Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 710

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(Double chapter!)

The Ninth Elder’s brows shot up as he asserted eloquently, “There’s also this time, when the six of usSecond, Fifth, Eighth, Third, Sixth and Ninthtook Xiao Han, Mu Xue Tong, and that little b*tch to Tian Nan. Although Second Brother and Sixth Brother tragically lost their lives and the legs of us two were cut off, we still managed to come back safely! Hmph, we’re men! Does it matter that our legs are broken? As long as the leg in the middle is not cut off, we’re not crippled! F*cking hell, what does it matter that our legs were severed Furthermore, not only did we return safely, Eldest Brother even personally took action, killing the two old idiots Third and Fifth. I really have to hand it to you, Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother is truly far sighted, planting spies inside the Seven Swords even as far back as 30 years ago. Finally, everything came to fruition in one swoop, completely annihilating those annoying bastards. How enjoyable!”

“It’s a pity that Mu Xue Tong managed to escape along with that little b*tch!” The Eighth Elder’s face grew savage as he continued. “It’s truly regretful that they managed to escape otherwise I reckon that Eldest Brother might have some interest in that little b*tch’s tender skin kekeke”

“PU!” “PU!” Han Zhan Meng and Xiao Xing Yun both spat out a mouthful of blood each. The former was wrecked with grief and anger, and the latter was driven mad from rage

After so many words, Han Zhan Meng finally understood. He finally understood everything!

On the other hand, Xiao Xing Yun had utterly fallen into despair! On top of that, he felt completely helpless! He was so angry that smoke was nearly spouting from his seven apertures! This old man was already a hundred years old. How long had it been since he’d participated in matters between men and women? Although it was also because he’d been injured and had no choice in the matter, there was no need to stain his reputation like that

This, what exactly is going on? Why were his own brothers selling him out like that? They sold him out so utterly and righteously as well?

“Xiao Xing Yun, you’re good! Truly amazing ah! Hahaha” Han Zhan Meng laughed bitterly as he looked fiercely at Xiao Xing Yun. “40 years! Haha, you’ve actually plotted so painstakingly for 40 years Silver City the central strength of the Silver City ah”

Thereafter, he raised his head and roared bitterly to the heavens. A line of blood burst out from his throat, and his long black hair burst out of his hair crown, flowing fiercely behind his head without the presence of any wind. His eyes full of tears, he gritted his teeth and laughed maniacally. “Elder Xiao Yu, Elder Chun Feng, Elder Ning Shi, Elder Qing Chen Third Elder, Fifth Elder Seven Swords! These are all the elites of the Silver City ah Xiao Xing Yun!!! Y-you, are you still a human! YOU DESERVE DEATH! EVEN TEN THOUSAND DEATHS ARE TOO LITTLE TO REPAY YOUR CRIMES!”

The last sentence was spat out like a roar. Han City Lord gathered the entirety of his Xuan Qi and his voice blasted out like thunder from the heavens!

It was so mighty that all the ice on the roof of the hall were shattered. The entire great hall even shook a few times.

Xiao Xing Yun took multiple steps backward in shock, completely at a loss of what to do. His eyes were filled with perplexion and alarm. Such an anomaly had far exceeded his calculations. Furthermore, this strange event had happened at the time when he was at his proudest. Being struck down from heaven into hell, he still hadn’t had the time to react

Han Zhan Meng stepped forward aggressively, his two eyes red with blood. Gritting his teeth forcefully, he growled, “Xiao Xing Yun, what else do you have to say for yourself? These things were confessed from the mouths of your own blood related brothers. Can you still deny them? I truly didn’t think that you could be such a despicable, human-faced beast!”

“Han Zhan Meng, don’t be so emotional! That’s just their one sided story; they’re completely baseless fabrications!” Xiao Xing Yun looked at his two brothers hatefully. “This old man has always done things in a clear and aboveboard manner. I’ve never went against my conscience; how could I have done such despicable things! Han Zhan Meng, you’re truly skilled to think that you’ve even managed to buy over this old man’s younger brothers? I really have to admire your methods to go to such extent and even use such despicable measures, are you still able to face the heavens and your ancestors? To think that you’re actually capable of employing such a lowly scheme! Eighth, Ninth, we’re blood brothers ah, are you really going to malign your eldest brother like that for the sake of an outsider? Will you be able to face our deceased Father and Mother after this? Are you capable of facing our Xiao Family’s ancestors?! Have you forgotten the many years of our brotherly sentiments? The two of you have truly let me down! My heart aches terribly! Can you two not speak with conscience?”

