One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Crazy Popularity

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Today was the boot ceremony for the movie ‘The Green Apple’. It was set to be held at City Barn Film Set, so all the production crew was early at the site.

It was going to be a grand ceremony with the presence of big stars.

All production teams, editing, make-up, lighting, artistic, et cetera, were in attendance. They were the cream of the crop with an equally impressive line-up of cast.

Besides the star-studded line-up of Gu Xingze, Yan Bingqing, Yang Mi, Li Jiuxian, and Song Tianyang, even the supporting cast were undertaken by well-known artistes.

In contrast, Yun Shishi was just a new artiste under Huanyu. This alone was enough to incur the envy of the rest.

Gu Xingze had purposely flown back from Paris last night to attend this ceremony. As his van slowly rode into the film set, the paparazzi, which had been waiting around for long, swarmed forward and surrounded the vehicle.

At the same time, his fans who had camped overnight at the carpark, sprang into action. They yelled their adoration as they chased after the van.

“Xingze, Xingze! King Xingze, we love you! We love you…”

“Ahh… Xingze!”

“… He’s so handsome! Woo woo woo! I finally saw Xingze in person!”

At the scene, everyone was caught off guard by the cries and howls of the agitated crowd.

Lights kept flashing.

The disorderly scene was distressing.

Dozens of microphones were held aloft outside the car door. The crowd refused to move; everyone wanted to be the first to interview the superstar.

His one word could be the next headline on the entertainment news page.

The entertainment reporters wrestled with one another as they craned their necks to get a better view of the superstar inside the car.

Different from Gu Xingze, another van in the carpark with a supporting cast had gone unnoticed to the paparazzi.

Looking empty and neglected, it was a stark contrast to Gu Xingze’s crew.

The other stars needed the publicity and would go to great extent to get some. Whereas for the superstar, he had no lack of it no matter where he was.

Inside the car cabin, Gu Xingze wore his shades and a mask as he looked gloomily at the clamoring crowd outside the car. He sat motionlessly and expressionlessly. Plugging his ears with headphones, he listened to his album DEMO.

The assistant beside him was perspiring anxiously as she tried to get in touch with the security team from the production crew.

“… That’s right. We are at the carpark!

“We are surrounded by paparazzi! Didn’t you clear the place before we came?!

“All interviews are set after the ceremony. Xingze is not accepting any now!

“Eh! Please send someone over to do crowd control now!”

Once she put down the phone, the entire crew in the car could only wait patiently for help to arrive.

The driver looked at the mayhem outside the car and wistfully commented, “These paparazzi really work hard just for a headline.”

“The nearby hotels were already booked by the paparazzi two days ago so that they could get an opportunity to interview Xingze at the boot ceremony for ‘The Green Apple’ today.”

“Didn’t the production team arrange time for interviews with him?”

“The scheduled interviews are only for those reporters who have been invited. The production team only provided passes to first-rate magazines and media reporters. Tabloid reporters are not qualified to enter.”

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