Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 938

935 An Omnipotents Grave

The Sun had set; it was night.
In the air, Huang Jiu Ge's wings covered up much of the sky. The white flames around her burned and made the area look wrinkly.
Ling Xian wore all white and stood with his hands behind his back, looking like an immortal who was out of the world and holy.
Against the person in black, he merely smiled. "Since you are trying to share an opportunity, why are you hiding your identity? To be concealing yourself so hard isn't exactly convincing."
"You are completely right."
The person in black spoke softly and rolled up their sleeve. The murky air around the person dissipated and the straw hat was withdrawn. What was revealed was a delicate face.
At this, Ling Xian raised an eyebrow in surprise. Then, he used his soul to scan this woman and he couldn't help but frown slightly.
All because this woman was at the peak of the original level. She was also giving him a strange wave of pressure.
"How is this? Is this making me appear more honest?"
The woman smiled brightly. "My name is Han Qing Xue, I wonder what your name is?"
"Ling Xian."
Relaxing his frown, Ling Xian was too lazy to waste more time, "Let's get to the point. What do you want?"
"You sure are blatant."
Han Qing Xue grinned. "I won't play around then. I know a tomb that is left behind by an omnipotent. I am inviting you to go with me."
"A tomb?"
Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, he was very interested.
Normally speaking, there are many treasures buried with a cultivator after death – especially for those who are extraordinary. Now that the woman was telling him she found a tomb of an omnipotent, naturally he was interested.
An omnipotent!
It doesn't matter if the tomb contains treasures or not, there may be inheritances left behind in the form of techniques. Anyone would waver at this.
Accordingly, there are also many traps inside the tombs. After all, nobody wants to be disturbed after death.
Therefore, every burial ground is dangerous in many different ways. There are arrays, curses, and other set-ups. Unless one's very competent, there is no way the grave digger can leave unharmed.
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he stared straight through Han Qing Xue with his dagger-like gaze, "If I am not wrong, you came to find me because I have the Plate of Escape."
Han Qing Xue's dimples deepened. "Back there, I wanted to bid on the Plate of Escape but because I am relatively poorer, I have no way of wining. So, I am here to ask you for your help."
"That is a real motive. It is logical and makes sense." Ling Xian smiled but he was still a little skeptical.
After all, that was the tomb of an omnipotent, anyone would guard it as a deadly secret and wouldn't easily share it with anyone.
"It seems like you are a little suspicious."
Han Qing Xue's smile never disappeared. "Do not worry. As you know, every grave is dangerous, especially the graves of an omnipotent. Unless you and I both go, I cannot make it. Therefore, I need the Plate of Escape and you happen to have it."

"That is true."
Ling Xian nodded, confirming her statement.
The grave of an omnipotent is for sure full of traps. Even if an omnipotent of the same level as the buried navigates through it, they may not come out unharmed. These two were merely of the original level.
The only hope is the Plate of Escape.
After all, this treasure is extremely useful for situations like this and can pinpoint the path to survival.
"Friend, you can take your time to consider it. However, we only have half an hour."
Han Qing Xue smiled faintly. "I promise you that I have no bad intentions. Plus, just now, you killed two original leveled cultivators. You shouldn't have anything to fear."
"I truly am not afraid, but I do not want to be calculated against." Ling Xian glared at her and drifted into deep thought.
Though he was suspicious about all this, there aren't a lot of omnipotents' graves. Every single one of them is extremely rare and shocking. It was worth the risk.
After all, he was confident about his abilities. Even if the woman tries something in the grave, he was confident he can stop her.
Therefore, after moments of silence, he muttered, "How do we divide up the treasures?"
Hearing this, Han Qing Xue smiled, knowing that Ling Xian has accepted. "Of course we do 50-50. That is the fairest way."
"You told me the location of the tomb and I am contributing the Plate of Escape to ensure our safety. It makes sense for us to split it half and half."
Ling Xian nodded, satisfied with this distribution.
After all, both of them possessed important things and neither should be absent. Dividing it in half was the most fair.
"Then, you agree to it."
Han Qing Xue smiled like a flower. She has found out about the grave for some days and because she knows of her limitations, she hasn't gone.
Now that she has found the Plate of Escape, she was overjoyed.
"An omnipotent's grave is something that is hard to come by. Of course I want to go see it."
Ling Xian smiled and said without thinking, "but I don't like being tricked. So you better be good."
"You sure are funny. I am inviting you with nothing but honesty to share the goods in the grave." Han Qing Xue's expression never changed. It wasn't clear if she had nothing to hide or if she was a great actress.
In conclusion, Ling Xian found nothing unusual about her and said, "Then let's go. I don't believe you want to miss the Competition of the Heaven's Favorites."
"You have sharp eyes."
Han Qing Xue had a strange look in her eyes. "But do not worry. We still have two months so we will make it in time."
"We won't if we waste more time here. Lead the way." Ling Xian said.
Han Qing Xue nodded and shifted her gaze towards Huang Jiu Ge. She asked expectantly, "I wonder if I can ride with you on her shoulder?"
Ling Xian glared at her, knowing that she just wanted to experience riding on a phoenix. There was no way he was going to agree to that.
But before he could speak, Huang Jiu Ge responded mercilessly and without any kindness.
"You have no right. The only person in this world who can do this is him."
Hearing this, Han Qing Xue looked awkward. Not that she was going to remember this begrudgingly or anything, she merely was embarrassed.
"Friend, you sure are lucky. You made a half-blooded phoenix docile."
Ling Xian grinned. "Lead the way."
Han Qing Xue nodded and flipped around her sleeve. The clouds formed into shapes beneath her feet and carried her in the southeast direction.
Ling Xian didn't even have to command for Huang Jiu Ge to follow.
Just like that, under Han Qing Xue's lead, the three of them flew across the sky and headed towards the grave of the omnipotent.
After flying for half a month, the three finally landed amongst the mountains.
It was their destination.
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