Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 894

Chapter 894 What I Want Is To Destroy

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All the experts of the three Holy Lands were truly stunned this time. Because the two people that had walked out of the bamboo grove so casually had indeed shocked them so much that they couldn’t even speak!

Because to the three Holy Lands, this man and woman used to be the greatest thorns in their eyes! They were walking disasters that had to be eradicated, and quickly!

There was also a time when they did not have to worry about these two anymore. Because they had already confirmed the deaths of these two threats!

One of them died after being encircled by a group of Saints, while taking three Saints to the grave with her. The other died inside of Tian Fa Forest, killed personally by the hands of Saint Emperor Zhan Mu Bai, along with Snake King, Green Hunter!

In any case, those two had already died and were just a thing of the past!

Counting time since then, the three Holy Lands had already enjoyed three months of peace!

But at this time, at this very moment, their entire world was completely overturned! The great enemies that they thought had become a thing of the past turned into mere memories, and the grand villains of history actually come to life again! And they were standing in a lively manner right before their eyes!

Furthermore, their cultivations had also improved greatly!

How could Zhan Mu Bai, the main person involved, not be shocked? How could he not be shaken to the core?! Seeing that familiar youngster’s face once again looming in front of him, it was as if his head had been ruthlessly smashed with a rod, causing his mind to spin! Even the resolve that he had a moment ago to put on a front had completely disappeared like smoke!

“Zhan Mu Bai, Saint Emperor Zhan, are you very shocked? Look at that red and green face of yours! Although this matter is rather surprising for you, it shouldn’t be to that extent, right? You’re a Saint Emperor expert, a lofty character high up and above everyone, ah! Your current appearance is truly a bit too out of character!” Jun Mo Xie said with a light smile, his voice carrying a hint of disdain, and his eyes flashing with shocking coldness!

“Jun Mo Xie, could it be that you’re that Evil Monarch?” Hai Wu Ya sucked in a deep breath and steadied himself as he stepped in front of Zhan Mu Bai. In that moment, he only wished to say that they’d really miscalculated too much!

Compared to this youngster before them, what was the legendary Free and Natural Physique even worth? If just a youth with the Free and Natural Physique was enough to cause several Saint Emperors fight over him to the point where relationships broke down, this person before them would cause others to die to get him…

“I’ve incurred Honoured Sir’s ridicule.” Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly and raised an eyebrow. “You must be from the Illusory Blood Sea? Saint Emperor Hai Wu Ya?”

“Indeed, it’s this Hai.” Hai Wu Ya looked at him with a light smile. “Jun Mo Xie, this old man shall be bold and ask you a question… right now, are you already at the realm of a Saint Emperor?”

Jun Mo Xie flung his sleeves suavely and smiled. “This Young Master’s luck had always been pretty good. Somehow, I just reached this realm without realizing. It’s probably just luck. Compared to the bitter cultivation that seniors work hard on everyday, this Young Master can only say that I feel ashamed!”

These words appeared to be courteous and humble; but to attain such a shocking level of cultivation at such a young age, how could it be luck?!

“Ashamed?! The ones who should truly feel ashamed are us old fellows! Compared to the rapid cultivation speed of Young Master Jun, us old men are truly embarrassed.”

Hai Wu Ya laughed bitterly and continued. “From what this old man knows, Young Master Jun has just reached 18 years old, right?! An 18 years old Saint Emperor… there’s no one else in history with such accomplishments! Before the accomplishments of Young Master Jun, all the countless cultivators from past to present are completely defeated! Such an accomplishment is unprecedented and will likely also be without rival in the future. I trust that even the Nine Nether First Young Master of that year will feel incredibly ashamed!”

Jun Mo Xie fell silent for a moment and nodded lightly. “Saint Emperor Hai has overly praised me. This Young Master’s accomplishments might be extraordinary, but compared to the Holy Lands, it’s too inferior. The three Holy Lands are really where the great talents reside. Its power is great beyond comparison, ah. This Young Master has been forced to escape from the hands of the Holy Lands many times in the past, almost losing my life many times, and only surviving by luck… The prowess of the three Holy Lands are indeed admirable and unforgettable.”

“All the matters before are indeed a miscalculation on the part of our Holy Lands. To end up forming an enmity of death with Young Master is no doubt the greatest mistake that our three Holy Lands have made in these ten thousand years!”

Hai Wu Ya breathed out a long sigh, and his expression seemed to contain endless regret. Shaking his head, he continued. “If there’s such a thing as going back in time in this world, given Young Master’s amazing talent, this old man would surely try to the best of my ability to avoid becoming enemies with you! In fact, this old man would try to at all costs to form a good relationship with Young Master…”

These words, whether it be his tone, or expression, were truly, completely sincere. Anyone who heard it would definitely be able to tell that these words had come from the bottom of his heart.

Jun Mo Xie looked away with some sadness. “It’s a pity… that such thing as ‘if only’ does not exists in this world! The words ‘if only’, are simply nothing but useless talk.”

