Omnipotent Sage Chapter 670


There was no doubt that they would take revenge.

For a practitioner, the most abhorrent thing wasn’t being robbed by criminals or enemies, but being disturbed and even attacked in the midst of a tribulation, especially after a successful one. It was because almost everyone had to go through a period of weakness after a tribulation, during which, if one was targeted, all their efforts were most likely going up in smoke. No one wanted to have the feeling of falling from paradise to hell, specially these towering practitioners.

Therefore, in the world of the practitioner, it was the most abominable thing to disturb someone right after they have gone through a tribulation, or to take advantage of the weak period after one of them. Facing this kind of tactics, the practitioner might not survive; But if they did, an undying hatred would go towards the attacker!

For three years after his return from the Desolate Ancient Star Area, and for decades in the Azure Big World, Wang She had been keeping his temper. He now would not rest until he vented his anger.

Zhou Bao was also furious at this matter. He had even made trouble for Divine Wind Palace in secret, but it was all hushed up and Divine Wind Palace didn’t know he was the troublemaker. In the absence of any evidence, Divine Wind Palace dared to commit a semi-public attack on him when he was going through a tribulation. He felt belittled.

People always believed they were the right one and thought from their own standpoints not minding anyone else. Zhou Bao never thought that what he had done to Divine Wind Palace in the light over the years would be enough for them to kill him, much less what he had done in the dark. That was the way it was: the law of the jungle. Killing people didn’t have to be reasonable.

“Can’t you two get into less trouble?” Child-endowing Buddha was amused to see the two murderous guys. “We’ll definitely get back at Divine Wind Palace, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain, and Youxian Temple, but not now!”

“Do we have to wait for them to come to us?”

“We need them to be our shield!” Child-endowing Buddha answered, “It has been three years. It has been three years since you opened the way to the Void Immortal Realm. The fast-moving macro worlds should have done something already!”

“Is it that serious? Will the other macro worlds really invade our Heaven Realm World?”

“Sure, the Heaven Realm World was the spokesperson of the Void Immortal Realm. It was the first macro world. There are many Taoist rites of mighties of the antiquity times and even the primitive times in the endless space-time mazes here. You’ve all been to the Thunder Emperor’s touring abode. In addition, in the ancient deities times, the Heaven Realm World was the central world of the deities; And in the antiquity times, someone found the palace of the ancient deities.” Speaking of this, Child-endowing Buddha paused and a smile flashed across his face before he continued, “Perhaps the palace of an ancient deity lays in a speck of dust on the ground beneath our feet. It’s not impossible!”

“Do they know the whereabouts of these Taoist rites and palaces?”

“Unlike the Heaven Realm World, which has lost all the information about itself, the sects, that have existed since the antiquity times, know a lot about that. That’s the strangest thing. The loss of the antiquity times information is understandable because of the Necromancer’s Tribulation. But why is there no information about the medieval period? None of this is mentioned in the ancient books nor in the records of the Bigwheel Temple. The major sects in the Seven-deity Regions seem to have risen out of nowhere. It’s too weird. There may be some big secrets that even people like us have no way to learn!” At this point, worry appeared on his face. Then he went on, “If you had extracted all Yu Taixu’s spirit when you killed him, we would have known some of the secrets of the Heaven Realm World!”

Child-endowing Buddha’s indifference chilled Zhou Bao and Wang She. The fake monk who always smiled like Maitreya was really vicious. He dared to say so bluntly to extract the spirit of the Divine Wind Palace Lord.

“It’s too late for that. Forget it. At that time, in fact, I could not stay for too long, and I did not have time for spirit extraction and refining.” Zhou Bao smiled bitterly, “Cut the crap. You don’t approve of us going after the three sects for revenge?”

“No, I just don’t approve of you fighting them too hard. It will do no good to either of you if you are harmed. The other macro worlds are likely to take advantage of this!” His grinning face grew calmer. “Aside from others, the two Star Areas associated with the Infinite Star Sea have actually found the Heaven Realm World through the Transmitting Formation. If they get the will from the Immortal Realm, hehe, their strength is big enough to construct a two-way Transmitting Formation. But they haven’t moved in three years. This is not normal at all!”

“Could it be that they joined up with other Star Areas?”

With a moment of wit, Zhou Bao asked.