Xiao Xing Yun truly had not let down his title as the ancestor of shamelessness. His face had not even resumed its color, and he already began to make the best and most effective counter attack! Only, his manner of saying it was somewhat weak. This time, he did not have the imposing bearing of a bully anymore.

Everyone here was an experienced expert of the martial world. How could they not see if one’s words were true or not? However, despicable people were indeed adept at despicable methods. If at this time, as long as the Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder once again changed their words and pointed their fingers at the Han Family, saying that it was Han Zhan Meng who lured them with benefits to say those words, the situation would instantly change once again!

“Eldest Brother, what words are those? When have the two of us betrayed you? How are we not speaking with our conscience? How can you say such a thing!”

The Ninth Elder’s neck grew red as he fumed. “Back then, you asked everyone to swear a blood oath and leave a tattoo on our bodies, swearing to snatch over the controlling rights of the Silver City even if we were to die in the endeavor; all of us followed your instructions and left our fingerprints and swore the blood oath! That parchment with all of our fingerprints was left to me to safekeep. Isn’t the first name on that list yours, Eldest Brother?! Could it be that this thing could still be faked? I simply don’t understand; things have already proceeded to such a state, and everything has already been revealed. What are you still worried about? We currently control over 60 percent of the human resource, factions, and all kinds of traps had already been laid out. Han Zhan Meng, what are you shouting at my Eldest Brother for? Do you think that you still have the strength to turn the situation around? Our Xiao Family indeed covets your seat. Even if we have to kill the entire Han Family, just as the blood oath demands! You can just sit still and wait for your death!”

As soon as he finished his words, the Ninth Elder pulled out a white cloth from his robes with ashuasound, he flourished it grandly in the air. The parchment was filled with large numbers of red dots, all turned dark from the blood having dried. Xiao Xing Yun’s was right at the very top of it!

Xiao Xing Yun’s rage billowed to the heavens, and he no longer continue to deny. He rushed forward and snatched the piece of white parchment away and crumbled it into a ball in his palms. His entire face was red with anger and in that moment, rage surged in his heart and he raised his hand. With a powerfulhusound, his palms slapped toward his own brother’s head with incredible momentum!

This palm looked exceedingly frightening and carried the roaring sound of wind and thunder. It was as quick as lightning and extremely swift!

Although Xiao Xing Yun was incredibly enraged, he did not intend to consign his blood brother to death. Although this palm strike looked ferocious, it should not have been much of a threat for the Ninth Elder with his Spirit Xuan fourth level cultivation. He could definitely block it; in fact, as long as he moved his wheelchair a little, he would be able to avoid the palm with ease!

But the result was far out of Xiao Xing Yun’s expectations. It had even exceeded the expectations of everyone else in the crowd! Because, everyone could tell that Xiao Xing Yun’s attack completely did not carry any killing intent!

Xiao Xing Yun was completely stunned by the scene before his eyes!

When the deadly slap came down, the Ninth Elder did not grow anxious and simply looked at the palm in an expectant manner. He actually did not block, nor move to avoid the palm. He simply sat there naturally and calmly, as if he was a martyr waiting for his death

With a powerfulpasound, his brains were slapped into mush, and red and white liquid spilled all over the ground!

The Ninth Elder’s fine big head instantly transformed into the like of a ripe orange. His body slid down lifelessly from his wheelchair and flopped onto the ground

Xiao Xing Yun froze on the spot. Han Zhan Meng froze on the spot. The experts of the Han Family and the Xiao Xing Yun were all frozen on the spot. Even Mo Xiao Yao, the Wandering Venerable, and the other Venerable masters froze with shock!

When Han Zhan Meng discovered that the Third Elder and the rest were dead, he felt a wave of grief in his heart! But when he found out that his beloved daughter and Mu Xue Tong were fine, he felt a sense of relief in his heart. When he saw the Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder jumping out for some strange reason to oppose Xiao Xing Yun, he felt even more glad! Although he didn’t know why this was happening, he still felt extremely refreshed!

