Path Of The Dragonborn Book 2 Chapter 1097

Vol 2 Chapter 1097: Black Workshop 2 In 1

Earl Gotti and Levi had already explained that, so there shouldn't be any problem with the hunt for the Earl of Amancia. Helija, who was relieved, decided to carry out the task assigned to him by the emperor-meeting the two marquis as the royal envoy and the holder of wartime privileges. Heliga understood that maybe the emperor had hinted and explained to them, maybe the emperor just thought they could understand some things that Heliga didn't know yet. But he didn't think that the emperor's actions were meaningless... By allowing himself to do so, was it more or less giving himself and Olibat a chance to act?

With this question, Heliga came to the industrial town in the northern part of the empire, LurayCompared with Ballahart, Alyssas hometown suffered a little damage in the previous operation. Because Irina Ryanfort deliberately released a little bit of her own news when cooperating with the surveillance tower to lure the Marquis's people into dividing their troops, thus giving them more time. The city also suffered a certain amount of damage because the president and her men were dealing with soldiers of Marquis Rogner in the city.

However, after Oribat and Alfin descended with the "Red Wings" and brought about peace here, the ancient aristocracy and the emerging chaebol reached a tacit understanding under the mediation of the royal family-by regaining power. The security personnel arranged by President Irina traveled in and out of the city to provide the citizens with the necessary living security. The factories that had been rudely transformed by Haider to provide military products to the Noble Alliance also gradually restored their original functions under the command of the president.

At the headquarters of the Ryanforte Building, Heliga stopped and quietly looked at the tall building. Before the completion of the "Orchid Tower", it was also the second tallest building in the world after the original "IBC" headquarters. The internal structure of "RF", the largest industrial manufacturer in the entire continent, was also extremely complex, with a large number of employees and Many departments together form the soul of this huge building. The top two floors of the entire building were cleverly opened up and connected together, not only as President Irina's usual office, but also as the hometown of Ryanfort.

Earlier, Haider Rogner not only stole Irinas position as president, but even occupied the roof of the entire building that originally belonged to someone elses home. However, after that, President Irina took back her own things for the time being - she is now busy restoring order here, and at the same time contacting investors from all over the mainland related to the "RF Agency". Presumably President Irina has also been able to calculate the ultimate winner of this civil war, and is already preparing for it.

At this critical moment, Heliga suddenly appeared to the receptionist in the lobby, and when she asked to see President Irina without an appointment, she was naturally rejected. But when Heliga took out the identity of Alyssa to convince the other party, the reception lady finally tried to call the president's contact. Heliga was prepared to wait for a while. After all, President Irina had already embodied her character earlier, and she was not a person who was particularly willing to please others. In the A group earlier, Yu Lu During Leis internship, her performance has already clarified similar problems; secondly, as an international company, "RF Agency" is undergoing reorganization after a brief period of chaos. At this critical moment, President Irina's timetable is natural. It's also full. Therefore, even if she is due to Olibate's face, she will not shut herself up, at least she has to deal with the things at hand first.

However, the facts did go beyond Heilijia's expectations-the receptionist who hung up the communication immediately said that he could bring Heilijia to the president's office. And a few minutes later, he was indeed in the meeting room of the president's office and saw the resolute "RF society" president.

"After all, you are the special envoy of the royal family... and the daughter is also taken care of by you. In various senses." President Irina seemed to see what Heliga was thinking in her heart--even though she was busy, she didn't seem to have any Neglect to take care of yourself. Her short, ear-length hair was combed to one side, and her dark eye circles due to long-term fatigue were almost unnoticeable under the disguise of a lot of cosmetics and skin care products. And this atmosphere belonging to a high-ranking person also made Heliga feelcompared to Rufas and Karl, who were somewhat reserved in front of him for various reasons, or even the prime ministerthis President Irina can be said to be Relatively speaking, he is the one who has the least scruples about himself.

"That's what I should do... Let's just say, I am happy to be in it myself." Heliga didn't lie - he had already agreed that everyone in Class VII was his friends and companions, so even without Ollie Bart's so-called mission, he will not let everyone go, "Probably you also know very well, I am here this time to confirm the things that His Highness Olibat gave before leaving last time."

"On the iron mine side, I did give it to the Marquis's family to be responsible...this matter, you can check with them later." President Irina nodded, "As for I promised to provide it to Ollie The "intelligence" of His Royal Highness Bart..." She took out a document and pushed it to Heliga.

"The most primitive data and design of the Mecha Soldier..." Heliga looked at the documents and the accompanying design drawings, and read the instructions written on them. "It's really fortunate that you can find this kind of thing. ...I heard that in the previous incident at the iron mine, the sample warehouse at the "RF Company" manufacturing plant was completely destroyed. "

"It's true... However, many of the people in the first to fifth factories are nails that I have inserted in them... They will keep key information and hand them all to me." Irina The chairman nodded, "You should also know how I squeezed my father out and became the chairman of this company."

"It was by compromising with the aristocratic factions and reformers within the company, at the expense of some of their private actions." Helija nodded-after Alyssa got acquainted with the VII class, more than once Complained about these things.

