One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 802

Chapter 802 So Called Creating Hype


“He he! You’re really interesting!” Lu Jingtian smiled sweetly for a moment but suddenly said words that made people confused.

With that, she turned to leave.

Yun Shishi was even more baffled. “What a strange person. Mu Xi, that Lu Jingtian talks strangely.”

She gave people the feeling of being high and mighty.

Like a young mistress from the upper-class society forcefully pretending to look placid, it gave off the feeling of being deliberate.

Mu Xi gave her a face and then hurriedly pulled her to a corner. “Shishi, don’t talk nonsense! That Lu Jingtian comes from a big background.”

“ I feel that the actors in the production team, even a supporting character, all comes from a big background.” She slowly spat out a wise saying.

Her assistant’s lips twitched, silently agreeing to it.That’s true. Your background is the biggest.

“Anyway, everyone comes from a big background,” the assistant explained. “Lu Jingtian’s father is the biggest shareholder in Huanyu’s top management.”

“How capable.”

Yun Shishi furrowed her brows. “I find her quite familiar, as if I’ve seen her before, but I can’t remember when and where.”

“How can that be? Although she has signed a contract with Huanyu, she hasn’t officially debuted. She did act in several films, but they were all supporting roles, and the movies have yet to be released,” the other disclosed.

She wondered, “That’s strange. Why were they all supporting roles? Isn’t her father among Huanyu’s top management? Surely, it’s easy for him to invest in a movie to support his daughter?”

Mu Xi rolled her eyes. “Even though it’s his daughter, he can’t act so arbitrarily. Investing in a movie now can easily cost hundreds of millions; her father indeed has the capability to give her an acting troupe, but the box office will certainly be a flop. With that, the hundreds of millions’ worth of investment will just go down the drain. Who is willing to take that kind of risk? Never mind about the box-office flop, what if the reviews are bad, too? What to do, then? Do you still hear a sound after the money is thrown in the water? There will be no return from investing in her.”

She nodded.

“So Huanyu’s strategy for her is to let her act some supporting roles and gain some fame. Later, when the films are released, a PR team will package her by creating hype; her fame will then come.”

“Creating hype?!”

“What do you think, then? Creating hype is the shortcut to fame. Before your debut, Huanyu also created hype. Even now, ‘The Green Apple’ Weibo is also creating hype for you. Your current Weibo fans have almost reached tens of millions! This is the result of creating hype.”

Mu Xi almost spat blood.

This Yun Shishi was literally the best artiste she had ever led.

While others focused on creating hype and gaining fame, she actually really paid attention to her acting skills

She should know that she was in a ‘gold’ production team. All the conditions were in her favor, so it was literally the best time for her to create hype.

The Internet reviews about her were all good. Many people accepted her role of ‘Yin Xiachun’ and were willing to support her.

Furthermore, everyone in the production team mentioned her in conversations.

Yang Mi, Li Jiuxian, and even Gu Xingze; which one of them was not the hottest idol star today?

Even if she only uploaded a wefie with Gu Xingze, it would spark off a popular hot topic!

However, this Yun Shishi, forget about creating hype, she had only updated her Weibo once for these past few days, and it had nothing to do with the filming at all!

She rather let her and the superstar’s wefie rot in her phone and did not know how to capitalize on the situation to create hype for a bit.

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