Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 Jinlong Badge

Meanwhile, in the God Beast Forbidden Ground...

"Someone stole the dragon corpses in the Dragon Necropolis?"

"Who dares to act so recklessly!"

"Listen up, activate all the forbidding auras and death traps!"

Cries of shock and anger exploded in the ocean, among the mountains, and in the sky, as wisps of magnificent god glow flickered and rose into the sky from all directions.

Every beast immediately made their move.


In just less than two breaths' time, the God Beast Forbidden Ground displayed its formidable strength. The Martial Gods and Martial Monarchs proceeded to their respective position to activate the ancient forbidding auras and death traps that had fallen silent since a long time ago.

Everything within ten thousand li was frozen in place.

The God Beast Forbidden Ground was like an enraged beast who had just woken up from its sleep. Its bloodshot eyes sprang open. Even a Martial God would be locked down by its overwhelming presence, leaving them with no escape.

As everyone knew, the God Beast Forbidden Ground was already a formidable faction in Canglan Continent before Monarch Ranking and God Ranking showed up. Even though the faction's influence had declined, its strength was still absolutely terrifying considering how long it had existed for.

"I've lost the connection with the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis. We must open the Door of Dragons!"

The master of the God Beast Forbidden Ground snapped coldly. His voice echoed between the Heavens and Earth as a tremendous glow burst out from deep inside the mountains.

Martial God Zhenghai and Martial God Jinlong immediately made their moves too.

"God-Suppressing Ancient Boulder, activate!"

The master of the God Beast Forbidden Ground activated the artifact while contacting an ancient existence with his Divine Sense.

It was quite bizarre that anyone managed to steal the dragon corpses from the Dragon Necropolis. Even peak Martial Gods would have trouble taking the dragon corpses considering the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis's cultivation.

Therefore, as a safety precaution, it was necessary to suppress the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis in advance.

If he managed to suppress the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis for a few hundred breaths, they would have enough time to open the Door of Dragons and capture the thief.

Meanwhile, inside the Dragon Necropolis...

Xiao Yunshui, Jie Huiling, Wu Chengli, the other beast nobles and the rest of the beasts quickly collected their thoughts and headed east to search for the Door of Dragons.

As for Qin Nan and his crew deep inside the Door of Dragons, Longhu's expression changed when he scanned his badge and noticed something.

"We have been compromised!"

The words caught Qin Nan and Little Worm by surprise.


The magnificent figure was stunned too.

According to his calculation, it would take the master of the God Beast Forbidden Ground at least more than a hundred breaths to figure it out. How were they compromised after only fifty breaths?

"I'll send you away from the God Beast Forbidden Ground now..."

The magnificent figure quickly reacted. Wisps of tremendous aura burst out from its figure, causing the whole place to shake vigorously.


Following a great explosion, a colorful glow appeared toward the end of the area.

An ancient boulder over three hundred zhang tall, with a transparent appearance and runes all over it approached them rapidly and descended upon the magnificent figure.


Even the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis was unable to break free from the ancient boulder's seal. It dropped to its knees with a great thud.

Chains immediately wrapped around its figure, sealing off its power and stopping it from moving.

"The God-Suppressing Ancient Boulder?"

Little Worm's eyes widened.

The God-Suppressing Ancient Boulder was one of the most precious artifacts in the Canglan Continent. Its reputation was comparable to the Canglan Tree, and was specifically used to suppress the spiritual existence of the Heavens and Earth.

The Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis was one of them.

Despite its formidable cultivation, it was unable to break free in a short period of time.

"The God-Suppressing Ancient Boulder is going to trap me here for at least eight hundred breaths, but the master of the God Beast Forbidden Ground and his men only needed six hundred breaths to break open the Door of Dragons. You must leave now!"

The magnificent figure said.

"Only six hundred breaths?"

Little Worm immediately wore a grim look.

According to their plan, they would leave in secret after retrieving the dragon corpses. However, since they were now compromised, it was likely that every forbidding aura and death trap in the God Beast Forbidden Ground was activated.

They would simply walk into traps if they were to leave now.

Does that mean they could only ask the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and the others for help?

"That's more than enough time, I have a Jinlong Badge here, it can help you leave this place."

Longhu took out a badge with the size of a palm. It was carved with a pitch-black enormous dragon with an imperious aura.

Martial God Jinlong, one of the three God Beasts from the God Beast Forbidden Ground.

The badge contained a strong force. Once it was activated, it would open up a portal to somewhere ten thousand li away.

Martial God Jinlong had specifically given the badge to Longhu to protect his life. Even Longhu's Senior Brothers were not treated so preciously.

"The essence of Heavenly Dragon, the reappearance of the forbidden dragon!"

Longhu groaned and spat a drop of dragon-shaped blood onto the badge.

At that instant, a forbidden force in the shape of dragons appeared and formed a rift portal leading into the distance.

"Nice one, kid, I didn't expect you to have such an impressive treasure."

Little Worm's eyes glittered.

As the Dragon God, he was rather familiar with the forbidden force.

They could easily leave the place in one piece without needing the help from the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and the others.

"Let's go!"

Qin Nan nodded at Longhu. He propelled himself into the rift portal to leave the God Beast Forbidden Ground as quickly as possible.

"Longhu, what are you doing!"

However, a great roar was heard at that instant.

Xiao Yunshui, three Martial Monarchs, and over thirty beasts witnessed Longhu's doing after entering the Door of Dragons.

"Jinlong Badge? You..."

The eyes of Xiao Yunshui and the others widened as they focused their attention on the badge in Longhu's hand.

They were familiar with the uses of the badge.

"Damn it, why did they have to show up now!"

Longhu cursed with a dark expression.

Now that they had seen what he had done, the authorities of the God Beast Forbidden Ground would know that he had helped the 'thieves' to escape, which would result in grave consequences. He would be deemed as a betrayer of the beast tribe.

Even his master would not be able to protect him.
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