Omniscient Reader Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Great Apocalypse 2

The unconscious Yu Jung-Hyeok didn’t want to wake up even after four hours passed by.

“Hey, you crazy idiot! Wake up!”

Han Su-Yeong and I took turns slapping his cheeks. Unfortunately, he still showed no signs of waking up at all.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!!

Also, his damn cheeks were so hard that even the concerted slapping from both of us failed to puff them up. Our palms went numb from pain, instead.

Han Su-Yeong spoke in a genuinely impressed tone of voice. “You know, this is kind of fun?”

“….This is no time to crack jokes like that.”

[5 hours and 12 minutes remaining until the start of the Great Apocalypse Scenario.]

We really didn’t have much time left. Soon, the ‘Great Apocalypse’ will commence, and the Outer Gods would start invading us due to the expanding Probability.

But now, Yu Jung-Hyeok was in this state.

I couldn’t even begin to guess what went wrong where. Was this related to my [Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint] somehow?

[‘Character List’ has failed to activate.]

[Applicable individual is not a ‘Character’.]

I tried using [Character List] one more time, but the resulting message was the same.

There were a lot of ‘Yu Jung-Hyeoks’ in this universe, but that message only ever appeared with just one. That Yu Jung-Hyeok of the 1863rd regression turn, disappearing towards his own story…

When I got that far, I began thinking of something. But… could it really be?

Yi Seol-Hwa watching on from the side asked a question. “Should we feed him the [Life and Death Pill]?”

Not too long ago, she finally managed to perfect the ultimate recovery medicine, the [Life and Death Pill]. This elixir could apparently cure any and all fatal wounds when ingested.

“Have you already reached the level of mass-producing it?”

“No, not yet. I was only able to concoct a few. Didn’t have enough ingredients….”

I could only sigh. Since we didn’t know what might happen, we couldn’t afford to carelessly waste the [Life and Death Pill].

[Character ‘Yu Jung-Hyeok’s’ egos are colliding!]

On top of that, we weren’t sure if the problem of one’s ego could be solved by the [Life and Death Pill], either. It was then, a slight vibration reverberated throughout the Industrial Complex.

“Dok-Ja-ssi, we’ve detected movement.”

Yi Hyeon-Seong opened the sick bay’s door and hurriedly entered.

Han Su-Yeong and I looked at each other at the same time. I urgently switched the display panel on and the Pacific Ocean’s situation soon filled it up.


The wave that swallowed up the American continent revealed itself once more. Transparent dome walls had stopped the wave, and it was steadily increasing its water level, instead.

The Probability was still restricting it, that was why.


However, that Probability’s wall was being pushed back bit by bit. The border that crossed the vast Pacific was gradually widening its diameter. We could also see the ‘Outer Gods’ wiggling about in between the rising waves.

In five hours’ time, that border would reach the Korean Peninsula, and this land would disappear from the face of this Earth.

“…..Kim Dok-Ja. A plan?”

“I do have one,” said I, before glancing at the unconscious Yu Jung-Hyeok and adding something else. “Although, it looks like I’ll have modify it a bit now.”

“Stop making me worried, alright? How did that thing get stopped back in the original storyline?”

“Nebulas all desperately fought together. Most of the Constellations were ground down to fine dust trying to stop that.”

“Where are those oh-so-mighty Constellations, then?”

“What do you mean, where?”

[Many Constellations are watching your judgement.]

Most likely, they were busy spectating on our apocalypse.

[Constellation, ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’, is criticising other Constellations, asking them if the ideals of righteousness in have all withered away.]

[Constellation, ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’, is crossing his arms and shaking his head.]

[Constellation, ‘Most Ancient Liberator’, finds the Constellations of the large Nebulas quite pathetic.]

Even though Constellations from our side provoked them, they remained composed in their replies.

[A portion of Constellations argue that all of this was brought upon by themselves.]

Some of them even began arguing that it was our fault, too.

[A small number of Constellations argues that it’s that stole away their shares first.]

Now normally, such an argument was utter drivel with no leg to stand on, but for some reason, my mind remained calm even after hearing them. Because I roughly knew why they were acting like this.

Back when we went to visit , the monkey told me this.

– Many Fables that constitute Great Fables have all entered the path of stagnation similar to ’s situation. A certain Fable that has appeared in recent times have begun eating into the percentages of other Fables, you see….. I’m talking about you people’s Fable.

Originally, the main actors leading this stage should’ve been the Nebulas that had been compiling their myths for a long time. However, several of them either lost the important Fables to us or got destroyed in the process. In the midst of all this, even decided to grandly label us as the ‘third strongest’ Nebula, so the sense of deprivation the existing stars felt must’ve been indescribable.

….Of course, it didn’t mean that what these stars were doing right now was correct or justified.

Han Su-Yeong chewing on her nails asked. “Isn’t it better to give up on Earth? How about we come up with the way to reach the ‘Final Scenario’ with everyone, instead…..?”

