Omnipotent Sage Chapter 671


“Junior Leopard, it’s for your own good!” Child-endowing Buddha said, “Now that the Old Demon of Black Mountain has his eye on your Wuyang Region, do you think you can still live in peace with him around?” Then he closed his eyes and again launched his divine thoughts. “Hei Chou is under Jilei Mountain and observing the Sea-calming Palace. If I’m not wrong, he is pleased with your Wuyang Region and Sea-calming Palace!”

“What? My Wuyang Region and Sea-calming Palace?”

“The Black Mountain World is the most famous bandit amongst all the macro worlds. And the Old Demon of Black Mountain is the King of bandits. He will do anything to get whatever he desires. Now that the location of the Heaven Realm World has been exposed, there will be more and more powerful experts wanting to seize the Heaven Realm, and the Old Demon of Black Mountain is one of them. Apparently, this time he sent his son to find a stronghold in the Heaven Realm. And it seems that Hei Chou is going to take your Wuyang Region as his!” Speaking of this, Child-endowing Buddha was no longer in hurry, “If we don’t act first, he will!”

Zhou Bao’s face was set, because he also felt Hei Chou. He found Hei Chou hiding his breath, sneaking into his Sea-calming Palace, and walking toward his yard where he used to have closed-door training.

Few people in the world knew that he had a Supreme Fairy Weapon, so every time he went into the Azure Big World to practice, he used the closed-door training as an excuse. And the yard where he stayed during that training was the strictest most forbidden land of Wuyang Region, even Yan Yunfei would not enter at will. But Hei Chou sneaked in there. Even fools knew this guy had an ulterior motive.

“He’s courting death!” Although Zhou Bao did not want to get into trouble or be the pioneer of Child-endowing Buddha, Hei Chou’s behavior had clearly angered him.

“He is indeed courting death!” Child-endowing Buddha said with a dark smile, “To my surprise, the first old friend I get to meet is him, and I have a chance to kill him myself. It’s so exciting!”

“Why do you hate him so much?” Seeing the murderous look of Child-endowing Buddha, Wang She was curious. The fat monk was always smiling, even when he wanted to kill someone and was calculating, but now he didn’t even hide his killing intent.

“The matter is unclear now. Anyway, as long as we meet, we will try our best to kill each other. I have the advantage this time. He must have thought that I was already dead and would not have guarded against me.”

“Are you going to sneak up on him?”

“I’m sure of hiding in the dark!” Child-endowing Buddha said justifiably.

“Well, let’s do it now!” Zhou Bao’seyeshelda stern look. As they talked, Hei Chou had broken the inhibition of the yard and entered it. Zhou Bao’s absence seemed strange to him. After checking that there was nothing unusual in the yard, he actually began to advance into the inner yard.

The inner yard of the King Wuyuan Palace was the residence of Zhou Bao’s family. His wife, four children, and parents all lived in there.“What does this bastard sneak into the inner yard for?”Zhou Bao cursed him in his heart.

No matter who he was and where he came from, his behavior now had completely infuriated Zhou Bao. He pointed casually with his finger in the air and the green light shone in his sleeve. The forty-nine green flags that were set up and the Yin and Yang Dust Formation were started.

Hei Chou did come to the Heaven Realm World to make arrangements at the behest of his father the Old Demon of Black Mountain.

Three years ago, after Zhou Bao had opened the passage between the Void Immortal Realm and this world, the Immortal Realm’s will, which had been cut off for hundreds of thousands of years, once again came to almost all the macro world. The message of these will was very consistent: it was the message of the Heaven Realm World that had vanished for countless years.

It was the will of the Immortal Realm!

The will that a practitioner sensed after breaking through the realm and underwent the Thunder Tribulation was a kind of feeling obtained by touching the original rules of the universe. It was something destined to happen. Unlike this kind of will, the will of the Immortal Realm was the will of those Fate Creation Listener in the Void Immortal Realm. It was a very real thing.

Zhou Bao had learned some truth about the Void Immortal Realm from Fate Creation Boy. There was a group of Fate Creation Listeners in there, all of whom were with the fate creation of a macro world, possessing mighty power. But at the same time, they would fall into a strange state of no sorrow, no joy, no life and no death, just like what happened to Zhou Bao in the evolution of the Azure Big World. Zhou Bao didn’t like that, so he broke away from that state and instinctively chose to be a Controller rather than a Listener. In short, his affinity was not yet finished.

What Zhou Bao did not know was that if he had not broken out of that state and had chosen to become a Fate Creation Listener, the gate of the Void Immortal Realm would have opened in the first time and lead him to come in.

