Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 310

Seeing Wang Tingting like this, Lu AnLing felt strange. Lu AnLing was not sure whether to be worried or mad so instead, she calmed herself down and said,

"Why can't you? Is Zhao Fei threatening you again? What happened to your 'I don't care attitude'" Lu AnLing asked curiously. It was not like Wang Tingting to be so submissive. Even back in high school the girl was not like this. There was always a small bit of fight in her. But not here. Not anymore.

This slightly worried Lu AnLing, even if she and Wang Tingting were not even friends and practically enemies.

"I can't be like that anymore..." Wang Tingting said as she slightly looked away.

"And why not?" Lu AnLing asked with complete confusion.

After hearing Lu AnLing's question, Wang Tingting paused for a second and then she looked at Lu AnLing guiltily.

Wang Tingting: "Look... It was a long time ago before you left... but I told the bartender at Hotel Helios to drug you."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing face turned dark and she tightened her grip on Wang Tingting's arm.

"Why?" Lu AnLing hissed.

Feeling the pressure on her arm, Wang Tingting winced. This would usually not penetrate Lu AnLing's anger, but realizing the girl was pregnant she immediately let go of her without her anger subsiding.

Lu AnLing knew that Wang Tingting had hated her, but the woman was always direct with her attacks. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"You know, back then Zhao Fei was trying to get your boyfriend and, well, she asked me to do her one favour. At first, I didn't want to do it. I didn't like you but I'm not cruel. I know what happens to drunk girls at Hotel Helios and I would never wish that on anyone but If I didn't do it, Zhao Fei would ruin my father's life..." Thinking back at that one moment in her life when Zhao Fei had threatened her, Wang Tingting felt anger boil from within her but both for her own sake and for her babies sake, Wang Tingting calmed down before she looked Lu AnLing in the eyes. "I do feel bad, but I don't care if you forgive me or not... I can't force you to forgive me and trust me, I know I don't deserve it but still... I..."

"But you still care about what your husband will think of you if he knows about this?" Lu AnLing said as if completing Wang Tingting's train of thought.

Hearing Lu AnLing's words, the woman's eyes became alarmed. She then touched her stomach as pain raged in her irises. "If he finds out about this, he'll truly divorce me. You're his brothers wife and as much as Nianxi doesn't like Kang Jun, he doesn't have any hate towards you. You're innocent and even if he's foolish, stupid and sees good in the wrong people, he sometimes realizes that it's wrong to hurt innocent people. Which, I've already done..."

Wang Tingting: "I know that I don't deserve either you or him to forgive me but, call me selfish, when I say, I just want to be happy, by Nianxi's side..."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing was unsure of what to do.

Lu AnLing was like a mother to everyone. If someone admitted to their mistakes and she could see the possibility of them changing she didn't usually keep a grudge unless someone had really hurt her, and even then, she was still quick to forgive.

Though, before she forgave Wang Tingting, she said,

"Fine. But tell me, why did she ask you to drug me? From what I know, I've never offended Zhao Fei." Lu AnLing said.

Wang Tingting shook her head. "I'm not sure, but it's probably the same as me. You just got things too easily."

Lu AnLing was about to break down. All these people hating her for nothing was beginning to annoy her. Despite having the blood of two powerful families, Lu AnLing had lived a horrible life; full of lies, sadness and conspiracies. She would choose a simpler life any day but she had no choice but to live through the messed up knot of a life she was given.

For Lu AnLing, life was not easy, but for some reason, both Zhao Fei and Wang Tingting saw her physical possessions and believed that Lu AnLing was living a life of luxury...

She wanted to scream... but instead, Lu AnLing ignored Wang Tingting's previous words and then she spoke.

"Nevermind that then... I always wanted to know, how exactly could Zhao Fei ruin your father's life?" Lu AnLing asked cautiously. She wanted to know about the Zhao family and considering how, due to Wang Tingting's father's situation, Wang Tingting had to be Zhao Fei's lap dog, Lu AnLing couldn't help but assume that Wang Tingting was her best bet when it came to finding out.

Wang Tingting frowned. "My father owns a marketing company, he borrowed money from Zhao Fei's father in order to get things up and running... if he asks for his money back, my father will go bankrupt..."

Lu AnLing: "How much did he borrow?"

"Around 3 million Yuan..." Wang Tingting said with shame. "Though he's paid two thirds back already, so he owes around 1 million."

Lu AnLing was speechless for a moment.

3 million Yuan?! Was Wang Tingting's father crazy...?

As she thought this, Lu AnLing was about to speak but first, Wang Tingting interrupted.

"Before you ask, no, I don't want to ask Nianxi to pay it. He's my husband, not my bank account. I would rather not have him spending money on my families behalf..."

Hearing these words come from Wang Tingting's mouth, Lu AnLing felt a bit strange. The Kang Men had all, with the exception of Kang Liang, seemed to have found their way to good women... Even if Kang Jun was not truly a Kang, he had been raised like one.

Was there something in their upbringing that led them to such love?

Lu AnLing wondered but she did not linger on it. Instead, she spoke to Wang Tingting again.

"How did your father borrow that much money from her father? Isn't he just a doctor?" Lu AnLing asked.

Hearing this, Wang Tingting frowned.

"A doctor? No. Zhao Fei's father is a government worker." Wang Tingting said simply.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing paused for a second.

Lu AnLing: "Then a who's Zhao Qin?"

"Who?" Wang Tingting asked with complete confusion. "I've never heard of a family member named Zhao Qin."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing brought her thumb to her mouth and bit hard.

If Zhao Qin was not related to Zhao Fei then who was he? And was he an ally or an enemy?

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