One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553 Food Poisoning 1

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Once he started kissing her, he could not stop.

Her goodness was one that he could never have enough of.

Soon, the room lingered with their wantonness.

Yun Shishis program was full for the following days.

The first one was the kickoff ceremony for Lethal Beauty, which she attended with the core team. Before the event ended, she was already out of the venue, hurrying to catch a flight to Paris.

The first season of The Love Diary was such a hit that it topped the charts with the highest viewership during the primetime hours!

With the production team flashing the trump card of The Lucky Couple, the forums and tieba were soon flooded with discussion about the couple.

She was indeed famous now.

Her popularity was already flying high following the release of The Green Apple; now, with the telecast of The Love Diary, it had soared to new heights!

Her team rode on the momentum and continued to drum up the publicity.

As a result, the script had a last-minute revision, and the production crew threw in a hefty sum to fly everyone to Paris. Before their recording, the team posted a trailer on Weibo to pre-emp a romantic trip shared by The Lucky Couple.

Fans of The Lucky Couple were looking forward to it.

Actually, when the first season was broadcasted, many diehard fans of Gu Xingze had scolded and vilified Yun Shishi on her Weibo account, but the majority of them remained rational, knowing full well that this was only a reality show and nothing personal.

In fact, the younger fans were besotted with her looks and turned into her fans as well!

She was simply too beautiful!

The actress had won many over in the first season with her fresh and chic style, as well as impeccable fashion sense.

In addition, she, as a newcomer, did not come with a shady background or a dark past; hence, there was no way her enemies could slander her even if they wanted.

The production team did not expect to achieve such an unprecedented viewership record for the first season alone.

After the first season, many more producers had come to notice this powerful newcomer.

She was already enjoying a high popularity rating as a newly debuted artist.

Hence, many production teams and advertisers started seeking Qin Zhou for collaborations.

Her manager accepted many endorsement offers on her behalf, but acting contracts were few and far between.

Those acting assignments he accepted were only supporting and guest roles.

Mainly, there were not many good screenplays around.

This was the low season in the entertainment industry with few quality screenplays. The agent decided to hold the line and did not accept any screenplay except for the good ones.

After all, scripts like The Green Apple and Lethal Beauty were hard to come by.

There might just be a few in a year.

Once the airplane touched down at the airport, the actress rushed out to throw up.

There was no specific reason for that except that she had taken the flight on an empty stomach. After eating some bread on the plane, her tummy started to feel upset. By the time the plane landed, she was feeling so dazed that she could not stand steady. She bore the discomfort until they exited the airplane, where she then rushed to the nearest toilet to puke with teary eyes.

It was too tiring for her.

Mu Xi quickly followed her and passed her some wet tissues. Her manager got a shock when he saw her coming out from the toilet after freshening up.

"What happened to you?"

"Nothing." She cleared her throat and explained it to him. "It might be the bread I took on the plane earlier. After I ate that, my tummy started feeling upset."

"Are you okay now?"

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