Omnipotent Sage Chapter 669


Times were changing!

When the Thunder Tribulation that Zhou Bao underwent broke the passage to the Void Immortal Realm, Child-endowing Buddha felt the strong will from the Void Immortal Realm and knew that times were indeed changing.

While Wang She and Child-endowing Buddha were communicating through divine thoughts, the woman from the World of a Thousand Swords, with a serious look on her face, seemed to reflect for a moment before she suddenly changed into a sword light and disappeared into the hollow.

“She is going back to tip off the World of a Thousand Swords. Let’s find Zhou Bao and get out of here as soon as possible. Other macro worlds finding the Heaven Realm is one thing, but being exposed after we have undergone the Thunder Tribulation here is a whole different thing. Zhou Bao’s Supreme Fairy Weapon is our bluff. We can’t be exposed so quickly!” Child-endowing Buddha said.

“You mean, we’re going to be in trouble again!”

As they were ready to search for Zhou Bao in this Star Area, he suddenly and mysteriously appeared in front of them.

“God, you’re incredible!” Wang She was startled, but Child-endowing Buddha’s eyes lit up when he saw Zhou Bao.

“The Human Immortal, haha, you’ve undergone the ninth Thunder Tribulation and become a Human Immortal, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. I also wonder why I suddenly became a Human Immortal!” Zhou Bao smiled at them. Now he felt relaxed and sensed a qualitative leap in his strength. He tried several times on the planet that he had absorbed in his fist intent, and found that he could move it with ease, instead of his body being overwhelmed.

He knew that it was a huge change brought by the two Thunder Tribulations, especially the second one, which completely strengthened his body to an incredible state. His body was no longer unable to withstand powerful attrition as before.

Now it had also been reinforced into the Realm of Human Immortal.

He owned the body of a true Human Immortal!

“Let’s go back. We need to prepare for a few things.” Child-endowing Buddha said with a sigh.

“We’ve been through the Thunder Tribulation, and of course we should go back, haha!” Zhou Bao grinned. The benefit of the Thunder Tribulations for him and his Black Pearl was beyond his expectation. Thus he was quite satisfied.

Then, the three of them left contented. However, what they did not expect was that soon after their departure, the woman from the World of Thousand Swords suddenly showed up not far from where they had been.

“They are from the Heaven Realm World. Just now that man was on Thunder Tribulations with a Supreme Fairy Weapon, and he succeeded. This is terrible. I must tell the bad news to the sect and get them ready. Damn, that undiscerning jerk wants to keep company with the old bastard from the Milky Way World and to fight against the Heaven Realm. The three men alone are not so easy to deal with!” With a little worry on her face, she disappeared again.

If the three had seen this, they would have cried out, for it was the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill that the woman used to hide her spirit. By virtue of this secret skill, Zhou Bao and Wang She had acted much more conveniently. They had no idea that one day a person would use the same skill to eavesdrop on their secrets.

But that’s another story. The woman knew that the secret she had heard today was too great, so she thought it pointless and unnecessary to make it public, and that she only needed to tell it to her sect. There were some old fogeys in the sect who knew how to use this secret for their own maximum benefit.

The Heaven Realm World was now raising a rumpus.

However, Divine Wind Palace, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain, and Youxian Temple were reigned by dead silence.

The three sects joined forces to fight the three men who underwent the Thunder Tribulation, but they overreached themselves and were all swallowed by Wang She.

It happened so suddenly and Wang She’s strength was so amazing that the three sects were speechless and didn’t know what to do.

Wang She appeared as the Giant Demon of Heaven and Earth and performed his devouring Divine Sense, which was equivalent to the power of the Immortals.

The three sects were well aware that no one’s combat capability in the Seven-deity Regions had reached the level of the Immortals.

Some old fogeys in their sects were only Human Immortals.

And overall, only one or two people had gathered the Three Flowers above the Head and collected the Five Qis in Mind. Allowing such ancestors to challenge Wang She whose combat capability was at the level of the Immortal was literally straight up suicide.

What was more, Zhou Bao was with Wang She. According to the description of Taoist Chun Feng, the Thunder Tribulation that Zhou Bao went through was no less fierce than that of Wang She, which meant that Zhou Bao was as fearsome as Wang She. The three sects were completely powerless in front of them.

In fact, Taoist Chun Feng mistook Child-endowing Buddha for Zhou Bao. If the three sects knew the truth, they would be even more terrified.

But the results were already so far beyond what they could afford, so they all kept the news to themselves.