Stand quietly by the side and watch the brothers tear at each other’s throats.

Everyone had the same thought, and when they saw the Ninth Elder standing up to Xiao Xing Yun, they all felt that he would definitely have some skills up his sleeves. At the very least, he wouldn’t be slapped to death in one strike right?

But it was exactly this extremely unbelievable thing that unfolded before everyone’s eyes! The Ninth Elder was like a mud man, breaking apart with a single swipe. No, it was more like falling apart with a single touch

Such a result had caused everyone to gasp with shock!


Xiao Xing Yun exclaimed aloud as he took two steps backwards. His eyes were wide open as he stared unblinkingly at his hands. At this moment, his palm had been stained with red and white. This was his younger brother’s blood and brain fluid!

They were brothers born of the same mother! They’ve lived together relying on each other for around 90 years already, but today, his younger brother had died by his hands!

Xiao Xing Yun’s face had turned the color of deathly grey. His eyes were unfocused, and his body shook, as if he couldn’t believe this fact

“Xiao Xing Yun! Have you gone mad? You actually killed Ninth! Wasn’t he only speaking the truth? You actually struck so heavily! You say that we’re lying? Even if the white parchment can be faked, can the tattoos on our bodies be faked? Just for speaking a sentence of truth, you dealt a lethal blow?!”

The Eighth Elder roared crazily and gripping the sides of his wheelchair tightly, he leaped off and fell onto the ground, “I don’t want to live as well! This old man will fight it out with you! I finally understand now; you saw that the two of us were no longer useful now that we’re crippled, so you wanted to silence your own brothers! Since you’ve killed Ninth Brother, you can kill me as well! Kill me ah, kill me ah! Xiao Xing Yun, if you don’t kill me today, you’re a bastard!”

Seeing the Eighth Elder crawling madly toward him like a lame tiger, the panicky and anxious Xiao Xing Yun who was still in the midst of grief hurriedly dodged. In his state of confusion, he flailed out his arms, but somehow, that random action managed to bump against the Eighth Elder’s arm. In that instant, an extremely strange incident happened. The raging Xuan Qi on the Eighth Elder’s arm suddenly disappeared without a trace. What was the force that Xiao Xing Yun used in that random action? It was most likely not even five percent of his Xuan Qi

But such an insignificant action actually created a loudpasound as it broke the Eighth Elder’s arm. Following that, a series of crackling sounds rang out as the entire arm shattered from the jolt. Then, with apu-chisound, the broken arm smashed onto the top of his head, shattering his skull!

The Eighth Elder flew through the air and his body emitted a groan-like sigh as it fell and landed heavily on the ground, where it twitched for a moment and completely stopped moving

Xiao Xing Yun howled wretchedly, as he stared at his arms with disbelief. Watching the blood dripping down his hands, he had completely turned as dumb as a wooden chicken

This old man had finally paid the price for his ambitions and his despicable actions!

And this price was so very heavy! It was so heavy that nobody on this world could bear it: killing his own two brothers whom he had lived with all his life! Furthermore, he’d killed them in the most cruel fashion: a palm strike to the head!

Both events had taken place in a short time. All of a sudden, the originally stern atmosphere of the great hall was filled with the thick stench of blood.

Everyone on the scene looked at Xiao Xing Yun with shock. Nobody had imagined that this person would be cold hearted to such an extent, that he would kill his own brothers on a whim!

All the people gathered in the hall were experienced old experts. One could say that they’d seen plenty of evil people. They’d seen even the most audacious criminals; however, a person like Xiao Xing Yun whose temperament was so cold, and whose heart was so poisonous, was truly something they’d never seen, nor heard of before!

Xiao Xing Yun raised his head shakily and saw the contemptuous gazes of the crowd. His hands shook heavily as he muttered, “I did not kill them It wasn’t me! Eighth, Ninth, stand up please, hurry up and stand up ah, Elder Brother did not use any strength ah”

“What are you still pretending for? They’re already dead! You killed them yourself! What’re the point of your act? Who do you want to show? Still trying to display your deep brotherly love? Pei!”

A Han Family elder spat scornfully, “I’ve really never seen a person like you before. After killing your own brothers with your hands, you still have the face to cry. Didn’t use any strength? It’s a good thing that you didn’t use your strength. Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone in this hall be slapped to death by you? Why don’t you try to fool the ghosts!”

