One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Fanatical Fans

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The assistant snorted and explained, “The interview script is prepared by the production team beforehand. The reporters can’t ask anything they want.”


Soon, the security team came over to clear the crowd.

The reporters refused to cooperate and got into a tussle with the guards, instead. Amid the clamoring and shoving, a few ‘sasaeng 1 ‘ fans mixed into the crowd and plastered themselves close to the car doors, banging hard at the its windows.

Deafening screams could be heard.,

“Xingze! Ahhhh, Xingze! Xingze! I love you! I love you! You will always be my man-god!”

“Hubby! Hubby…”

Having finally seen their idol up close, these few fanatical fans could not hold in their excitement and tears.

Gu Xingze, meanwhile, could not be bothered with them.

The assistant was dumbstruck by their fanaticism. “Oh, sh*t! Can they not be so crazy? Can they keep a shred of dignity?”

“It’s so exaggerated! The boot ceremony is about to start soon.”

“What’s going on with the production team? Why is their security so lame? How can they not clear the crowd in advance?” someone grumbled at one side.

“The production team may not have realize the extent of Xingze’s popularity.”

Yun Shishi arrived in her car. As it rode into the carpark, she could hear the deafening noise outside the car window.

Startled, she looked out of the window to see a van being surrounded by crazed fans and paparazzi.

Among the crowd were the security guards from the production team – planking them were the entertainment reporters with their cameras, bulky video recorders, and microphones. Some of them were holding onto their voice recording pens just next to the car door. None refused to give way.

Fanatical fans could be seen banging on the car windows as if they wanted to tear the car apart.

The maddening scene was terrifying and astonishing to watch.

What is happening?

In the past, she had only witnessed such a scene on TV.

Being immersed in the actual happening, it felt scary.

As the car came to a steady stop, she got out of it.

The harsh sun was shining at the moment, so a guard quickly took out an umbrella to shield her.

Under the careful protection of the guards, they quickly matched toward the film set.

An observant showbiz reporter standing not far away caught sight of their movement. “Eh? Isn’t that Yun Shishi?”

Oh, my god! It’s Yun Shishi—

Everyone turned in the direction of his gaze with a start.

She had stepped out of a van and was now protectively walking forward with the tight protection of a dozen of bodyguards in black suits. Her arrival was awesome.

Every reporter who was present knew who she was.

She was at Huanyu’s annual gala as Gu Xingze’s female companion. With her glamorous outfit and amazing presence, she stole the limelight from many first-tier actresses.

Many were debating over her background and status in secret. Who was she actually?

She was just a newcomer with no acting career to boast, yet she was able to attend Huanyu’s annual gala as the companion of a great superstar. Many were amazed and envious.

Once the gala concluded, she successfully signed on with Huanyu Entertainment and made an official debut.

For her first movie, she was handpicked by Lin Fengtian to star in his newest film as the female lead, becoming the next ‘Feng Lady’.

Moreover, she even had the privilege to have Qin Zhou, who propelled Gu Xingze to stardom, as her agent!

Could it be that she had some fascinating background or status that relegated first-tier actresses like Yang Mi and Yan Bingqing as mere foils, instead?

Now, she was making a grand entrance to the boot ceremony. There must be something interesting about her!

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