflection of a pair of riding boots that didn’t have a speck of dust on them and a resplendent military uniform on the white marble . Elizabeth took satisfied steps in the huge chapel . The young man in a red robe next to her couldn’t keep up with her pace . Hence, he’d jog, then walk and repeat, which looked comical . The sunlight shining down from above made him look comical with the nervous expression he wore on his sweaty face .

“Not bad . I’m very pleased . ”

It was rare to see Elizabeth express satisfaction . The church did their absolute best with the preparations . They dedicated all of their wealth and manpower for it . Five bishops in red had arrived inside the largest chapel . All implements, ornaments and so forth were of the highest quality . The program was also appropriate, which was why Elizabeth was pleased with the church’s earnest att.i.tude . Thus, she didn’t plan to ha.s.sle them about anything .

As soon as the Valkyries saw their Empress, they immediately saluted her . Elizabeth responded with a nod then checked the holy water inside the huge pure gold and silver cup situated behind her . The holy water formed ripples with the colourful sunlight shining down from above . Perhaps it was thanks to the chapel’s pure aura and quiet atmosphere that even ordinary water strangely had a pure and holy vibe .

Elizabeth dipped her hand into the water and gently stirred it . She smiled: “So, this is where Daisy will be baptised, huh?”

“We a.s.sure you that the water is absolutely safe . It will not hurt Miss Daisy . Valkyries will always keep surveillance over it at all times . You must believe in their competence . ”


Elizabeth turned to the Valkyries: “The thing is, it doesn’t come from here . Have you noticed the sky? If somebody were to drip a poisonous liquid down from above, what will you do? Can you notice them?”

The Valkyries nodded: “We have a team on the roof . We have the entire chapel under our control; you need not worry . Further, the military is guarding the chapel, so n.o.body will be able to approach . ”

Elizabeth nodded: “That’s rea.s.suring to hear . Having said that, I’m still worried . From experience, there is no such thing as a castle that can’t be captured . Defences are just temporary measures . Therefore, all you can do is pray that my son can come back sooner . ”

“His Majesty will arrive at the Royal Palace in three days’ time . Therefore, you just need to hold on until then . ”

“Roger, Instructor!”

“I’m no longer your instructor…”

“Oh, we are very sorry… Royal Princess . We will do our best to hold on until then . ”

Current time at the elven city of Duargana .

I didn’t leave Duargana without baggage . I actually brought additional baggage in the form of a problem if anything . Aforementioned problem was the so-called new church’s holy water .

I had my luggage packed, which included the magical spring water Mommy Vyvyan prepared for Elizabeth . Mommy Elizabeth was different to other humans . Because she lived in the elven forests for a long time and even had a son with elven and human blood, she could reap the benefits of magic . Despite Mommy Elizabeth having a longer lifespan, she’d still age and her beautiful appearance would wither with time . As such, the elven spring water, which contained vitality in it, was Mommy Elizabeth’s beauty formula that allowed her to maintain her youthful appearance .

“Your Highness . ”

“You’ve recovered . ”

In the morning, the familiar young girl came up to me and saluted me at the dining table . The young girl, who was subjected to torture, had recovered . Additionally, her att.i.tude toward me had changed . I gave her a smile: “As you have recovered, you should return to the North, first . I’ll give you my chest pin . Go and see either Freya or Luna, and they’ll be able to set you up . ”

“Thank you very much, Your Highness . ”

She gave me a deep bow then turned to leave . Honestly speaking, seeing her so obedient and sensible perturbed me out a little . How did a girl, who was trying to slash me while in my arms not long ago, turn so docile? I really wanted to know what happened during her recovery period . I didn’t end up asking, though . However, I then suddenly realised something, so I called out to her .

“Didn’t you pour mana into the river before? I want to know something . If it’s mana an elf produced, will it be effective on humans?”

Her expression looked stiff . Shaking her head, she answered, “Umm… Sorry, Your Highness, but I do not know, for the reason that no human has ever came into contact with my mana . In saying that, there is one thing that I am certain of, and that is the mana I concocted is different to the mana of normal elves . An elf’s mana is totally compatible with their body . Mana that is produced is just a subst.i.tute . Perhaps it does work for humans . ”

I nodded: “I see . ”

I didn’t say anything else . I let her leave . Somebody would arrange things for her to head to the North . I didn’t intend to bring her to humanity’s lands . There would be a plethora of troubles to follow if an elf went to humanity’s lands . To add to that, I didn’t plan to bring a second elf into the palace .

While I sat there, Lucia came up to the table and looked at us with a smile: “Have you finished packing?”

I nodded: “I’ll be leaving tomorrow . You don’t look to sad, though, Lucia . I thought you’d give me a heart-warming goodbye as you did in the past . ”

Lucia smiled: “This isn’t the first time we’re separating any more . Furthermore, you’re going to humanity’s lands this time . It’s not that far . I can go there to see you if I want to . I don’t plan to head straight back . I’ll stay here in the palace for a while . I’ll return to the North when you do . That way, I can Queen Vyvyan company . Plus, I’m sure the girls will be happier . ”

I nodded . I was grateful . I never mentioned Mommy Vyvyan to Lucia, yet she managed to somehow recognise what I was thinking . I believed that the girls and Mommy Vyvyan wouldn’t feel lonely with her around .

“While I don’t care about Daisy, she, too, is your daughter and, in a way, my child at the end of the day . How is Daisy doing?”

I laughed: “Thanks . The last envoy gave me a letter from Nier . Not only is Daisy doing very well, but she seems to be fond of having the ma.s.ses surround and compliment her . My main focus with this trip to humanity’s lands will be to investigate whether or not there’s an issue with elven mana . I’m sure Daisy will be fine . ”

“You best stop speaking . Every single time you say that things will be fine, something happens . I really wonder if it’s your jinx phrase…”

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