Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Condition: I Want The Exquisite Lotus

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“What do you suggest?” A trace of admiration appeared across He Zhi Qiu’s face. He’d never met Jun Mo Xie before this, and he didn’t know what kind of person the famous youngster was. Now, looking at Jun Mo Xie’s graceful manners and words, as well as his elegant and respectful bearings, he felt a genuine appreciation in his heart. This kid was immensely talented, yet was not wildly arrogant or overbearing.

Thus, he did not detest Jun Mo Xie, this outstanding youth. In fact, he praised endlessly in his heart. A youngster like this is truly a dragon among men. Alas, fate toys with the life of men. Both of our sides are standing as enemies, unable to live unless the other side perishes. Shaking his head, he breathed out another long sigh…

If the great Saint Emperor He knew what this fellow was scheming in his heart against him… He Zhi Qiu probably wouldn’t even need to fight, directly spitting out a mouthful of blood and fall dead from his anger on the spot…

How could an evil fellow like Jun Mo Xie possibly suggest a battle tactic that was disadvantageous to himself? Moreover, the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer army was something that he’d spent great efforts to raise, and they were also the troops that he felt the most deeply about! They were also the Jun Family’s trump card and their main force! He would never allow this troop to suffer any sort of damage!

“There are 35 people on the side of the Holy Lands, from Venerables to Saint Emperors, with experts on each level. This is what this Young Master thinks: if we fight one on one, that would be too time consuming. Why not just let the different levels of experts fight their own battles. On my side, we will send out an equivalent level of forces. Venerables against Venerables, Saints against Saints, and Saint Emperors against Saint Emperors. This would be a fair battle, with life and death lying in the hands of each person, until one side is completely defeated! The battle will be started by the living and ended only by the dead! What does Saint Emperor He think?”

Jun Mo Xie said with a faint smile, but his words were as sharp as swords: ‘started by the living, and ended only by the dead!’ This was an extremely cruel scenario. But at the same time, it placed a huge amount of pressure on He Zhi Qiu!

Because for the side of the three Holy Lands, they could no longer afford to lose these 30 people! The moment they were lost, it would result in defeat in the War for Seizing the Heavens!

While he was anxious by the implications of this battle, He Zhi Qiu also breathed out a huge sigh of relief in that moment. The battle style that the other side had proposed was exactly tailor-made to the three Holy Lands’ benefit. A battle like that was absolutely advantageous for the experts of the three Holy Lands and was basically guaranteed for them to win!

Because the experts from the three Holy Lands, especially those from the same realm and belonging to the same Holy Lands, all had exceptionally refined coordination after having lived, trained, and fought with each other for hundreds of years, to a point where they could intricately sense each other’s actions! If they were allowed to attack together, their strengths would increase by at least twofold!

When the Holy Lands had sent their experts to Chrysanthemum City, they had chosen groups of people who were familiar with each other’s style.

As for Jun Mo Xie’s side, although their strengths were high, their cultivation had obviously been forcefully pushed up using special methods. So while they had strong cultivations, their mental state was obviously unable to match up. With a single look, it was obvious that Jun Mo Xie’s choice of battling style was simply akin to seeking death!

“Good! Young Master Jun is straightforward indeed. We’ll decide on this then!” He Zhi Qiu did not turn around since he already knew the strengths and cultivation of all the experts on his side. “There’s 35 people on our side; 3 fourth level Venerables, 5 first level Saints, 7 second level Saints, 8 third level Saints, 9 fourth level Saints, and 3 Saint Emperors.”

He Zhi Qiu smiled lightly and continued. “That means that there’ll be 6 different battles. Only, for the last fight between Saint Emperors, this He wishes to have a solo fight against Young Master Jun, properly witnessing Young Master Jun’s amazing techniques!”

“It should be like this; there is no issue!” Jun Mo Xie promised without hesitation in a broad hearted manner.

Although everyone on the three Holy Lands’ side were listening expressionlessly to the conversation between the two, their eyes were filled with a trace of excitement!

With the few hundred years of coordination between us, our attacks and defense together have already reached a point of being perfect and seamless. Jun Mo Xie, you’re simply sending your subordinates to die by our hands! Don’t blame us for being merciless later!

Behind Jun Mo Xie, the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer soldiers did not show any signs of emotion at all. They were like a bunch of stubborn rocks, unmoved by anything. However, a heavy sense of battle intent surged into the air and enveloped the entire army.

“One reason for today’s decisive battle is because this Young Master had been forced by your three Holy Lands to an unbearable point. Secondly, there should be some stakes for such an exciting battle! Truthfully, that is the main purpose of this Young Master. If we win, what then? And if we lose, what of it?”

He Zhi Qiu furrowed his brows slightly, thinking that those words were truly somewhat shameless. This brat obviously saw that our forces were scattered, and thus took the chance to challenge us to a decisive battle. But when it came out of his mouth, it was that the three Holy Lands had forced him to an unbearable point… Those words are truly a little too lacking in conscience…

However, He Zhi Qiu didn’t mind since he also had some confidence in coming out victorious. Besides, even if Jun Mo Xie didn’t talk about any conditions, he would mention them himself. Since Jun Mo Xie had already brought the matter up, he would not only be thought of as a cheap person, he would also end up falling into the ditch he’d dug himself!

