One In The House Of Opposites Chapter 6

6 Chloes Attemp

It was 4am and I got out of my bedroom. The lights were off and all I could hear were insects buzzing around in the midst of the night. I walked towards the small mirror on the wall in the middle of the alley of bedroom doors and looked at myself.

"I didn't wash my eye liner off yesterday night. Now I look like someone who has a crappy life. Well, that's what I get for crying while in bed" I thought.

I walked away from the mirror and made my way to the rooftop garden. I've not once gone there, I hope it looks nice before I put myself to sleep. I didn't use the lift to avoid any noises, so I took the stairs up to level 4.

While walking up the staircase, I noticed that there were litters all over the sides of the stairs. I noticed a crushed paper and I picked it up, only to get frightened. My hands began to tremble as I read the words on the paper. "Let's go now, Chloe..." It's as if someone knows I'm here right now, and maybe this paper was supposed to be here for me to read it.

I got rid of all my thoughts and ran up the other row of stairs, covering my mouth trying to cry in silence. I pushed the door open and gazed up at the sky. Tears stopped, my hands are not covering my mouth anymore. All I focused on are the stars in the sky.

"Why are there so many stars today? I won't complain, this is the perfect sight for my last day" I figured.

I walked towards the railing and grabbed it. My hands trembled as the thought of jumping down from this height will make me feel scared and who knows if it will be a quick death, I might even still be conscious. I lifted my leg and just as I was about to go over, someone shouted.

"Chloe, don't you dare do this!"

I turned around and I was in shock. "Rick?... What are you doing here? How did you know" I asked with a frown on my face.

"I'll explain, only if you bring your leg down" Rick said with a worried expression on his face.

He insisted that I should bring my leg down but I felt too guilty to. So I did the opposite and brought it to the other side of the railing.

"Chloe!" Rick shouted.

"Don't come nearer or I'll jump!" I said.

"Ok, fine. Tell me, why do you want to jump?"

"That's because I... I..." tears started to fill my violet eyes as the moonlight reflects on them.

"It's ok Chloe, I won't judge. I can help"

"I feel guilty even though they accepted my apology! I mean, I did so much to them and how could they possibly accept it that fast? I reckon that they lied to just make me feel better"

"No, Chloe. We never lie. Our mother told us not to lie since we were a kid"

"Yea, but people change as they grow. Who knows if they are lying or not"

I brought both of my legs over the railing. I stood on the edge, back facing the railing while holding it.

"Chloe? No, don't"

"I can hold in this much guilt anymore. Ever since I was a kid, I've been bottling up all my feelings. Goodbye, Rick"

I let go off the railing and smiled at him.

"Chloe, please don't I love you!"

As soon as I heard him say that, my heart started pounding real fast. I attempted to grab a hold of the railing again but I couldn't reach it in time. I fell.

While falling, memories of my father and I filled my mind. I just could not believe what I did, I regret jumping. I don't want to die after all, but now, it's too late. I closed my eyes tugging my legs in as I fell.

"Hang in tight everyone!"

I heard someone who sounded like Mark, my older brother shouted. I opened my eyes and looked below and to my surprise, I saw a bunch of fire fighters holding open a what looks like a large sized sheet or something. I shut my eyes as I fell on it.

"Chloe!" Mark shouted.

"Mark?" I questioned.

Mark hugged me as he started to cry. I was in shock, how did they all know? I'm just so confused, but I'm thankful, really thankful. But that's the positive side, on the negative side, I know I deserve to die. I hug Mark back and whispered, "I'm sorry..." That made him hug me tighter.

I started to feel giddy, my mind was all blank, I couldn't think neither could I see properly.

"What's happening? I'm so giddy" I thought.

I was starting to lose my balance so I hugged Mark tighter. Mark was confused but he went on with it. My head is so pain, I couldn't bear it anymore.

"Mark" I struggled to say his name.

"Chloe, are you ok? Your skin is a little pale"

"That's right, my vision is blurry, I can't see him clearly" I thought. "I don't feel good" I struggled to answer.

Mark placed one of his arm under both of my legs while the other arm under my back. He lifted me up and I started to lose my consciousness.

"It's ok, I'll bring you to your room. Freoli will tend to you" He smiled at me with his perfect straight and white teeth, and his vibrant green eyes, the same as Rick's, reflected by the moonlight.


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