One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Love Equation Jealousy Equals To Love.

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“‘Fourth, she will close herself off while spitting sarcastic remarks, knowingly or unknowingly.'”

It seemed to be like this.

“‘She will compare herself with another woman.'”

He stroked his chin thoughtfully. The questioning words she had spoken with puffy eyes reverberated in his head once more. ‘If I belong to you, then what about you? Do you belong Mu Wanrou?’


“‘She will feel down, becoming broken as she weeps bitterly.'”

His subordinate listed off all the responses that a jealous woman would often show.

Most of them fit his woman’s previous actions.

That woman blacklisted his number, treated him indifferently, kept her distance from him, made snide remarks about him while remaining impassive, and even compared herself to another woman. All of those were signs of jealousy, according to this psychology book.

He naturally substituted this into an equation: jealousy = love.

Was that woman jealous toward him because she loved him?

This realization had him puckering his lips into a smile. The frost in his eyes gradually receded, and joy faintly emerged from within.

Min Yu raised his head and watched his boss’s excitement and contentment in shock. The man returned to himself quickly after, only to realize that his assistant was looking at him in such a bare manner. Hastily withdrawing the smile on his lips, he cleared his throat and sent a glum glare at him. “Continue reading!”

The latter gathered his wits and dared not look at his superior any longer.

“‘A man must be in control of his emotions and respect his partner’s feelings. He should keep in mind that she is not his private property—'”

“She is my private property,” he corrected, feeling rather displeased.

“She has the right to be in a relationship and to fall in love with another—”

He swiftly cut him off, shooting daggers at him. “She has no right to be in a relationship with anyone else besides me, and all the more, she has no right to love another!”

The oppressive aura he effused made his subordinate shut his mouth for a long while.


“Is that book authentic?” he asked skeptically. “How can there be such an absurd description?”

“It is!”

His assistant turned to another page and added, “It says here: ‘Jealousy may be a reflection of one’s affection, but it vastly contrasts with true love. There is only one way out of jealousy: use love to gain affection and to redeem one’s relationship.'”

“‘Use love to gain affection’?”

He could not help pondering on this as he leaned against his chair. From the expression he showed, he seemed to be considering it seriously.

“Do women firmly insist on marriage? What is a typical woman’s opinion on marriage?”

The assistant shook his head in bafflement. “I don’t know.”

He loved to answer that question as well.

Alas, he did not have a girlfriend.

His boss sent him a glare. “If you don’t know, then hurry up and investigate!”

He hurriedly fished out a book titled ‘Marriage Psychology’ and quietly skimmed through its pages.

“‘Being in a relationship is easy, but staying committed is difficult. The biggest difference between these two is that a person looks at his or her partner’s good points when in a relationship while a person must embrace the other’s weak points once married. In marriage, communication is often the issue. This is usually due to the disparity between a man and woman’s perception of marriage.'”

He nodded thoughtfully.

“‘Love is everything to a woman, whereas it is only a small part to a man’s life. A man’s accomplishments come from success in his career and the rise in his social status. Love is simply a method to relieve himself of his loneliness. As for a woman, her accomplishments largely originate from a man’s concern and love for her. Love can be a woman’s driving force in life…”

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