In particular, the Divine Wind Palace now was facing a formidable enemy, afraid that Wang She and Zhou Bao would retaliate against them as soon as they returned to the Heaven Realm World. The shattered Divine Wind Palace was no longer able to fight against the two men who had succeeded in Thunder Tribulations.

Most of all, the campaign was the Divine Wind Palace’s initiative. Although the other sects had joined voluntarily, their great loss was due to Divine Wind Palace’s neglect not checking Wang She’s true strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hit so hard.

How could Youxian Temple and Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain cope with the loss of almost half their Lords of Heaven?

Their response, of course, was to ask for reasonable compensation.

The compensation was what Divine Wind Palace had offered for the two sects, but they were unable to give them now.

When they made the treaty, they decided that it would be carried out after the success of the operation. Now that they had suffered a crushing defeat and an enormous loss, Divine Wind Palace proposed a reasonable compensation for the two other sects, but the Golden Book of Fate was not mentioned at all.

However, the other two sects did not relent on this. Then they reached a stalemate, and there was even a serious conflict.

Although Divine Wind Palace was greatly weakened, as the most powerful sect of the Four Eastern Regions that had ruled the Four Eastern Regions for tens of thousands of years, it had a strong foundation. Therefore, Divine Wind Palace was at a disadvantage, but they did not suffer significant losses. In the course of their struggles, the two sides began to negotiate, and it took three years for the terms to be settled. In the end, Divine Wind Palace made huge concessions and compensated them with a lot of resources and magic weapons. In fact, no amount of resources and magic weapons were able to replace those unfortunate Lords of Heaven, but the two sects knew that they could not really afford to destroy Divine Wind Palace and that if they continued to fight, the matter still could not wind up. Thus, they had no choice but to give up.

The two sects were so greatly undermined that Fifth Manor, Palace of Eternal Life and other sects took the opportunity to erode their interests. It was really a self-defeating.

When Zhou Bao, Wang She and Child-endowing Buddha returned, they did not go directly to Divine Wind Palace to make trouble, as they had feared. It was true that they had successfully undergone the Thunder Tribulations and enjoyed great improvement, but they had just made it through and their states were not yet secure. Therefore, they entered the Azure Big World to practice. Zhou Bao again launched the Wheel of Time, allowing the three of them to have enough time to consolidate their strength.

A few years in the Azure Big World was enough to achieve that and take it to a new level.

“Hey, Junior Leopard, your Azure Big World is too boring, especially the Demonic Immortals. They seem to have nothing to do with you and they think of the Azure Big World as theirs. It’s too much!”

After coming out of the Azure Big World, Wang She complained to Zhou Bao.

There were more and more living creatures in the Azure Big World every day, but they were all native creatures, and there were no human beings. With complete Dharma and abundant pneuma, many evil beasts there had advanced to Demonic Immortals and had taken over as they ruled many parts of the world. During the practice period, Wang She visited some places in the Azure Big World but had some conflicts with those Demonic Immortals, which caused him to be quite dissatisfied with them.

“They’re the living creatures here. Me taking and perfecting the Azure Big World doesn’t mean it’s mine. I don’t mean to get involved in its development. Let nature take its course. Who is to blame for what you have done yourself?” Zhou Bao laughed, “Besides, didn’t you lose?”

“I mean, now that you get the macro world, manage it well. Don’t forget, there are so many Demonic Immortals here and they are no less powerful than in the Seven-deity Regions, or even any influence of the Heaven Realm. With such power, you can sweep the Heaven Realm!”

“When did you begin to take an interest in dominating the world? Do you want to practice the Way of the Emperor?”

“Not really, I just studied it a little bit. It’s a pity that you don’t realize you have such valuable treasures.”

“You don’t know, Wang She, he’s too cautious!” Child-endowing Buddha laughed at Wang She’s words and said, “If he had no scruples, he would have let out the Demonic Immortals in the Azure Big World!”

“Scruple? What scruple does he have? Has he not mastered the whole Azure Big World?”

“The Azure Big World is the micro world of the Emperor of the Azure Heaven. There must have profound meaning to him to evolve it into the Azure Secret Area. Now the Azure Secret Area has turned into the Azure Big World, but Zhou Bao is still not aware of the Emperor of the Azure Heaven, so he doesn’t dare to be too presumptuous in the Azure Big World!”

“Child-endowing Buddha is right. The more skilled I am at controlling the Azure Big World, the more I feel there is something wrong with it. Thus, I cannot let my guard down!” Zhou Bao said.

Looking at the two men who had identical ideas, Wang She gave a wry smile and said, “Well, forget about it. Now our states have achieved the Advanced Level, and should we get our revenge, shouldn’t we?”

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