“Indeed, Young Master’s words are right.” Hai Wu Ya raised his head slowly. “This old man has stayed in the Heaven Saint Palace for 300 years, but I’ve never imagined that such a stellar character like Young Master would actually appear in this world! On the path of cultivation, seniority has always been determined by cultivation. Young Master may be tender in years, but your cultivation has reached the same level as this old man. But this old man can be considered to have lived several hundred years in vain. Today, I shall put my face aside, and ask you an honest question…”

Hai Wu Ya took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then, he opened them again shakily, and as if he were using all his strength to form the words, he asked. “If the three Holy Lands could offer Young Master an apology, and even compensations of an equivalent value to you, would Young Master be willing to come to an understanding with us, turning swords into ploughs and ending this pointless slaughter?!

“Is there still any leeway for turning between our two sides?” Hai Wu Ya asked in a hoarse voice. With his status, for him to say such words was already an extremely humble thing.

“Is there still any leeway…” Jun Mo Xie mumbled softly. All of a sudden, he smiled; this smile, had a faint mockery towards life. Nodding slowly, he replied. “Senior Hai, I believe that you didn’t say those words out of a fear of death. Instead, because of those words that you said, you are indeed worthy of my respect! Because I know that you only said those selfless words because of the War for Seizing the Heavens. Although you hadn’t said it out loud, I can understand it! And I respect you for it!”

Jun Mo Xie continued sincerely. “However, it’s a pity that it’s all too late! I trust that Senior Hai understands as well. From the start to the end, I, Jun Mo Xie, never had any intentions of becoming enemies with the three Holy Lands! Truly, I had not even thought of doing that at all… Not mentioning the faraway things; a year ago, I didn’t even know about the existence of a three Holy Lands in this world!

“But today, I’m already at a point where I cannot turn back!” Jun Mo Xie sighed heavily and shook his head. “Now, times have changed; it’s no longer you guys who are persecuting me. It’s me who refuses to let you all off! The battle today is only the beginning!”

“Nothing is absolute in this world. There are no enmities in this world that cannot be resolved,” Hai Wu Ya said earnestly. Jun Mo Xie’s words had indeed caused this Illusory Blood Sea’s Saint Emperor to feel somewhat conflicted and touched. He took one step forward and fervently said, “Our Heaven Saint Palace can be the judge of this. No matter what grievances, we can put them down first. The priority should be on the War for Seizing the Heavens! The lives of the people in this continent!”

“If you guys decided to sue for peace half a year ago, or even three months ago and were willing to come to an understanding with me, there might really be such a thing as a win-win situation for both sides! But unfortunately, it’s impossible now. I’ll still say the same thing: the circumstances are different now, and times have changed! As for this matter, your Heaven Saint Palace can no longer interfere in it!”

Jun Mo Xie laughed aloud. “Right now, the one who can make the decisions, and the one who holds the initiative, is no longer your three Holy Lands! It’s me! Also, Old Hai… If I really listened to your words, I’m afraid that in just a half year’s time, the over 300 people here with me today will turn into corpses, with no exception! I’m sure you understand what I mean. What you all want is to destroy. And what I want is exactly the same!”

Hai Wu Ya sighed, as if he still had some words to say. However, a voice sounded out beside him. “Jun Mo Xie, you’re simply too unbridled! You’re merely holding the advantage for the time being, and you’re already speaking so arrogantly? Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what kind of achievements you have right now, or what kind of force you’ve built up. Before the three Holy Lands, you only have a single path of death! In this wide world, no one can save you!”

The one who spoke was actually Zhan Mu Bai!

“Brother Zhan!” Hai Wu Ya never would have imagined that Zhan Mu Bai would suddenly jump out at this point to foil all the efforts he’d put in thus far. In that moment, he could not stop himself from shouting.

“Brother Zhan’s words might be inappropriate, but he’s not wrong. Brother Hai, there’s already no more leeway between us and Jun Mo Xie. We’re already at a point where one side would only gain peace while the other dies.”

He Zhi Qiu sighed and said, “The entire Jun Family has already been forced to a dead end because of us, and the Tian Fa Forest was also greatly damaged. Countless lives have been implicated, and the blood debt has to be paid through blood… Even this Jun Mo Xie before us; although he’s managed to survive, the process he went through to stand before us was extremely perilous. And that’s only the damages on their side… On the side of our Holy Lands, we’ve already lost thousands of lives. How will this immense debt of blood be wiped clean?!”

He Zhi Qiu shook his head heavily. “Of the over thousand people sacrificed thus far, even the weakest ones were on the level of Superior Supremes! Moreover, there’s also the Elusive World of Immortals’ Palace Lord, Mo Wu Dao’s blood brother, Mo Xiao Yao! I trust that even if the Heaven Saint Palace personally came out to appease both sides, this hatred is still not easy to resolve.”

“So today, we can only fight!” Jun Mo Xie smiled, his pearly white teeth gleaming. His face was so sinister it was as if he were a primordial savage beast.

Hai Wu Ya no longer said anything. His expression was filled with desolation and sadness. After a long time, he bit down on his lips with regret. “Pity! What a pity… if an outstanding person like Jun Mo Xie was our friend instead, what difficulties are there in this world that could not be overcome… But having him as an enemy is too dangerous! If he cannot be killed in one fight, then, before long, in just three or five years’ time, there might no longer be a three Holy Lands in this world anymore! To this point, this old man is very certain!”

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