Not mentioning the Han Family who were disgusted to the extreme, even the Xiao Family’s people all felt their hearts turn cold. The Eighth Elder, Ninth Elder, and the deceased Xiao Bu Yu were all Xiao Xing Yun’s blood related brothers, his intimate kin. Otherwise, how would that blood oath proof be left to the Ninth Elder to safe keep? But Xiao Xing Yun actually had the heart to kill even these two, with a single slap to each! What then of other people?!

Xiao Xing Yun did not seem to have heard anything at all. He only held the bodies of his two brothers tightly and shook them. His old face was filled with tears and loss If his two younger brothers had died by the hands of others, although he would also be incredibly sorrowful and angry, it would not be to such an extent. But both his dear brothers had died by his own two hands And he hadn’t intended to kill them! A reality as heavy as this caused Xiao Xing Yun to breakdown completely!

This was the Evil Monarch’s revenge! With the things that the Xiao Family had done to the Jun Family, how could simply killing them be enough? Right now, Jun Mo Xie was hidden within the great hall, watching the entertaining show by the side! Seeing this bloody scene of kin killing kin, he felt a pleasurable rush in his heart.

Xiao Xing Yun, you have committed the most reprehensible crimes. But, I simply refuse to kill you directly. I want you to kill your own brothers with your hands and see what kind of feelings you undying old bastard will suffer! Is it very enjoyable? HAHA

“Men, come and drag the traitor Xiao Xing Yun away!” Han Zhan Meng snorted and commanded coldly. Several Han Family elders pushed their way out of the crowd and moved toward Xiao Xing Yun.

Mo Xiao Yao furrowed his brows tightly. This matter was truly somewhat strange. Shaking his head he shouted, “Wait!”

Han Zhan Meng turned around swiftly and looked at Mo Xiao Yao, asking in a low voice, “Venerable Mo, could it be that you still wish to defend this despicable human scum even at this point? Or do you want to see with your own eyes whether he really has the blood oath tattoos on his body? Does senior really not care that the glorious reputation of the three Holy Lands that has been sustained for ten thousand years might be destroyed in a single day?!”

Han Zhan Meng’s words were not wrong in anyway.

The Eighth Elder and Ninth Elder had been killed in front of everyone. All of Xiao Xing Yun’s schemes had also been exposed in full. There was simply no arguing that he wass a traitorous man and an extremely shameless person! This point was clearly demonstrated in the eyes of everyone!

If the three Holy Lands still wanted to forcefully protect the Xiao Family and fight for the position of City Lord even at this point, that would be truly too ridiculous. The moment news of this spread out, the three Holy Lands’ reputation would become worthless!

Thus, this matter had completely put an end to any possibility of the Xiao Family’s schemes succeeding!

Mo Xiao Yao, Wei Kong Qun, and the rest could also only curse darkly in their hearts that the Xiao Family was too disappointing. Other than that, there were no other words to say about them!

A moment ago, they were still helping the Xiao Family speak, but in the blink of an eye, something so ugly happened!

This was undoubtedly a harsh slap on their faces! A crisp and loud slap!

The so-called slapping someone in their face whilst in their presence was this!

Forget helping the Xiao Family fulfill their ambition. At this point, if it were possible, Mo Xiao Yao truly wished that he could catch all of the detestable Xiao Family members and throttle them one by one! F*ck their mothers; even face slapping should not be done like this! Not only had they been slapped on the face, they didn’t even have a target for them to release their anger on! This was truly too intolerable!

“That’s not it! How could this old man wish to help this despicable fellow? Our three Holy Lands have always hated people as contemptible and loathsome as this! Getting rid of their kith and kin as soon as they encountered any trouble! All the goodness in the world was destroyed by these scums! Even this old man was nearly deceived by him!” Mo Xiao Yao snorted coldly, and his face turned slightly green. He had been angered greatly, but there were no place for him to give vent this kind of aggrieved feeling could even cause one’s heart to feel constricted

“But today’s matter is truly too odd! This Seat suggests that we do a thorough investigation! Besides, although the Xiao Family had committed grave crimes, we are on the verge of being attacked by a great enemy. Now is truly not the time to deal with them! In my opinion, we should temporarily suppress the matter and after we finished dealing with the great matter before our eyes, we’ll settle it together! If they ended up dying in the hands of the Jun Family, we’ll consider them as having fulfilled their final task of loyalty for Silver City. City Lord Han, do you have any disagreements?