The essence of the Void Immortal Realm was evolved from the most essential point of the universe at the time of its origin, which contained the most essential Great Mysterious Way of the whole universe and various original pneumas at the time of the Primordial Origin. To comprehend and practice in the Void Immortal Realm was of great benefit even to those Fate Creators.

There were three kinds of Fate Creators, and the Listeners were the least favored when it came to the affairs because they were heaven and earth, fate creation and Dharma. They would not show up unless their own macro world faced a real catastrophe.

Their absence didn’t mean they didn’t care about anything though; They managed little things, but these things were big deals.

For the Fate Creator, especially the Listener, the only thing that mattered to them was their macro worlds. And the macro world had the course of life, old age, disease and death. The so-called immortality was only relative to the whole macro world. These Fate Creators would die as the destruction of their macro worlds, so it was impossible for even Fate Creation Listeners to sit idly and watch their own macro worlds go wrong. Finding ways to prolong the life and increase the power of their macro worlds was the only and most important thing that Fate Creation Listeners cared about.

Therefore, in the antiquity times, the Fate Creators sometimes brought the most powerful and promising practitioners in their own macro worlds to the Immortal Realm for practice, so as to enhance the strength of their macro worlds. This was the ancient legend of flying up to the Immortal Realm. Hence, there were many powerful practitioners in the Void Immortal Realm. They were generally Immortals, and some of them were Earthly Immortals, even Celestial Immortals.

But once they became Earthly Immortals, the Fate Creation Listener could no longer control them, and they were completely free from the bondage of fate. The Earthly Immortals lived as long as the macro world, or even longer. So, once they reached the Earthly Immortal realm, they would break away from the Listeners and find a place in the Void Immortal Realm to comprehend the Great Ways of Celestial Immortals.

However, ever since antiquity times, the flying up to the Immortal Realm stopped. The Heaven Realm World was originally in the Central Star Area and had a mysterious connection with the Void Immortal Realm through a passage that was the only way for all practitioners to fly up. The Jade Emperor moved Heaven Realm World with his Divine Sense, which cut off the way of the practitioners to fly up to the Immortal Realm. No one but the Fate Creators, even the Earthly Immortals and the Celestial Immortals, could enter the Void Immortal Realm. At first, the passage was opened by a Fate Creator of an ancient macro world, who got a piece of Divine Design by accident, by the end of the ancient deities times. He had intended only to help the practitioners in his own macro world, but it was highly coveted by the other Fate Creation Listeners in the Void Immortal Realm. Together they killed him and took the passage for the practitioners of all macro worlds to fly up to the Immortal Realm.

As a result, the Jade Emperor cut off that passage to the Immortal Realm after the Necromancer’s Tribulation too. Now, no one but the Fate Creators could enter the Void Immortal Realm. Similarly, there was no way for the Earthly Immortals and Celestial Immortals who were practicing in the Void Immortal Realm to leave.

Therefore, all the macro worlds had been looking for the traces of the Heaven Realm World. Innumerable mighties had participated in the calculation of the location of the Heaven Realm World. But the Jade Emperor hoodwinked the Divine Design when he moved the Heaven Realm World, so no one could figure it out. That was where trouble started.

For exactly 810, 000 years, no one in the macro worlds had ever flown up to the Immortal Realm.

And the practitioners who practiced in the Void Immortal Realm could not return to their own micro worlds either.

Furthermore, no macro world could communicate with the Immortal Realm.

For 810,000 years!!!

It could be said that the Jade Emperor had offended all the macro worlds in the whole universe.

Although the Fate Creation Listeners could freely enter and leave the Void Immortal Realm like what Zhou Bao did in the Fate Creation Palace, once the Listeners started leaving the Void Immortal Realm and entered their own macro world, they became one with the Great Ways, and became part of the operation Dharma of the Way of Heaven, unable to appear in front of the world like the Controllers or Guardians anymore. From then on, they represented the Principle of Great Ways of their whole macro world, namely the Way of Heaven, and lose their true self. They could only carry on the unchanging running of the Way of Heaven, neither delivering the will nor interfering with the running of the macro world, which was why they were called Listeners.

This time, as Zhou Bao underwent the Void Thunder Tribulation alone with the Azure Big World and the Supreme Fairy Weapon Black, the passage between the Void Immortal Realm and the heaven and earth was opened, and the will of the Immortal Realm once again descended upon all the macro worlds. Although after three years the opening of the passage had already been closed, and the will of the Immortal Realm could not be passed on anymore, that period of time was more than enough.

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