“It’s possible but still unlikely. Don’t you see that the two Star Ares have had fewer and fewer people sneaking into the Heaven Realm over the years? Maybe, that number has never decreased, but they know how to hide now. They might hide in the shadows, waiting for the chance to attack from the inside!”

“You’ve got a good point!” Zhou Bao suddenly stood up, as if he had thought of something.

“What’s wrong?”

“No wonder I felt a little strange when we came out. My Wuyang Region seems to have added a lot of experts, as well as some characters with a strange spirit. I didn’t care at first, but after listening to you, I find these people really suspicious!”

“Your Wuyang Region is now an influence in the Seven-deity Regions, more powerful even than the Jin. It’s normal for them to come there for news!” Child-endowing Buddha said drily, “And this is originally a territory with all kinds of people. It has no checkpoint that anyone could enter, so it’s not surprising that they came in.”

“You’re right. My Wuyang Region really has to take precautions, in case the alien race comes in!”

“Don’t rush to deal with that. Just get someone to keep an eye on them. They are only a few small characters and won’t cause much trouble!” As they talked, both Child-endowing Buddha and Wang She examined Wuyang Region with their divine thoughts. Now their combat capabilities were all beyond the Human Immortals, and at the level of Immortals. Together, the three of them were able to sweep the entire Seven-deity Regions, and even the super sects couldn’t compete with them, so they didn’t care about the small characters.

“Better not to despise the enemy. These small characters don’t seem to be making big trouble, but if I don’t watch out, they’re probably going to do something messy!”

“You’re being careful. Are you going to do it yourself?”

“No, just keep my men on guard!”

Although Zhou Bao didn’t mind dealing with the small characters himself, Child-endowing Buddha and Wang She thought he was clearly overqualified for such an insignificant task.

Fortunately, he now had a lot of powerful men under him. After over 10 years, Zhu Ba had become an Individual Immortal, and he led a group of experts. He was the best man to do such a thing.

The three of them continued talking in high spirits for a while. However, Child-endowing Buddha suddenly gave a cry and his face became strange.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Bao and Wang She were both startled by Child-endowing Buddha’s quick change of expression.

“There seems to be an old friend of mine here!” Child-endowing Buddha squinted and there was a glimmer in his eyes.

“An old friend?” Zhou Bao was well aware of Child-endowing Buddha’s experience. He had no old friends in the temporal world. Then this one definitely came from the antiquity times.

“What’s going on lately? Not only do people of the other macro worlds appear, but also the Grand Demon of the antiquity times itself!”

“Humph, he is not a man of the Heaven Realm World, but of the Black Mountain World!” Child-endowing Buddha coldly told Zhou Bao and Wang She, “Guys, do me a favor and kill him!”

“Who the hell is this man? Can’t you kill him alone?”

“He has gathered the Three Flowers above the Head and collected Five Qis in Mind in the antiquity times. It has been hundreds of thousands of years, and he must have at least attained the cultivation of an Immortal. He has several treasures, so I can’t beat him by myself. And if we fight him here, your place is going to be a mess. I don’t think you want that to happen.”

“Then, you mean…”

“I know that the Yin and Yang Dust Formation has been laid around your Wuyang Region. How about we make an opening on it and take him into the hollow?”

“You seem to hate him so much. Who the hell is he? What’s his background?” Zhou Bao asked. According to Child-endowing Buddha, now it is a very delicate moment. He didn’t want to antagonize an Immortals at the moment, especially when he didn’t know where the other was coming from.

“He is Hei Chou, the son of the Master of the Black Mountain World, the Old Demon of Black Mountain. We had a great deal of bad blood in the antiquity times. If he had not been the son of that bastard, I would have killed him. What a coincidence that he also happened to come to your Wuyang Region!”

“The Old Demon of Black Mountain? Who is he?”

“He’s the Master of the Black Mountain World, just like the Milky Way Ancestor of the Milky Way World. It is said that he is an unfathomable Earthly Immortal. He’s an elder, and I have never seen him show his power.”

“What? You want us to mess with such a mighty man?” After listening to what Child-endowing Buddha said, Zhou Bao did not want to participate at all in his plan. Not long after becoming an Immortal, challenging an Earthly Immortal so soon was the last thing he wanted to do, even if it was a challenge of bypassing ranks.

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