“You know that’s not going to happen.”

Only the ones permitted could reach the Final Scenario.

Even if everyone on Earth was inducted into , the aftermath of the Probability’s storm caused by the nonsensical scenario jump would ensure our complete destruction.


I could sense [Predictive Plagiarism] spinning its gears vigorously inside her head.

“You said that these Outer God Kings are beings from the 999th turn. How many are there, anyway?”

“From what I know, there are four excluding the ‘Secretive Plotter’.”

“….Are we going to fight all four of them at the same time??”

I shook my head and recalled the list of the ‘Outer God Kings’ I memorised back then.

⸢The ‘Living Flame’ that rises up from the east.⸥

⸢The ‘Master of the Sunken Island’, the calamity of the world in the west.⸥

⸢The ‘Monarch of the Great Abyss’, the ruler of the northern universe.⸥

⸢The ‘King of Silverlight Heart’, the ruler of the interstellar space in the south.⸥

The beings that became the ‘Outer God Kings’ after witnessing the ‘Conclusion’ of the 999th regression turn.

However, Even if this was the we were talking about, I wasn’t convinced that they’d insert every King into this scenario. They didn’t really like the scenarios that they couldn’t control, after all. Which meant…

“One has appeared in the Pacific Ocean. And when all of our forces start moving, one more should show up. That would make two Kings.”

“Okay, so one is the Pacific Ocean bastard, and the other will be Uriel from the 999th turn?”


“How strong are they? I only saw for a brief moment back then….”

“Well, Uriel from the 999th turn is responsible for leaving the ‘Secretive Plotter’ in that state, so yeah.”

“….Son of a bitch. And something like that is going to show up with underlings, too??”

Han Su-Yeong clearly witnessed the power of ‘Secretive Plotter’ during the battle against the Apocalypse Dragon. So, her reaction couldn’t be seen as over the top.

“Constellations of our channel will definitely help us, right?”

“Even if they help us, there is no guarantee of our victory. Most importantly, we won’t be at our full combat strength with Yu Jung-Hyeok missing.”

My original plan was to split the companions in two to divide and conquer the Outer God Kings. However, if the main combatant Yu Jung-Hyeok were to go missing from the picture, then we won’t be able to rely on the 1863rd turn’s power to survive.


We saw the ‘wave’ gradually widening its area of influence through the display panel. It’d be too late if we started defending ourselves when the boundaries of the Great Apocalypse reached the Korean Peninsula.

I quickly came to a new decision.

“Let’s get moving. I’ll tell you what you must do.”

Five hours remained.

We needed to finish our preparation within this time frame.


While Han Su-Yeong was busy conveying my new plan to our companions, I went to talk to Yi Gil-Yeong. After hearing my summons, the boy quickly rushed into the reception room with a bright expression.

“Hyung! You called for me? What’s up?”

I nodded my head. “Please sit over here.”

He quickly sat down on the couch and looked up at me with his sparkling eyes as if he couldn’t wait to hear what I had to say.

I stared deeply into his eyes.

⸢The child who used to think of this world as a game.⸥

Even now, the memories of the moments I first met Yi Gil-Yeong remained fresh in my head. It was a nightmare filled with the flickering overhead lights of the subway and grasshoppers all leaping up into the air simultaneously. If Yi Gil-Yeong hadn’t caught any insects that day, the one to die would’ve been me.

⸢The insect-collecting boy without a mother was now old enough to be a middle-school student.⸥

I didn’t save his mother that day. What would’ve happened if I made a different choice back then?

For instance, what if my disgust towards humans was less intense? What if I didn’t notice the injuries on the boy’s arm while grabbing the grasshoppers? What if I didn’t have a habit of hastily guessing a person’s history with just a few circumstantial evidence?

What if I hadn’t read the ‘Ways of Survival’?

What if I…. wasn’t Kim Dok-Ja…..?



“….I’m sorry, hyung.”

Yi Gil-Yeong had his head lowered, his shoulders trembling from trepidation like a child about to be handed down a scary punishment.

Was it because I looked scary? Or, was it because of some other reason?

Yi Gil-Yeong continued on. “But, but, I didn’t have a choice… If I hadn’t signed the contract, Shin Yu-Seung might have…..”

Only then did I realise what he was trying to say.

⸢And this boy signed the contract with the devil in order to protect his precious something.⸥

A certain moment from the ⸢Journey to the West⸥ brushed past my view. Right, I witnessed it clearly, didn’t I – the yellowish storm erupting out from the boy’s figure while being surrounded by the Nine Stars.

Yi Gil-Yeong was talking about that time.

“I, I do remember you telling me to never use my Sponsor’s powers! I swear, I didn’t deliberately break our promise! I, I really….”

As the boy spoke incoherently, I placed my hand on his head. “You did well.”


