One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 Food Poisoning 2

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"Are you alright now?"

Qin Zhou was a little concerned. As he saw how pale and weak his charge looked, he began to fret.

Yun Shishi shook her head. "Its okay. I should be fine after resting for a while in the hotel!"

Gu Xingze did not plan todays itinerary and filming. Therefore, according to the script, she had to act as a girlfriend to pick him up at the airport when the recording for the show started.

There was also a production team following his flight, and they had already begun filming when he boarded the plane.

The manager furrowed his eyebrows but did not think much about it. However, just as the production teams vehicle reached the airport and the artist was walking up to it, she felt the world around her spin before turning pitch-black and she collapsed to the ground.


Mu Xis shocked cry for help could be heard.

All she could see in her line of sight was the manager rushing to her with a face full of worry. She did not know what happened thereafter.

The next time she woke up, she was in the hospital. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was the snow-white ceiling.

By her ear, she could hear a foreign doctor speaking to her agent.

Having learned French, she could understand a little of what they were saying.

When she heard the term food poisoning, she knitted her brows. With her thoughts in a mess, she felt that things were a little strange.

Food poisoning? Why did she get food poisoning?

After providing more information, the doctor left them to their devices.

Her manager asked her assistant to take good care of her before leaving hurriedly.

She asked what was wrong with her.

"Mu Xi, whats the matter? What did the doctor say was the reason for my collapse?"

Why did she faint all of a sudden?

The assistant furrowed her eyebrows and answered, "Qin Zhou said that, based on the diagnosis, youve suffered from food poisoning. That, and with the fact that you are overworked, caused you to have a brief fainting spell."


She was stunned for a while.

"Food poisoning?"

How was that possible?

Apart from a piece of bread, all she had on the plane was a bottle of water

Suddenly, her brows furrowed.

She vaguely remembered that the water tasted strange. When she drank it, she did sense that something was weird about it, but as she was too thirsty at that time, she still drank a few mouthfuls before placing it back down.

During the whole flight, her stomach had felt very uncomfortable. She had to make several trips to the washroom.

Could it be because of that bottle of beverage?

"Shishi, do you remember what you drank on the flight? The manager suspects that someone tried harming you," asked her assistant angrily.

"I only ate a piece of bread and drank some water. Theres no problem with the bread, but the drink did taste a little strange."

Perhaps many others would be unable to tell that it was strange.

However, her sense of taste had always been sharp, so she could immediately tell if something had a strange taste.

She told her assistant about that truthfully.

When Mu Xi heard this, she took it very seriously.

"Wheres Qin Zhou?

"He went to check on this. Wait here, and Ill mention this to him."

With that, the assistant took out her phone and walked to the balcony, giving the man a call to let him know what had happened.

"There was such a thing?!"

When he heard about it, the man cursed loudly and hung up the call in anger.

When Yun Shishi was done with her drip, Mu Xi accompanied her to the hotel.

As her situation was not serious, she was allowed to be discharged after letting some nutrient fluids drip into her and being given some medicine.

Early in the morning of the next day, her manager knocked on her door.

She had just finished showering. As she opened the door, the man dragged a person into the room in fury.

The artist instantly recognized the person.

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