“Naturally! How can there be no stakes and conditions in a decisive battle? Young Master Jun, please speak.” He Zhi Qiu had a sly smile on his face like an old fox as he thought to himself. You little brat still reeking of your mother’s milk… you finally fell into my trap! Old gingers are still the spiciest ah…

On the other side, Jun Mo Xie was also smiling evilly as he thought to himself.This old fox finally fell into my trap! Small chilli peppers are still the hottest ah…

Two foxes, one old and one young, both harbored their own schemes against each other. Both of them had great confidence in their chances of victory and were smiling smugly to themselves as they looked at each other.

“If we win, the three Holy Lands must stop interfering in the mundane world and cease their actions against the Blizzard Silver City, Situ Family, Duanmu Family, and the Dongfang Family. From here on out, these forces will no longer be under the control of the Holy Lands, forming a force of their own. This is the first condition.” Jun Mo Xie said with a light smile.

“That’s only natural. If you all come out victorious here, our three Holy Lands would also not have the face to continue persecuting those mundane families anymore.” He Zhi Qiu said with a casual smile as his brows twitched lightly.Little brat, you’re still to naive! To think that you’ve even thought of the conditions already…

“The second condition is that if we win, the three Holy Lands cannot go against us anymore, at least not until the War for Seizing the Heavens is over!” Jun Mo Xie grinned sinisterly. He’d only said that the three Holy Lands could not do anything him, but he never said that he couldn’t do anything to them! This was the true trap.

He Zhi Qiu had only been cultivating painstakingly in the Heaven Saint Palace for so many years, so how would he guess that Jun Mo Xie’s words would be so full of traps? Without even thinking, he directly agreed. “That is also natural as well. If you win, all of our enmity from before will be written off, and everything, be it debts of gratitude or revenge, shall be greeted with only a smile in the future.”

Jun Mo Xie snorted in his heart. Debts of gratitude or revenge shall be greeted with only a smile in the future? Are you high on something? Even if you’re willing, this elder brother is still unwilling!

“As for the third condition, from the Heaven Saint Palace’s Exquisite Lotus cluster, I want a stalk of Exquisite Lotus with at least three segments from the root of the Nine Segment Exquisite Lotus!” Jun Mo Xie chuckled lightly and brought up the condition he wanted the most.

“That one is impossible!” He Zhi Qiu did not even consider and refused directly.

“The Exquisite Lotus is a palace treasure of our Heaven Saint Palace that we’ve protected for at least ten thousand years! Not to mention a complete stalk of the Exquisite Lotus; even if it’s just a single petal, it’s not something that can be exchanged outside. Please change this to another condition.”

“If it could be easily exchanged outside, I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.” Jun Mo Xie replied cooly. “Saint Emperor He, I trust that you can also tell that my first two conditions are as good as having no conditions, right? In addition, the extremely disadvantageous battle conditions that I proposed earlier is to justify this last condition. If you can’t even accept this condition, then there’s no point to our battle today! I’ll be the one suffering a huge loss entirely… could it be that Saint Emperor He does not even have this much resolution?”

He Zhi Qiu furrowed his brows heavily as he cursed in his heart. This brat is surely too shameless! What is called ‘the first two conditions are as good as having no conditions’? This old man has already agreed to both conditions… but you actually treated it as empty words…

Shaking his head helplessly, he said, “The Exquisite Lotus is the sect treasure of the Heaven Saint Palace! Although this old man has already spent hundreds of years in the Heaven Saint Palace, I’ve only seen it once or twice in total. This is definitely not something that this old man can make the decision on. Young Master Jun, aren’t you purposefully making things hard on others?”

“Take it that I’m making things hard on purpose or begging you; it doesn’t matter! I don’t care if you obtain it by stealing or robbing; in any case, I insist to have it! There’s no negotiating this matter!”

Jun Mo Xie demanded rudely and unreasonably. “If Saint Emperor He does not agree, then I might as well make this battle into a full force fight! I trust that Saint Emperor He can also see that there’s a huge disparity in strength between our two sides! We have over 10 times the experts on our side. If not for that last condition, did you think that I would opt myself in to such an unfavourable battle format when I have all the advantages? If an all out fight begins, I can guarantee that no matter how amazing the strengths of Saint Emperors are, not a single person from the three Holy Lands shall be able to leave this place alive today!”

He Zhi Qiu’s voice grew cold as his eyes flashed menacingly. “Young Master Jun, are you threatening this Seat?”

Laughing coldly, Jun Mo Xie met his eyes. “Threaten? Is there a need for me to threaten you? I was simply mentioning a fact! Saint Emperor He, you brought those people out here, and you have the responsibility to bring them back safely! I’ve already given you an option and told you the way to assure their safety. Whether or not you want it is entirely up to you to choose. How am I threatening you? If you don’t agree, I will simply slaughter all of you, then go to the Heaven Saint Palace to discuss with them directly! No matter what, I, Jun Mo Xie, will definitely get my hands on the Exquisite Lotus!”

He Zhi Qiu stared steadily at him for a long time, then he sighed and exchanged a few words with Hai Wu Ya through their spiritual sense. After that, he turned around and with his face steeled with determination, he opened his mouth to say something. Yet, at this time, a loud voice rang out in the air. “Fine! This old man accepts your condition!”

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