Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Could It Be A Scheme?

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Hai Wu Ya laughed bitterly. “Last time in Tian Fa Forest, he was just a third level Venerable. Although it caused us to gasp with surprise, his actual strength hadn’t been enough to enter our sights… But now, he already has strength equivalent to us! More shockingly, only two months or so has passed from that time to now! Everyone, do you really not understand what this means?”

He Zhi Qiu shrugged his shoulders expressionlessly. “Even if he’s more talented, he’s still an enemy! At this point, although we’re unwilling, we can only accept it. The more talented the genius is, the more we should get rid of him before he has equal power to us. That is the only way for the calamity to not deepen! Time, fate, life, and even the will of the heavens wishes to toy with men. We can only follow the mandate of the heavens!”

Hai Wu Ya breathed out a long sigh and turned to face Jun Mo Xie. “Young Master Jun, with regards to the results we’ve arrived at today, this old man feels exceptionally regretful. From the looks of it, there’s no avoiding a battle today. This old man has some words on my heart that doesn’t feel good if I don’t say it, so I wish to say it beforehand…”

“Please speak.” Jun Mo Xie uttered lightly. Even though they were enemies, he at least still felt a bit of respect for this old fellow.

“… In this battle, we will be trying at all costs to destroy Young Master. If we left an enemy like you alive in this world, none of us will ever have a peace of mind to eat or sleep! To the three Holy Lands, you are an existence akin to an apocalypse!”

Hai Wu Ya continued bitterly. “To destroy a peerless genius with my own hands… a matter like burning treasured wood for fuel and cooking the crane for meat truly pains this old man’s heart.”

“Likewise, likewise… Old Hai, your words are exactly what I feel as well.” Jun Mo Xie said comfortingly. “Like Senior Hai, this Young Master will also be going all out, using every method to obtain victory. This is a battle to the death anyway, so there’s already no need to mention such things. Life and death will be left to fate, and riches and honour depend upon heaven…”

Chuckling lightly, he continued. “Old Hai is frank and forthright, filling this Young Master’s heart with delight. The Holy Lands are full of despicable and shameless bastards, but there are still the rare few heroes and upright people. Although we are standing on opposing sides, this Young Master’s admiration and respect will not be withheld from you. Iron blooded men with pride and passion can still be found in abundance among the Holy Lands…”

“Oh? To be able to obtain Young Master’s admiration and respect, even if this old man is doomed to make a trip to the netherworld today, I still feel gratified in my heart. Only, who are the other ‘rare few’ whom you speak of?” Hai Wu Ya asked with interest.

“Ning Wu Qing is one, and the Wandering Venerable Mo Xiao Yao is also a respectable opponent…”

A look of reminiscence appeared on Jun Mo Xie’s face as he continued. “This Young Master cannot understand; there are countless experts of exceptional ability in the Holy Lands. Why is it that when a person steps into the Holy Lands, most of them will lose their original spirit, turning into another self who for the sake of the Holy Lands would even be willing to invert right and wrong, confusing even themselves?”

Jun Mo Xie’s words carried a hint of mockery and some sarcasm. But this same sentence, actually sounded like a clap of thunder in Hai Wu Ya’s heart!

Hai Wu Ya’s body shook, and his expression changed greatly. He even took several steps backward in shock. This half hearted question of Jun Mo Xie’s had caused him to comprehend something. For all these years, the obscure veil that had always clouded his heart was finally shattered!

The Holy Lands gathered all the experts above Spirit Xuan, allowing them to advance continuously; but when these experts arrived at the Holy Lands, they experienced the enormous disparity between themselves and the others. Their bodies, hearts, and mind… all these areas were continuously impacted!

Until all the pride and self confidence they had built up in the outside world was completely worn away, becoming mere memories of the past, or just a joke to laugh about… beginning their life anew with the Holy Land. Such methods were extremely cruel; but it had a nice name to it: nirvana rebirth, broken before success!

Like that, many people “woke up” after the continuous setbacks, once again plunging madly into cultivation to raise their strengths. In that way, the strength of the Holy Lands rose rapidly.

But there were more people whose hearts turned cold because of the mental impacts, directly unleashing the perverseness of their most deeply hidden inner selves. These experts who were heroes of the mundane world ended up losing their self confidence, their pride, and their arrogance, turning into despicable people on the level of common ruffians and hoodlums…

Every year, regardless of at what level, there would always be such people appearing, subsequently being eliminated and relegated to the outer force of the three Holy Lands. From certain angles, such forces were simply equivalent to the three Holy Lands’ cannon fodder!

Nirvana rebirth, broken before success. There was indeed a need, and the results were even very effective. Only from this way could one truly touch the realm of a true expert. One could say that this process was very necessary! And because it was like that, nobody had ever questioned it before of thousands of years…

However, this was not the only method! There were countless other gentler methods, which could also achieve the same effects.

Such a method completely destroyed the nature of a person! It was easy for a poor man to become rich. But for a rich man at the height of his success was suddenly thrown back to the lowest levels of society to climb back to the peak again… there were only a scarce few in the world who could achieve something like that!

