One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 536

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With that realization, the group of reporters suddenly surged toward her in hopes of getting to her ahead of the rest.

When she saw the horde of reporters rushing toward her with their big and small equipment, the expression on her face changed, and she subconsciously took a stumbling step backward.

Immediately, a bodyguard stood protectively in front of her and blocked the reporters from approaching.

The guards sent by Mu Yazhe were highly skilled. With their competent training, they easily held off the paparazzi.

In fact, just a few of them standing there menacingly with their hulking figures and deadly expressions was enough to keep the reporters at bay.

The paparazzi did not dare to approach!

“Eh? What happened? Why did the paparazzi run away?”

Gu Xingze’s assistant sat in the car and wondered aloud as she watched them flee in another direction. Quizzical, she followed them with her gaze and saw them chase after a sweet-looking girl with their cameras.

The reporters were deterred by the girl’s bodyguards from drawing closer and could only follow her at a distance. She, under the protection of her men, left the scene speedily in an orderly fashion.

“Is that the female lead of this film, Yun Shishi? She’s here, too, and what… an awesome entry!” The assistant could only marvel with her eyes wide open.

Gu Xingze turned to look over his shoulder. Through the car window, he saw her, in the center of the crowd, making a low-key escape. His eyes deepened slightly.

The assistant tapped on his shoulder. “Xingze, take this chance to get out of the car!”

Thanks to Yun Shishi, the crazy paparazzi were distracted.

Just as the assistant stepped out of the car, a few security men from the production team rushed over and chased away the fans. They then escorted the superstar to the film set.

“Sister Bingqing, is that Yun Shishi the newbie you’ve mentioned before? The one that tried to put you down?”

Yan Bingqing’s assistant pointed at Yun Shishi’s back and asked this with displeasure while she alighted from the car.

The actress snorted with a smug look. “That’s the b*tch who rebutted me at the makeup trial, all right. What a boastful and shameless creature!”

“I heard that she had managed to enter this production with no credentials. Did she, perhaps, use any underhanded means? If not, how did she get such wonderful resources?”

“Well, it’s obvious that she used dirty tricks to get to where she is now,” the actress retorted bitterly. “If not for her, I would have the female lead role!”

The assistant stimulated gleefully, “That’s right, Sister Bingqing! Anyway, you can put your foot down once the production starts. Don’t let her think that you are easy to bully just because she is the female lead!”

“Hmph. I’m biding my time.” The actress was smart in this regard as she waved her hand and said, “I’m leaving this matter aside first. Let’s see her future behavior! If she still wants to fight with me, I’ll show her what I’m capable of!”

“Eh! Sister Bingqing, you are a first-tier actress; she can’t hold a candle to you. This production has spent so much on her without knowing if she’s worth the investment. Who knows? She may end up as a box-office flop!”

“That’s enough. The ceremony is about to begin, and the media are already present. We’d better hurry.” The assistant immediately followed suit at her reminder.

Over a hundred production crew had been waiting for quite some time for the ceremony to start.

According to tradition, the movie’s pilot poster, coupled with incense candles, fruit, and a grilled pig head, would be placed as offerings on the table to bid for good luck and a smooth production.

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