The boy’s eyes grew wider, so I spoke with more conviction in my voice. “You did well. Without you, we’d have all died back then.”

I was aware of how tough it had been for this boy. Because I also knew only too well the sorrow of watching your companions die before your eyes and unable to do anything about it. Yi Gil-Yeong must’ve felt the same.

“However, doing it again is going to be troublesome. You know this, don’t you? With your powers…..”

“…..I don’t want to.”

“What’s that?”

“If the same things happen again, I’ll make the same choice. I’ll rely on that power again. I’ll… I’ll protect Shin Yu-Seung and my companions.”

“But, Gil-Yeong-ah.”

He hesitated slightly before avoiding my hand. He raised his head, and I saw several complicated emotions swirling within his eyes.

It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who had made up his mind.

“I know you called me here to scold me. But, I came here to tell you this, too. I’m not a little kid anymore, hyung. I’m also qualified, you know. Just like everyone else, I reached this far by beating back all the scenarios.”

I inwardly swallowed back my gasps.

I knew this already. I did, but….

[The 4th Wall]’s voice could be heard next, sounding thoroughly unimpressed by my thoughts.

⸢D on’t tre at him l ike a kid you are mo re l ike a k id.⸥

‘Gil-Yeong-ee is still a kid.’

⸢Y ou ca n’t fig ht wi thout hi m an yway.⸥

⸢Kim Dok Ja, ac ting l ike a ni ce per son do esn’t suit y ou.⸥

I knew that. But still, that didn’t mean….

⸢D on’t wo rry, my fr iend will he lp.⸥

….Your friend?

It was then, a transparent wall-like something wavered around Yi Gil-Yeong accompanied by ‘Tsu-chuchut’ noise.

[‘The 4th Wall’ is responding to its friend.]

I cautiously reached out towards the empty air.

Something was there. This sensation of touching a wall – I was familiar with it. However, this ‘wall’ was still incomplete.

I finally understood several things just then.

….So, that’s how it was. That ‘wall’ was now with this child….

“H-hyung, even if you say no, I….!”

He must’ve felt scared by my hand reaching out to the empty air, because he started shouting in a shaky voice. I quickly lowered my hand and held his. I remained still while holding his hands tightly, until his shivering gradually calmed down.

“You’re right, Gil-Yeong-ah.”


“I… We, can’t see the Conclusion without your help. We need you during the scenario we are about to enter.”

I slowly blinked my eyes.

I couldn’t help it now. I had to acknowledge our current situation where I had no choice but to rely on a hurting child. I had to treat preciously the boy’s heart that had to mature far too quickly for his age, and his courage he had to display first.

And to reward that courage, I too had to become honest here.

“Even if that’s true, I won’t let you fight all alone. This is my desire, and I won’t ever back down from this. Can you understand that, Gil-Yeong-ah?”

Yi Gil-Yeong slowly nodded his head. He wiped his tears and smiled happily. My heart ached thinking about how I had to go to war with this child in tow.

Unfortunately, it was now time to cross ‘that’ bridge.

“I want to speak to your Sponsor.”

My words caused Yi Gil-Yeong’s eyes to quake quite noticeably.

“….B-but, hyung. T-that guy, it’s…..”

“Don’t worry.”

The reason why I didn’t want to use his Sponsor was because that guy was simply too dangerous.

⸢”….Will you truly not come with me? You’ll become stronger much faster if you stick with me instead of him. Even then, you wish to stay behind?”⸥

Yu Jung-Hyeok must’ve known this too and that’s why he tried to take Yi Gil-Yeong away. What a fox-like sly bastard.

I gently grasped the shoulders of worried Yi Gil-Yeong and spoke. “Your hyung is now a Myth-grade Constellation, you know.”

If it was a few days ago, I’d have avoided making this choice if at all possible. But the story was different now.

I lightly sucked in my breath, and while looking up, spoke in my true voice. [I know you’re watching, so come out.]

The moment the tone of my voice changed, a heavy reverberation spread out around us. Sparks completely inundated the reception room and Yi Gil-Yeong’s expression changed. As his brows furrowed in pain, his eyes became white next. I realised what was happening here so I quickly broke past the Probability’s storm and tightly grasped the boy’s shoulder.

[I don’t remember telling you to descend.]


The after-effects from the Probability’s storm lessened significantly and all sorts of pain rushed into my arm. But, I ably endured it. If I didn’t go with this much showmanship, then I’d not be able to negotiate properly with this guy.

[Your Status is suppressing the after-effects of a localised Probability’s storm!]

Yi Gil-Yeong’s expression regained its calm rapidly.

And right in the next instance, sounds akin to the beatings of insect wings came out from his mouth, currently looking as if empty darkness had taken over.

[I’m familiar with waiting, yet you have taken far too long.]

This voice sounded as if millions of locusts were crashing in at the same time.


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