One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 151

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“Are you calling this a slander, then?”

Yun Na started to panic.

She did not expect her sister to expose her in public!

Yun Shishi always doted and pampered her as if she were her next kin. On their father’s account, her adoptive sister had never once complained about their suffering in her and her mother’s hands.

Her sister was meek and full of endurance, so she did not expect her to publicly humiliate her like this. However, her sister just did the unthinkable.

Admit to thieving? How could she do that? She had yet to debut in any show. If she admitted to stealing, how could she survive in the show business from then on?

Li Jiuxian, who was oblivious to the truth, tried to defend Yun Na, “You accuses her of being a thief, but where is your proof?”


Tang Yu warned forebodingly, “Yun Shishi, you’d better be careful with your next words. If you are found slandering, there will be serious repercussions.”

Yun Shishi was bemused. Lifting an eyebrow, she smilingly said, “That is an expensive gown. Coupled with the necklace on her neck, she is wearing an outfit that is worth over a few millions. They are just too expensive.”

She paused and then continued casually, “If this matter is turned over to the police for investigation, and due to the massive loss reported afterward, the punishment will be life imprisonment in accordance to the state regulation for cases involving 1.5 million yuan or more.”

Life imprisonment?!

Yun Na was truly shocked to hear that. Was her adoptive sister sending her to jail?

I don’t want to go to jail!

She greatly regretted her action earlier at home and quickly tried to cover up. “No, I am not a thief. I’m not – I’m not”

Compared to her adoptive sister’s strong and rational argument, her defense sounded lame.

Forced into a corner by her sister, she was steadily losing her footing.

“She looks guilty while her sister looks confident, right?”

“Did she really steal? Look at that face; she seems to be flushing with guilt. She must be feeling guilty after being cornered”

The surrounding people whispered and pointed their fingers at the two sisters.

Li Jiuxian was about to rebut when Yang Mi pulled him to her side, chiding, “Why are you getting involved?”


She cut him off with a harsh reprimand, “Keep quiet! Don’t invite trouble.”

Yun Na was still trying to find excuses, but they sounded lame even to her ears.

Gu Xingze sneered. “Yun Na, who gave you that Secret Garden necklace?”

“I bought it myself,” she cautiously replied.

“You bought that?”

Yang Mi found her claim comical and jeered without hesitation. “Do you know that this necklace is worth a few thousands of millions? Can you afford it?!”

Yun Na despaired when she heard the price. “No, no. I bought the gown. The necklace was a gift.”

“Oh? Who gave you this gift, then?” Even Tang Yu found her story suspicious. “This is a limited edition, and one and only in the world. Even gauging its actual price is a bit difficult. Who gave this to you?”

Yun Na helplessly looked at He Lingxiang, but the latter coolly averted his gaze.

Gu Xingze frigidly replied, “That necklace belongs to me.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that.

He continued further, “There is a warranty card for every piece in the Secret Garden series. I have it, do you?”

“I – I don’t have” Yun Na was paralyzed with shock, trembling and collapsing to the ground defenselessly.

Li Jiuxian was also shocked to learn the truth. Did Yun Na really steal her sister’s clothes and jewelry? She looked so innocent and believable just then, so he took her side

Tang Yu despised, “A thief is a thief. You are so low-handed!”

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