Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 937

934 A Strange Appearance

At the entrance of the auction ground, a silhouette stood there, tall. Though thin, the silhouette appeared respected and trustworthy, looking unsurpassable.
At once, the elder and the man in the expensive gown were stunned. Fear was revealed through their eyes.
All because Fang Bie Chen had died.
A powerful original leveled cultivator couldn't last more than 10 rebuttals against Ling Xian. Why wouldn't they be afraid?
"I have already made my move. Where do you think you are going?"
Ling Xian spoke softly. Like a God above all nine levels of heaven, he looked down onto the two people before him.
"Not good!"
The elder knew he was no opponent of Ling Xian's. Therefore, he pushed the other man away and shouted, "Run! I will try to stop him."
Then, he dashed over like a bird with extended wings. His skinny hands turned into talons that shredded the void!
Ling Xian remained calm before this. He pushed forward with one palm and at once, the void collapsed and destroyed the elder's talons' illusion.
Next, he stomped his feet. He began to shine brightly and instantly crushed the void.
The elder felt fear begin to build up inside him but to save his master's life, he gritted his teeth and didn't dodge!
"Young master, run! I will fight for some time!"
Shouting, the elder began to spit different colors and unleashed an unknown technique. He instantly turned into a 10-meter tall giant and his barrel-like arms grabbed onto Ling Xian's right leg in an attempt to trap him.
Ling Xian raised an eyebrow as he felt the elder's powerful inhibition ability. He said, "You sure are loyal. Sadly, your capabilities are limited."
Then, his right leg exploded with an even more powerful wave of power that instantly made the elder puke out blood.
However, this man's two hands remained powerful as they grabbed onto Ling Xian without loosening.
Ling Xian frowned at this. The man in the expensive gown recollected himself.
Then, without looking at the elder, he took out a transportation treasure from his storage pouch and disappeared where he stood.
Ling Xian wanted to stop him, but he has no Qi and couldn't attack from a distance. His body was also tightly trapped by the elder and he couldn't move.
The man in the expensive gown's treasure was also extraordinary. Like a shooting star, he glided across the sky at a shocking speed. Naturally, Ling Xian couldn't stop him.
At this, the elder looked relieved and even smiled.
"You sure are loyal. Sadly, you have chosen the wrong master."
Ling Xian said gently, "I'm sure you saw how he didn't even glance at you when he left."
"So what?"
The elder puked out two mouthfuls of blood and smiled with exhaustion, "If I failed to protect his life, I would die anyway. I might as well give up myself and save him. Then, someone can avenge me."
Then, he glared at Ling Xian evilly. "You are dead meat. My master's capability is unimaginable. He will be able to kill you with one finger."

"Can he?"
Ling Xian glanced him over. "I wanted to spare your life due to your loyalty. But even before death, you still refuse to admit your wrongs and have regrets. Then don't blame me for being rude."
Then, his right leg exploded with an even more aggressive strength that made the elder puke out much blood. The elder's breathing was getting softer.
Just like his, he lost much strength. Ling Xian, however, was getting stronger and stronger!
Ling Xian's right leg shone brightly and kicked the elder flying. This person restored to his original self and collapsed onto the ground, puking blood.
However, a devious smile remained on his face, "Kill me then. It won't be long before you visit me down there."
"Then you can wait in hell. However, you won't ever see the day that happens."
Ling Xian answered. In a flash, he reappeared before the elder. Then, his right hand began to shine with light and he slammed his fist into this man's head.
After an imploding noise, the elder's skull cracked open. The liquid from his brain splattered and his soul shattered.
The entire area silenced.
All eyes were now on Ling Xian and they were flickering with shock.
Within a short period of time, Ling Xian had killed two powerhouses at the peak of the original level. One of them was even the prominent Fang Bie Chen!
Though everyone there has extraordinary identities and were powerful, they couldn't help but be shocked.
"Two powerhouses at the peak of the original level were so easily killed by him. What terrifying capabilities!"
"He is for sure a top-notch Heaven's Favorites. Or else it's impossible for him to be so powerful."
"I know all of the top Heaven's Favorites from Tianzhou. I bet he is a person from another continent who came for the competition."
"He has to be. Out of everyone in Tianzhou, they would save the Yu Xu House some face. After all, they are a powerful bunch!"
Everyone discussed and exclaimed over Ling Xian's abilities and his dominance!
Fang Bie Chen was the Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House and he killed him just like that. Dominating doesn't even describe him anymore. He was basically being ruthless!
"The Yu Xu House"
Ling Xian squinted his eyes and he said to himself, "They better not provoke me. Or else I will not reserve myself."
Then, he looked over the Feng Jiu Ge, "Let's go to the Palace of Heaven's Favorites."
"Yes, master."
Huang Jiu Ge nodded and revealed her original self and allowed Ling Xian to get on her back.
Everyone was startled at this and began to gossip.
"What the f!ck! It's a phoenix! This color is it the one from the Nirvana Fountain?"
"This is not a pure phoenix. But phoenixes remain rare, especially those that have been tamed. This person somehow has one?"
"I am so jealous. I dream of being able to ride one."
Everyone expressed their disbelief and looked over to Ling Xian with much envy.
"Let's go."
Ling Xian locked his hands behind his back and stood on the back of Huang Jiu Ge. He looked like a descended immortal who was out of the world.
Then, the phoenix's wings fluttered and flew across the sky with him on his back.
After leaving the auction, Ling Xian and Huang Jiu Ge headed to the Palace of Heaven's Favorites.
After a while, however, they suddenly stopped.
Then, a cold voice left Ling Xian's lips.
"You have been following me ever since the auction. Don't you plan on revealing yourself?"
After those words, a ring of chuckle arose.
"You did kill two original leveled powerhouses in minutes after all you have good senses. So you noticed me since the beginning"
A man wearing a black robe and a giant straw hat walked out from the void. Murky air surrounded him and obtruded anyone from looking into his abilities.
"Skip the flattery."
Ling Xian glared at him. "Just tell me your intentions. Whether you are here to steal or to avenge you can act on it right away."
"I am not here to steal or to avenge. I merely have an opportunity I want to share with you."
The man in black snickered and walked over from afar. His giant leaps made the ground seem like they were only inches long.
Ling Xian raised an eyebrow intrigued.
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