Mo Xiao Yao uttered coldly. The veins on his temples throbbed heavily as he spoke, evidence that he’d already been angered to an intolerable state. If someone else disagreed with him now, he might move to kill at any time! Mo Xiao Yao’s tolerance had reached the extreme limit.

The meaning in Mo Xiao Yao’s words included pushing the entirety of the Han Family in opposition of the Jun Family. This was quite apparently the original intention of the three Holy Lands!

“That’s fine! As long as the seniors from the Holy Lands do not interfere in the internal matters of the Silver City, this junior will naturally listen to your instructions.” Han Zhan Meng complemented. He was not a fool. If he insisted on dealing with the Xiao Family immediately or if he stated clearly that he had no intentions on fighting the Jun Family, the Wandering Venerable would most likely turn on him! Besides, the Xiao Family’s situation had changed and the danger was over. They would most likely be unable to create any more trouble. In that case, there was no harm in doing the Venerable a favor.

“Once the battle begins, we’ll use the Xiao Family as the vanguard! Let these bunch of scums all die!” The Venerable of Life and Death, Wei Kong Qun, said with gritted teeth. The ones whom he’d proclaimed as righteous heroes had turned into low life scums now.

His face was still somewhat red even now. Only a short moment ago, he had forcefully twisted logic and called the Xiao Family righteous. But before his words had settled into everyone’s ears, this happened. Right now, he only felt as if he had been fooled by someone. The rage in his heart could hardly be restrained!

“This is fine too.” Han Zhan Meng nodde, but began to probe tentatively. “Since the Xiao Family’s punishment has been decided and their schemes had been exposed, our Silver City should have no more conflicts with the Jun Family now. In that case, this battle why don’t we just call it quits! We’ll get to save the lives of our soldiers and the city itself. Isn’t it a good thing!”


“Fanciful thinking!”

“You’re daydreaming!”

The three Venerables all shouted at the same time!

“Did you think that we’re participating in this battle for the sake of the Xiao Family? What is a mere Xiao Family worth? Is it worthy enough for our three Holy Lands to join hands to help them?” Mo Xiao Yao looked coldly at Han Zhan Meng as he snorted. “Do you wish for your Han Family to end up like the Xiao Family?”

Han Zhan Meng immediately felt an unknown fire surge up from his belly! Although these people were seniors from the three Holy Lands, this is still the Silver Blizzard City! How could they bully them in such a brazen manner, and not leave any face for them?

His face turned red and his breath grew heavy.

Xue Shuang Qing held his arm worriedly and said in a light voice, “Since the senior has said it like that, we’ll just leave everything for the senior to decide. Besides even if the battle starts, our strength is weak and won’t be able to help much Everything shall have to depend on the seniors. We thank the various seniors for your great help.”

After that, she bowed slightly to Mo Xiao Yao. These words of hers had given the three Holy Lands sufficient face. Yet, it had a more subtle meaning of letting them extricate themselves from the conflict. This sentence was nearly flawless, and killing many birds with one stone.

Mo Xiao Yao looked meaningfully at her for a moment and suddenly burst out into a smile, “That’s a matter of course. Madam Han is wise and graceful; you have this old man’s appreciation.”

Madam Han smiled faintly and replied, “I don’t dare, senior has unparalleled martial prowess. We shall wait for news of senior’s victorious return!”

At this time, the Han Family had thoroughly placed the experts of the Xiao Family under their control. After losing the support of the three Holy Lands, they instantly became much more subdued. Actually, even if they didn’t have the support of the three Holy Lands, as long as they worked together and Xiao Xing Yun had not lost his spirit and personally controlled the situation, it was still possible to fight against the Han Family forces. In fact, they could even be in an advantageous position.

But right now, Xiao Xing Yun was already on the verge of collapsing. The entire Xiao Family had also been thrown into disarray. The three Holy Lands had also been thoroughly offended by the Xiao Family and had now switched to being enemies with them! If they decided to fight, the ending would be complete annihilation! There wouldn’t be any grounds for mercy! Instead, if they did not resist, there might still be a chance for survival. Taking into consideration the relationship with their ancestors, the Han Family wouldn’t be too ruthless. At least, they would still be allowed to eke out a miserable existence even if their Xuan cultivation was crippled, it would still be better than being dead.

