Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 873


"I am warning you. Do not come find me again. Or else, I will take your life."

After those words were spoken, the young man reacted as if he had been struck by lightning. His entire body solidified.

He could feel it. Ling Xian wasn't joking about what he had said. He will actually get killed. Therefore, he closed his lips tightly. He didn't shout. He couldn't even find the guts to shriek from the pain.

However, that pair of eyes of his eyes were full of terror and evil.

By then, Ling Xian had left.
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To him, what had happened was just a little interlude. That young man didn't deserve his attention. But that person couldn't identify the right from the wrong so Ling Xian didn't mind teaching him a bloody lesson.

Therefore, he ignored the young man and headed straight to the Moon Inviting Garden.


The Moon Inviting Garden is located at the north west corner of Li City.

It contains a royal palace, an open pavilion, and it has emerald water and green mountains, strong flowers and @@
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