Even without doing anything, for those people who’d just joined the Holy Lands, which one of them were not shocking geniuses of their generation? Seeing the deep cultivation of those seniors before them, as long as these people had a heart, would they not know how to work hard themselves?

But the greatest benefits of such a method, was not the so-called “nirvana rebirth, broken before success”. Rather, it aimed to destroy all the pride, confidence, and individuality in the hearts of these people, leaving only the mark of the three Holy Lands branded in their souls! All these were based on the interests of the Holy Lands!

Moreover, there was still another thing; the greatest pretense under the heaven, and also the moral pillar which was imprinted in the minds of everyone: everything was for the sake of the world, for the future of mankind; the War for Seizing the Heavens! Thus, everyone suffered willingly without grumblings or regrets.

The pride was gone, so was self confidence. It was the equivalent of pulling out the backbone of these people and cutting off their escape path! After that, wouldn’t they be easily molded however their Holy Lands wished? Thus, those proud experts of the mundane world, geniuses of their generation, all turned into a pile of walking corpses as soon as they entered the fabled Holy Lands!

As he thought about it, Hai Wu Ya felt the hairs on the back of his neck rising, and fear rose in his heart.

If this was really the true purpose… then, it was surely way too scary!

If… the legendary three Holy Lands, the greatest cultivation ground of Xuan Xuan Continent, is merely a place where people are broken down and destroyed, a place filled with tragedy! The victims are only of benefit to the three Holy Lands.

In that case, what are the interests of the three Holy Lands?

Could there be some huge scheme behind all this? Or…

Hai Wu Ya swayed lightly as he stood there. Beside him, He Zhi Qiu was saying some things, but he couldn’t hear anything at all. In that moment, he was completely preoccupied by his thoughts. In that moment, his head was fill with endless fog…

It wasn’t clear how much time had passed, but Hai Wu Ya felt someone push him, causing him to lift his head with startlement. He Zhi Qiu was standing in front of him, looking at him in an anxious manner. Confused, he asked, “What is it?”

He Zhi Qiu looked deeply at him, his eyes complicated. “Brother Hai… the deciding battle is about to begin. No matter what matter it is, let’s wait till we get home before talking about it… There’s still over 30 brothers here. Whether they get to live or die, it all rests on the shoulders of us two.”

Hai Wu Ya felt his heart shudder and he woke up instantly, nodding his head lightly. In his heart he was determined. If this old man manages to survive this time, I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly when I return!

The legendary three Holy Lands must not be turned into someone’s tool!

On the other side, Jun Mo Xie had a bright smile on his face as he tilted his head to Mei Xue Yan, saying something to her. Mei Xue Yan had a serious expression on her face as she nodded continuously.

“Young Master Jun, since it’s a grand battle that you’ve set up, how should we proceed with the battle? Young Master calls himself the Evil Monarch and even brought an army over. My guess is that you already have a plan?” He Zhi Qiu said with a loud voice.

In the time that he was speaking, an unusually bleak atmosphere had already gathered in the area. He Zhi Qiu’s expression had also become dreary and desolate. The soft spring breeze that had been ever present in the air suddenly disappeared, becoming stern, cold, and boundless. The entire sky and lands was filled with a vast and lonesome feeling.

Ten Thousand Li Sorrowful Autumn.

This was He Zhi Qiu’s famed technique. Before the battle had even started, he’d already unleashed his unique domain ability! Although both sides had not begun fighting yet, he was already fully prepared for battle and could attack with full strength at any time!

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan exchanged a glance, and Mei Xue Yan asked in a soft voice. “Do you want a brawl or a rotational battle? Perhaps a quick battle, or…”

Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly and considered for a moment: “The strength of our side far surpasses the opponents, and swarming them with numbers and strength should be the more reasonable choice. Luo Yun and the rest had all raised their strengths by relying on the Spirit Stone Immortal Milk, and their cultivations still are not stable yet. Today’s battle can be a great opportunity to sharpen their skills. We’ll let these people in front of us be the whetstones for us. Thus, we cannot go for an all out brawl. Even if we must, that will be left for a critical moment at the end. Besides, if we decide to swarm them, those few Saint Emperors would definitely deal devastating damage to our weaker forces in order to protect their own people… That’s something that I cannot accept and am unwilling to accept.”

“Oh? So you’ve decided to fight them one on one??” Mei Xue Yan furrowed her brows lightly. “Although the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer troops forcefully raised their cultivations to this level, their experiences of such high level battles are still very lacking. If it’s one against one, it would be inevitable for casualties to appear… That way, not only would we fail to achieve the purpose of sharpening the knives, we might even break a few knives in the process… If we set the rule for it to be a gentlemen’s fight, stopping when one side is defeated, it wouldn’t achieve the purpose of this death battle…”

“I have an idea regarding this.” Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes and said. “Just watch me.”

After saying that, Jun Mo Xie looked at He Zhi Qiu. “Saint Emperor He, our side outnumbers yours greatly for this battle; if we obtained victory because of our great numbers, it wouldn’t be an honourable victory! I’m sure you all wouldn’t feel appeased in your hearts if you were killed that way. So after some considerations, this Young Master has come up with a suggestion…”

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