Right now, everyone could only pray that the army that the Jun Family would not be too strong. In that case, they could might still have a chance to escape in the midst of the chaos of battle that way, there would still be a glimmer of hope.

“Everyone, go back and rest. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be fighting against Tian Fa! We’ll kill Jun Mo Xie and slay Mei Xue Yan!” Wei Kong Qun swept his eyes coldly around the hall and said in an unfriendly tone.

But at this exact moment, another huge anomaly appeared!

“What grand words! You aren’t even afraid of biting your own tongue!” A cold voice suddenly sounded out. A bright sword light flashed, like clear water in the lake of autumn, emerging out of the void!

It moved as quickly as lightning, like a meteor!

The swordlight had only just appeared and the extremely sharp blade had already appeared before Wei Kong Qun’s chest!

Behind that incredible swordlight, there was actually no human figure. It was as if the sword had attacked by itself!

The awe inspiring sharpness of this sword actually caused Wei Kong Qun’s hairs to stand up on their ends!

This was undoubtedly a sneak attack!

It was an ultimate assassination using the peak swordsmanship and peak speed!

But the most inconceivable thing was that this dark and sneaky sword actually felt as if it was filled with a grand aura of emperors!

It was like a great army charging forward, accompanied by the neighings of ten thousand horses. One could almost see the military flags fluttering high in the sky, filling the entire mountains and wilderness with its fearsomeness and glory!

This was a peerless sword that belonged to the most iron-blooded men!

The swordlight seemed to be mixed with some heroic aura, some domineering aura, some unrestrained aura, some lonely aura, and some archaic and peerless aura!

The subtle feelings of such extreme contradictions are surprisingly embodied inside this sword! In the instant that the sword appeared, everyone only felt that the heavens and earth had grown silent. This sword actually seemed to be timeless in this instant!

Such harmony, and orderliness actually even gave others a serene feeling!

Even an expert like Mo Xiao Yao could not help but to gasp in shock the moment he saw this sword. Shaking his head, he praised; this sword should not belong in this world!

This is a shocking sword that should only exist in heaven! A heaven dazzling sword!

But after thinking all this, Mo Xiao Yao suddenly thought of the most important matter: Wei Kong Qun was in danger!

Even Mo Xiao Yao himself did not have any confidence in receiving this sword; at the very least, he would still receive a terrible injury!

This sword that appeared out of nowhere had come from Jun Mo Xie!

Jun Mo Xie had used the Great Spirit Deterrence technique and directly crushed the Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder’s mind. Then, he placed some information and pre-designed plans into their subconscious. As expected, the three Holy Lands and the Xiao Family’s every move had been successfully calculated by him. Seeing Xiao Xing Yun having his spirit broken and turning into something akin to a bag of walking flesh and the three Holy Lands so humiliated that they nearly hid their heads in their underpants, he could not help but smile smugly. A great anger had finally been expelled!

As for this sword strike, it was not something that he had decided on at the moment. Instead, he’d planned this a long time ago!

Jun Mo Xie had already been annoyed with this Wei Kong Qun fellow for a long time!

Since the first time he met him, he’d already detested this Venerable of Life and Death!

Just the look of this shameless fellow whose skin was as thick as an ox’s skin, and the way he strutted about as if he were number one under the heavens caused him to feel a pain in his crotch!

In particular, this gross-fellow loved to pose as a person of high morals, but his words were filled with shameless words that were disgusting to the extent. Yet, he still had such a righteous look on his face when he spoke those words. This caused Jun Mo Xie to feel a deeper ache in his nuts, causing him to want to kick that creature’s face in.

What are you being so proud for! Have a taste of this daddy’s sword!

That was why, after he finished directing the tragedy of the Xiao Family, he did not hesitate and immediately unleashed this shocking sword!

With this sword, Jun Mo Xie was actually aiming to kill a fourth level Venerable!

The moment it was unsheathed, the sword swore to not return unless it saw blood!

Blood of Yellow Flame! Powerful and unstoppable! This was how a true peak level sword struck!

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