One In The House Of Opposites Chapter 5

5 I Misunderstood Them All

"Yes, she will be ok, she just lost too much blood and will be awake after a day" the doctor said.

"Ok, thank god" Freoli replied.

The doctor left and Freoli sat on the cushioned chair that was beside her bed. The rest of the family came in and were curious about what had happened. The ward was full of people and the atmosphere felt

"Freoli, what happened to her?" Mark asked feeling worried sick.

"I don't know yet, I will ask her once she awakens" Freoli replied.

"I hope she will be ok" Hikup said.

"She will, its just blood loss, not that serious" Freoli said with an unrecognizable fake smile.

"I hope so..." Hikup whined.

Everyone said their prayers and placed Chloe's get well soon gifts on the desk beside her bed. The desk was then filled with coloured boxes and flowers. Everyone left the ward feeling worried and sad while Rick stayed behind to wait for Chloe's awakening.

Rick held her hand and laid his head down on her bed. The sunlight shone through the gap in between the curtains which caused Chloe to wake up.

"Ahh, so bright" Chloe whined.

Chloe was irritated by the sunlight and sat up.

"I really need to close the-" Chloe discontinued her sentence when she noticed that Rick was laying his head on her bed beside her.

"Rick!" Chloe thought.

Chloe's heart began to flutter and she felt nervous. Palms began sweating as the thought of him waking up seeing her cheeks red embarrasses her.

"I need to go back to sleep..." Chloe thought to herself.

As Chloe started to lay down slowly, she realised that the desk was filled with get well soon gifts. She reached her hand out to grab one and read the greeting card.

It said,

"To: Chloe

From: Adrian

Dear Chloe,

I hope that you bothered to read this card especially if it was from me, someone you hate. I'm worried sick about you since you were unconscious. Freoli told us that you became unconscious due to blood loss and he said that you will be alright. I'm not sure if he is right but I hope he is. Get well soon, my beloved sweet sister!



Another letter, by Mark.

"To: My Gorgeous Little Sister

From: Mark

Hey sis!

My guess is that you just woke up and noticed all the gifts so you started to grow curious about it and read the letters. Well, basically, these are all get well soon gifts from your brothers. Anyway, I know you hurt me once before but I just wanted to say that I do not care about it. You are my little sister and my family, no matter what, I still love you.




Tears started to fill Chloe's eyes as her chest started to hurt.

"I injured him and... he still cares about me... I think I have misunderstood them. No, I know I have misunderstood all of them, I'm sorry, so sorry." I thought to myself.

Chloe cried in silence, not making any noise. She laid down and fell to sleep while crying.

Few hours later...

Rick awoke and sat up straight and sees Chloe crying. Opened letters were everywhere on her bed, she looked messed up and hurt.

"Chloe, what's wrong?"

"I now know that I have misunderstood them. I feel so sorry that I can't take it anymore"

"Can't take it? Wait... what do you mean by that...?" Rick replied soumding worried.

"I feel like I have hurt them so much that I deserve to die. I feel like I don't belong in this world. I have hurt too many of you, and sorry is just not acceptable for the things I did"

"No, don't think that way, there is always a door that will open up even if you don't think so."

"I... I don't know what to do, Rick"

"Well, you can apologise to them, I know you think it's not much but it is more then enough"

Chloe sniffed and turned to Rick with a bright smile. She nodded and packed her things to leave. Rick discharged Chloe and carried her bags to the entrance of the hospital. They waited for the car and boarded.

"Hey Chloe" Rick said.


"Listen, I'm actually an orphan"

"What" Chloe replied in shock, her eyes widened.

"Yea, the reason why I told you this is because you might have felt lonely. You also might have felt that you were the odd one out"

"I did... well, not anymore" Chloe smiled at Rick and he smiled back.

They reached and Rick brought Chloe's belongings to her room.

"Do you want me to call everyone to the living room so that you could apologize to them?"

"Yea, that would be great"

Rick left and Chloe started unpacking her things.

"There, all set, now I'll have to go to the living room"

Chloe took the elevator down to level 1 and walked to the living room. Everyone was seated down, waiting patiently for her arrival and apology speech. Chloe stood in the middle and started.

"Hi everyone, so, I know that I have been treating you all rudely and didn't have good manners or respect towards you all. I just wanted to say sorry that I have caused you all trouble and injuries. I just felt that all of you were perverted and got too traumatized so I decided to act that way. Overall, I can't put it into words about how sorry I am"

"It's ok, I forgive you" Mark replied

"Yea same here" Zack said.

One by one they started to accept my apology and the day ended. I laid on my bed and thought to myself, "Even after they accepted my apology, I still feel hurt. I feel so sorry, I think, I know what I should do..."


End of chapter 5! :D

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