Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 The Unrest Among Factions

As the cultivators followed the new trend of cultivation, meanwhile, at the South-Heaven Sacred Ground of the half-God region...

An ancient, imperious, imposing roar exploded in the sky entering the ears of the elders and disciples of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground.

"All Supreme Elders, elders, disciples of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, listen up; Qin Nan is now officially listed on the South-Heaven Assassination List as a three-starred enemy. Anyone who stumbles into Qin Nan should eliminate him on the spot!

"The news was meant to be distributed before, but unfortunately, Martial Monarch Nanjian let Qin Nan live, who received the help from the Anti-Heaven Alliance, which is why this public announcement has been made!"

At that instant, the eyes of the elders and disciples flickered with cold murderous intent!

They clearly knew that the rewards given to anyone from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground who eliminated a three-starred enemy were huge!

Besides, most of the three-starred enemies being listed would be at least Martial Monarch Realm experts, thus they subconsciously considered Qin Nan to be an easy target!

...Meanwhile, somewhere mysterious in the Martial Principle Sect...

A young man was sitting with his legs crossed while the Qi inside his body was immeasurable like a vast ocean!


The young man's eyes suddenly sprang open. His gaze was so sharp that it felt like it was going to fire swords to slash the Heavens and Earth apart!

"Hehe, master, are you still concerned about that Qin Nan?" A yellow dog stood beside him while waving its tail with a disdainful look, "In my opinion, this Qin Nan isn't really worth your time. It's true that he has surpassed the rules of cultivation, but he still hasn't achieved the Martial Monarch Realm..."

"Mm, you're right. It's true that he didn't achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, thus making him unworthy to be my opponent, but I'm really interested to see his seven Martial Trees. After all, my seven Martial Hearts are somewhat similar to his Martial Trees." The young man said with a calm smile.

The young man was one of the three geniuses of the half-God region who had surpassed the rules of cultivationZhuang Cidao!

Similar to the Martial Principle Sect, in a clear lake at the top of a giant mountain at the Jade-Lake Sacred Ground!


A glamorous woman swam to the surface of the lake, whose eyes flickered with astonishment!

"Qin Nan? Seven Martial Trees? This seems quite interesting. I'm wondering if his seven Martial Trees or my Martial Tree is stronger." Saying this, the woman's lips curled upward into a charming smile.

The woman was also one of the three geniuses surpassing the rules of cultivationSu Qingning.

However, apart from the three great factions that were astounded by the news, at one of the six great forbidden grounds of the half-God region, the Lost Herb Garden...

An ancient crystal palace floated in the air, which was producing a magical glow under the illumination of a mysterious light.

However, different than normal, a terrifying murderous intent was starting to solidify deep inside the palace.

"Princess." An old man said in a cautious tone, "Is...is everything alright?"

The old man knew that their little Princess really cared about this young man called Qin Nan.

"I'm fine." Princess Miao Miao rose to her feet, whose gaze was full of coldness, "Spread my words, if Qin Nan comes to the half-God region, keep an eye on him. In the meantime, tell the three former elders to prepare themselves. If anyone from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground dares to harm Qin Nan, kill them all!"

The old man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "Princess, isn't this against the rules? Judging from the current situation, our Lost Herb Garden should stay low-profile until we're fully ready, thus we shouldn't be exposing our strength."

"Firstly, the enemy of an enemy is a friend. Qin Nan's potential is limitless, thus it's worth protecting him.

"Secondly, the three great factions are definitely up to something since they are willing to change the requirements of recruiting new disciples. If we don't act now, I'm afraid they will assume that our Lost Herb Garden is non-existent.


Princess Miao Miao harrumphed and said, "He is my man, do you still have any questions?"

The old man let out a cough and shook his head.

The first two reasons were debatable, but as for the third one, he would not dare to question it.

...Meanwhile, deep inside the Worriless Ocean of the Middle Continent...

On a spacious field of an ancient cemetery, a pitch-black figure sat on a boulder while staring at the statue of a lady without budging.

Suddenly, a black crow flapped its wings wildly and landed on the shoulder of the pitch-black figure.

"Good work."

The figure raised his head slightly and read its thoughts with his Divine Sense. A moment later, a terrifying murderous intent burst out from his figure.

"South-Heaven Sacred Ground, being a tyrant as usual, marking someone as an enemy as they wish! So they've listed Qin Nan as a three-starred enemy now? Hehe, how ridiculous!"

The pitch-black figure wore a cold grin.

The figure was none other than the famous cultivator from the past, Nightless, the half-Martial God.

At the same time, somewhere above the Nine Heavens...

In the midst of an endless blizzard, several terrifying auras were moving back and forth in the sky!

"Master, the formations are ready!"

"Master, the immortal stones are fully prepared!"


Different messages were transmitted to the peak of an icy mountain!

"Very well."

An icy voice echoed from the mountain, which served as a response to everyone.

Following this, a woman stood above the mountain. Her long hair danced elegantly in the storm, while her icy gaze emitted an extraordinary flicker!

If the people carrying out their tasks noticed the flicker from the woman's eyes, they would be left dumbfounded!

In their memory, the woman was like an icy rock, who had never shown any emotion!

In other words, even if the world were to crumble now, the woman would not show a single hint of emotion!

"A three-starred enemy?"

The woman murmured.

The series of events that Qin Nan had been involved in forced her to recall her past.

Eight thousand years ago, she had also displayed a terrifying force at the Monarch Ascending Ceremony of the Middle Continent and defeated all the present Martial Monarchs.

Just like Qin Nan, she had been listed as a three-starred enemy, which made her the victim of an endless hunt that almost cost her her life.

"It seems like there's a reason why Qin Nan is my Tribulation of Three Lifetimes. Even the course of our destinies is somewhat similar." The woman collected her thoughts and said in a cold tone.

A moment later, she raised her head staring into the sky.

"All generals, mark my words. Attack the Canglan Seal!"

Following the words, a terrifying aura burst out from the woman's body, which instantly shattered the blizzard!


Several excited voices could be heard.

Following this, a tremendous glow burst into the sky!

Several ancient formations were activated, which produced an overwhelming force that was capable of shaking the Heavens and Earth!
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