Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593 Bone Devil Immortal Emperor

The White-Slash Flying Spirit Art was one of the moves he had inherited from the Forbidden Taboo Sect.

The art was only available when he activated the Forbidden Taboo Flesh. Once it was executed, it would place a spirit on the target.

The spirit was formless and inescapable. It was unlikely to be gotten rid of by ordinary methods either.

Qin Nan could then use the spirit to summon a weapon instantly to attack the target. If the target survived, the spirit would proceed to pick up the weapon and kept on attacking.

"Qin Nan, don't you dare..."

Wan Xiao let out a roar and struggled vigorously. Feathers sprang out from his wings slashing at Qin Nan.

Each feather was incredibly powerful, with an outstanding might.

On top of that, several Immortal Talismans flew out of his body. Quite a few artifacts were activated too.

As a Peerless Genius, and the son of a Peerless Ruler, it went without saying that he would have lots of trump cards up in his sleeves.


Qin Nan was like an ancient Heaven God whose words served as the ultimate laws. His eye-technique utilized the formidable Destruction Will to summon an illusionary, giant mountain crashing down.

Both the feathers, the talismans, and the artifacts were suppressed before they could unleash their power. Their brilliance dropped rapidly within an instant.

Qin Nan did not stop there. He threw a punch at Wan Xiao's back, leaving him groaning in pain with a twisted face.

Even the remarkably strong flesh of his true form, the godly bird was still significantly weaker than Qin Nan's flesh.

"The Wrath of the Bone Devil!"

At that instant, the Underworld Prince ignited himself with an illusionary flame by offering his Force of the Demon God as a sacrifice to execute an art.

A strange voice appeared out of nowhere, followed by a rotten skeleton that would seemingly collapse in any second. It suddenly showed up and tapped on the spirit.

The attack seemed perfectly normal and week, but to Qin Nan's surprise, the spirit dispersed immediately.

"Qin Nan, so what if you're strong? You still can't stop me! We'll meet again in the future!"

The Underworld Prince groaned and performed an ancient hand seal.

His blood that dropped to the ground suddenly gathered as if it had come to alive, forming a dark, red blood sphere.

The sphere was set aflame with countless runes spreading across it. It unleashed wisps of force encapsulating the Underworld Prince.

The Underworld Prince's figure immediately turned blurry.

He had purposely covered the place with his blood so he could execute the powerful art to run away.

"Trying to run away?"

Qin Nan summoned a giant hand of destruction. It grabbed the Heaven-Shattering Saber and slashed at the Underworld Prince.

"Qin Nan, I'm using the Bone Demon Blood Escaping Art. I'm currently in a formless state, there's no way you can do any harm to me..."

The Underworld Prince remained collected. He actually seemed somewhat proud of himself.

He had used the same art to flee for his life whenever he was about to lose in a fight.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan's eyes emitted a pitch-black glow as the Dao Crystal in his body was activated.

At that instant, the Heaven-Shattering Saber was covered in a strong, blue glow which totally suppressed every presence nearby.

"Qin Nan, so what if you've achieved the Dao Realm..."

The Underworld Prince remained calm.

Although the Dao Glow of the Minor Success Stage of the Dao Realm was able to suppress his strength, it was not enough to disrupt his move.


However, when the slash landed, the sphere of blood and the formation it established were shattered into pieces instantly.

"What's going on?"

The Underworld Prince was stunned. He did not expect it to happen.

"Death Upon the Area!"

Qin Nan slashed at the rift.

"Qin Nan, you can't kill me! I'm one of the successors of the Bone Demon Immortal Emperor, if you kill me today, the Bone Demon Immortal Emperor will never forgive you...."

The Underworld Prince screamed when he was overwhelmed by the shocking sense of danger.

Even though it was utterly humiliating to beg for mercy as a Peerless Genius, to the Underworld Prince, staying alive was his first priority.

Everything was possible as long as he was still alive.

However, before he could finish, a magnificent saber intent landed on him and shattered him into pieces.

Qin Nan did not care if the person was related to an Immortal Emperor or a Nine Heavens Supreme. He never showed mercy to people who kept picking on him.

Besides, he had decided to earn his reputation in the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm. Otherwise, many people would simply think of him as an easy target.


At that instant, the rift suddenly vibrated vigorously as a crimson-red glow appeared out of nowhere and entered Qin Nan's body.

A vague murderous aura immediately burst out of Qin Nan's body.


Qin Nan slightly squinted.

He remembered coming across it on the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge. It was said that anyone that killed a Peerless Genius would be tagged by the Seal of the Heavens and Earth.

The seal would gradually grow when the person killed more Peerless Geniuses.

Once, a nameless cultivator had killed several Peerless Geniuses in a row. He did not purposely conceal his presence, thus he was engulfed in a murderous, red aura. The other cultivators immediately fled for their lives as soon as they saw him, not daring to cross path with him.

"You dare kill my successor!? I am the Bone Demon Immortal Emperor..."

A piercing sound appeared from the Underworld Prince's blood with streams of pitch-black aura which tried to enter Qin Nan's body.

Qin Nan immediately noticed the aura. He proceeded to shatter it with a slash.

The Heaven-Shattering Saber was able to shatter everything into pieces. Even though Qin Nan was unable to unleash its full potential yet, with the help of the Dao Glow, he was able to slash anything below the Human Immortal Realm in half.

"Did...did you really kill the Underworld Prince?"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao was lost in his thoughts.

He had only become a Peerless Genius not long ago. It was his first time witnessing the death of a Peerless Genius.

"He...he's dead?"

The faces of the peak Heaven Gods turned pale.

The person was a Peerless Genius, who could easily be ranked at the front in any Small Immortal Realm, with a brilliant future ahead of him!

"It's your turn now!"

Qin Nan was utterly unstoppable. He performed a hand seal and gathered the Destruction Battle Will on his hand, taking the form of illusionary dragons.

He had only sealed off Wan Xiao's meridians and his strength, but he was now planning to seal him off with a special method.

Even if Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao managed to escape, Qin Nan could easily activate the seal and force him to become his mount when he stumbled into him again.
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