One Piece Talent System Chapter 455 2

Chapter 455 Change Part 2

The Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral shouted at the soldiers and their roar hung in the air above Marine Headquarters, making countless Marine screams and respond to it with great momentum.

"Start the Bombardment!"
"Sink them!"

Just as the fleets of both sides reached the bombardment distance, nearly a hundred Battleships on the side of Marine Headquarters fired their weapons in unison, and countless cannonballs fell like raindrops, falling down with cracks.

Although the Totto Lands fleet also fired back with their weapons, their large ships were indeed inferior to Marines standard Battleships. In addition, there was a large gap in their numbers. The other side was also backed by the Marine Headquarters fortress with heavy firepower.

"Marines Battleship, their firepower is indeed extraordinary."

"There is also the heavy artillery equipped in the Marine Fortress and the firepower is indeed fierce."

The cannonballs fell towards the Totto lands ships, but strangely, no one on the ship on the Totto Lands side showed any expression of panic or fear but instead, they talked and laughed at each other.

Their attitude made the Marines side surprised as they were observing the enemys situation through the telescope. There is a large gap between their Battle force. Is there anything the other can do at this time?

"No matter what means they have, we have to defeat them as soon as possible!"

The Vice-Admirals of Marine Headquarters drew out his sword and roared, his eyes were filled with cold light, no matter what means the Totto Land side has, the dead will never be able to come out, they have to first establish the victory and defeat, everything else does not matter.

However, when the artillery was adjusted on the Marine side and another bombardment was about to occur, the sea suddenly burst into blisters.

"They are finally here coming!"

"You guys are really slow, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

"Its because of your power that it is twice as fast as our ship."

Many people on the Totto lands side couldnt help but smile when they saw the bubbling sea, and they looked at Marines face, and there was a hint of teasing on their faces.

At the next moment, a ship with a weird shape suddenly floated up from the water, causing splashes to splash around.

"Try this!"

Someone on the ship coming out of the sea grinned and then the ship fire a shot in the direction of Marine Headquarter.


It is this artillery that is difficult to describe its power in words.

Even Gods Judgement used by Enel in the original series pales in comparison to this attack, thats how much powerful this attack is.

Everyones eardrums buzzed! They only saw that everything in front of them was turned into a pure white world by the bright white light, and they could not see anything.

When their eyesight came back to them.

Many Marines shook their heads and looked around for a few times, their faces showing a horrified and unbelievable look.
They saw that there were nearly a hundred Battleships above the sea, and ten of them seemed to have evaporated out of thin air. They disappeared without leaving a trace, leaving no fragments.

"This what is this!"

"That shelling destroyed 10 Battleships just now? Impossible! Even super heavy artillery would find it impossible to destroy 10 Battleships in an instant!"

The Marine Headquarters Vice-Admirals looked at the ship in disbelief.

At this moment, a member of Scientific Force Base have cold sweat on his forehead, he stumbled a few steps and said:
"That is the Ancient Weapon, Pluton!"


The sound spread, and suddenly many Marines showed shock.

It is said to be the ultimate weapon that can destroy an island in one shot and it is actually real and it has also become a ship controlled by their opponents!

"We cant let them continue to fire!"
"Quick, follow me!"

Marine Headquarters Vice-Admirals reacted and they could not help but look a little horrified, knowing that they can no longer fight the Totto Land with their firepower, they must switch to the side-to-side battle.

But originally, they were stationed in Marine Headquarters, backed by the firepower of Marine Headquarters, but now they have to do an active attack and their advantage has disappeared in an instant.

Coupled with Plutons terrifying firepower, the situation was completely reversed for a while!

Holy Land.

On the battlefield of Mariejois.


After receiving this intelligence, "Steel Bone" Kongs face changed dramatically.

CP0s Chief stood next to him and he took a deep breath, his face was a little ugly to look at and he said with a deep voice: "They really did got Pluton."

The expressions on "Steel Bone" Kongs face is also very ugly at this moment, the opponent has Plutons firepower, then they will not have any advantage on their side, and they may even get defeated in the Battle below.

"Let the Scientific Force Base go to support as soon as possible."

"Steel Bone" Kong finally spoke in a deep voice. On the Scientific Force Base side, Vegapunk has also developed a powerful fire weapon. Although it cant be compared with Pluton, it is a weapon that Vegapunk is proud of, so at the very least, it can fight it.

After giving the order, "Steel Bone" Kong looked down at the battlefield and said coldly: "We cant wait any longer, we have to go all-in!"

They had originally thought that they would be enough in the battlefield above and they also had an absolute advantage in the battlefield below, Marine Headquarters could not be captured, but now the other party took out the Ancient Weapon Pluton, and it had immediately reversed the situation.

The following battlefield becomes unfavorable to the Marines, then they have to change their strategy in the battlefield above. They can no longer passively wait for Ross to show up and they must fight hard to gain an advantage as soon as possible!

"Kizaru, Green Ox, you go and join the fight!"
"Steel Bone" Kong quietly ordered Kizaru and Green Ox to join the battlefield, and he and CP0 Chief remained here to guard against the hidden Ross.

"I am coming too."

The Alternate Admiral Kirby took a deep breath and followed Kizaru and Green Bull to charge into the battlefield together. Under such an unfavorable situation, it was necessary for them to storm the battlefield.

To gain an advantage as soon as possible through the frontal battlefield, as long as the Division Captains of Totto Land can be defeated, then this war would be considered as their victory!
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