Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 871

868 Get The Hell Out Of The Young Masters Way


The Heavenly Palace was an obstacle that stopped an infinite number of Heaven's Favorites.

In the past tens and thousands of years, only three people have beaten it. The most recent one is the famous Fairy Wu.

Therefore, after the news of Ling Xian getting through the Heavenly Palace circulated, a storm formulated and created turmoil for thousands of miles.

This was just temporary. It was easy to predict that as time goes on, this news will go further and spread wider.

Everyone who's heard this news fell into a state of shock. Then, everyone's reaction became colorful.

"Is he a monster? He used so little time to get through all the levels of the Heavenly Palace." That was to exclaim Ling Xian's powerfulness.

"What a strong one. I heard he is rather good looking. Ah, ah, I want to marry him!" That is someone being lovesick and wanting to marry Ling Xian.
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"It's just beating the Heavenly Palace. What's so great about that? I can do it too!" That is someone being jealous of Ling Xi @@
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