Path Of The Dragonborn Book 2 Chapter 1096

Vol 2 Chapter 1096: Netting 3

"... Since you brought up this matter, does it mean that you have planned for it?" Earl Goti thought for a long time, but still felt that the specific operation of this matter should not be decided by himself. Therefore, after a little thought, he kicked the ball back.

Of course, he guessed it rightHilija did have some ideas. It's just that he wasn't sure whether it would be difficult to implement it before that, so he wanted to check with Earl Goti himself. His plan is roughly like this: First, in the name of Juses, issue the Dukes order to question him about the private use of the hunters by the Count of Amancia. If Rufas did not help, it would be impossible for the Earl of Omansia to fight Juss. In the process, Heliga believed that the Earl of Omansia would definitely try to use a large amount of personal property to seek forgiveness from Eusses, in exchange for his indifference to the matter; and Eusis would naturally express firm rejection. However, according to legal provisions, during this period of time, the personal freedom of the Earl of Amancia should be subject to certain restrictions, and Heilija and Juss will be instructed to continue, on the one hand, through the influence of the Earl of Goti Spread rumors and put pressure on the Earl of Amancia. On the other hand, the guards who guard him will relax at an appropriate time and allow them to give the Earl of Amancia a chance to escape.

In this way, the Earl of Amancia will have one more charge-absconding for fear of sin. Heliga didn't believe that the latter could calm down in this situation, and stayed at home with peace of mind, waiting for the final verdict and trial. And the moment he escaped from the public capital, it meant that he became a fugitive in Kruchin State-if such a fugitive fled to the forest infested by Warcraft...

Of course, it is not impossible that the Earl of Amancia will cause the reaction of other influential nobles in the capital. In order to appease their emotions, Earl Goti will use the "evidence" given by Heliga-let them know what dirty things the Earl of Amancia has done in private. In this way, they dare not get involved in this matter easily; and after the accidental death of the Earl of Amancia, part of his own property will naturally be liquidated-Heliga is confident that he can get part of it.

Of course, before that, Heliga had also quietly revealed some things about the "D.G" Order to Jusses-which also made the latter hate it. For this reason, in this matter, in addition to the ones that Heliga himself had been eyeing before, Juss also suggested Heliga to hand over similar evidence to the other "four famous" leaders These scumbags are all high-powered figures, and only sanctions from the same high-powered figures can ruin them and deny them the opportunity to transfer property. Heliga thinks this might be a good idea, because as far as he knows, the Marquis of Logner and the Marquis of Haynes have zero tolerance for such anti-humanity behavior. As for Duke Kane, lets not mention that after the civil war is over. Will the En family be dismembered directly, but in any case, if the Cain family can continue to exist as a member of the "Four Famous Doors" after that, it will definitely be in the local aristocratic council. And the election of the nationwide consular council elected a new duke.

According to some gossips received by Heliga, in the area of Lamar State, apart from the current Duke of Kane, Coroval de Kane, the most famous and prestigious is the Marquis of Barrard. In other words, if a new duke is to be chosen at that time, he is the most likely candidate. HoweverHeliga thought with disappointment that the Marquis of Barrard was very capable in economic policy, but his personal style and the elegance required by aristocratic traditions were completely out of touch. He would disregard his image and feast on food, he would also drop a lot of Mira in casinos and various places, and after getting drunk, he would be carried into the car by the butler laboriously and sent home-such a person, Heilijia It is unlikely to be willing to cooperate with him.

Of courseHeliga thought that the girl named Miao Jie who had been seen in the Dukes city hall before seemed not a fuel-efficient lamp. He always had a strange feeling that the girl had the same ability as Prime Minister Osborne-that was to predict the situation of the empire to a certain extent, and even prepare in advance. Although others hadn't noticed this, Heliga could intuitively feel her difficulty.

Moreover, I now know that the ancestor of Duke Kane is the famous "pseudo-emperor" Otrus-this means that the Kane family also has the blood of Yanor, and possesses the ability of the so-called "mediator". The first emperor at that time successfully adjusted the dispute between the witch and the goblin clan, and brought a short peace for this continent, and also created the rationality of rule for him and his descendants-then there is now another one. If a new "mediator" appears...

In short, the task assigned to him by the emperor can indeed allow himself to take care of his own affairs by the way. Although at that time there were dozens of customers in "Paradise" who were related to the empire, but in general, the nobles and all kinds of powerful people accounted for half. He can use the power of the "Four Famous Doors" to deal with the nobles, but for the chaebols, whether it is to find the "RF society" that is also a chaebol or to act privately, it seems that it is not a particularly good choice.

Therefore-Heilijia made up his mind that after the civil war, he would negotiate with the prime minister anyway. Heilijia thought that if he and Olibat's actions could be predicted by him to a certain extent, then the so-called actions in the civil war in exchange for more influence within the empire might also be the same. Very difficult. Therefore, subsequent short-term cooperation with Prime Minister Osborne seems inevitable. In addition, according to the emperor, he was not only the actions of Prime Minister Osborne in the secular world, but also hinted that the existence of the prime minister was closely related to the undercurrents of the inner world-since the emperor had already put his mouth on himself and leaked some information , Then can you also ask something directly from the prime minister?

After thinking about this, Heliga took out the communicator and found Levi.

"I've already thought about it...You can come back now and prepare to do something with our prey." Heliga's voice was cold.

"I see." Levi's answer was very cold-this is what they said a long time ago.

The Earl of Amancia probably didn't realize that he would not live for a few days.

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