"Yes... but in that case, it means that the real power in my hands is actually quite limited. This company has been the family business of the Ryanfort family many years ago, and I will not let it be just like this. Snatched." President Irina nodded, "So I have been secretly collecting evidence of what these people are doing in private, and looking for opportunities to take these things and threaten those people."

"Considering the improper performance of some people during the noble coalition rebellion...If they don't want to be tried and liquidated after the defeat of the noble faction, they must join you with this information in exchange for a certain amount of protection. And you It also happens to take the opportunity to break the control of the nobles and reform parties of the company's resources, thereby realizing the centralization of the company's internal power." Helijia nodded, "A good method...but, I learned from Alyssa. I can't see that she has similar abilities and determination."

"Ability...I don't think she has no ability." If Alyssa herself is here, she will be very surprised when she hears her mother's evaluation of herself. "But determined... if she is like her, I am afraid that she will be There wont be any more. However, she is the same as my naive father, and I dont hate it anymore."

"Although this is your housework...but I think it would be better for you to give her a little more care." Heliga smiled bitterly-the relationship between the mother and daughter was really awkward. However, from his standpoint, there can be no more.

"I will consider your opinion." President Irina also knew that this was just a polite remark made by Heliga out of concern for Alyssa, so she just handled a few words casually, "Although she doesn't know your highness What is needed for this thing... but this is what I can take out at the moment."

"It's from...huh?" Heliga took a closer look-although he was not very proficient in such things, he still saw some clues. The drawing of the mecha reinforcement plan that Old Man Yoguru handed to him last time, he has also shown to Alyssa and others, and after their patient and meticulous explanation, I understand whether There are few things that only professionals can see. Therefore, he also discovered that this blueprint and the old man Yoguru's plan seemed to differ in many fundamental things.

"This is the earliest file about "Mecha Soldiers" I can find. However, its designer...hehe, even I was taken aback. "When talking about this matter, I have been calm before, and the emotionally stable President Irina also rarely experienced a trace of emotional fluctuations, "That is... my late husband, Franz Laneford. Ult. "

"...I thought it was something made by Dr. Schmidt with reference to the ancient magic soldiers..." Heliga was also the first to hear of this statement-obviously, President Irina has never treated anything else. Someone said this. Whether it is Olibate or the backbone of the reformists. Maybe even Alyssa...no, Alyssa is the one who is least likely to be told about this.

"The current finished product is indeed the case. But the person who tried to overcome this as a subject was the first person." When President Irina said this, the mood swings appeared more obvious than before, "Doctor, this person, presumably You also know very well... he is the kind of person who doesn't care about it, and focuses on research."

"So... these things... did the doctor tell you?"

"I noticed something, so I took it to the doctor and asked. He didn't hide it." President Irina nodded, "Besides, you should also know another thing I want to say... and Another person is related to this."

"...It means Miss Sharon." Helija closed her eyes-Sharon was not here at this moment, but accompanied Alyssa and the other students on the Carrejas. But Heliga could probably guess... Combined with the information Levi and Weita had previously leaked to him occasionally, he thought that Alyssa's father's death seemed to have a lot to do with Sharon.

"Yes. Sharon had a conflict with that person in the company's laboratory because of her former "employer" request. "Irina nodded and talked about this sad past that no one knew about-although her tone was very flat, "However, even she herself was very surprised by what happened." After that, I took in her who was temporarily unable to go back to the business because the mission failed... and told her that she would take responsibility for this matter, and the time limit was... after the person "returns." "

Heliga seemed to understand. The agreement between Sharon and Ryanfort's family had been mentioned by Olibate before. But President Irinas meaning is obviouslyFranz Ryanfort, it seems

He looked at President Irina in confusion. The latter did not seem to explain the meaning of the sentence. However, Heliga suddenly remembered one thing-the old man Yoguru reminded him, maybe it was something from an important source of intelligence.

He still remembers that when he asked the old man Yoguru for a plan for the transformation of the mechs, the latter mentioned that he had participated in similar things when he was helping the associations, so he was concerned about some of the core of the mechs. The structure and parameters are very familiar. At that time, he reminded Heliga that perhaps its designer, Dr. Schmidt, had hidden secrets with the Thirteen Workshop, which "associated" with him.

He hadn't had such doubts beforeDr. Schmidt was withdrawn, and he was a technological madman for research at all costs. Therefore, if it is for some advanced technology that interests him, it is not impossible for him to cooperate with "associations." However, if the news that President Irina told herself today is correct, then it is clear that this conclusion has been overturned-Alyssas father, Franz Lanefort, who is believed to have passed away, is behind this. The culprit...?

Moreover, Na and Sharon left the association and could match the time with Alyssa. Heliga thought... Now those people who were once thought to have died long ago, whether they are the "Saint of Steel" or the "Iron Prime Minister", "The Hunter King" or the father of Alyssa... it is very likely. , Secretly, they are all the same group of people, or a system is operating.

After thinking about it, Heliga had a preliminary judgment in her heart-everything behind it seemed to correspond to a name he had often heard before. Whether it is with associations or with the undercurrents of the empire, they can be perfectly integrated, a certain existence.

""Black Workshop". "Heliga said the name that made President Irina's eyes sharpened.

"Sure enough... you know that name." Irina showed a commercial smile, "I think I have some information here, which should be useful to you."

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