Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 311

Since Lu AnLing had left, Kang Liang had been with his brother.

Kang Jun had told him he had something he wanted the man to do. At first, Kang Liang thought the task was going to be hard but when he heard his brothers orders, he smirked.

"You want me to get close to this Zhao Qin? Sure." Kang Liang has said before he called the hospital. When he was done, Kang Liang looked at his brother with a simple smile and said, "According to the hospital, Zhao Qin is still working, I'm going to go check on him now."

Hearing this, Kang Jun was about to dismiss him but before this, he had something he had wanted to say to Kang Liang.

"Shouldn't you sleep?" Kang Jun said without his voice changing the slightest. It was still cold and questioning.

Kang Liang did not look good. He looked like he had not slept in days. And truly, this was true. He hadn't been sleeping much. Though this sentence was pretty hypocritical coming from Kang Jun but because of the fact that it contained a lot of care, in Kang Liang's mind, made the man smile.

"I'll sleep, soon." Kang Liang said before he walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, outside Kang Jun's house, Mo Sheng who had been looking through a couple of Lu AnLing's notes and songs tiredly sighed.

Due to what Tang Yiling had done, Mo Sheng and Lu AnLing had to make a few changes to both their performance and their song.

Originally, each contestant was only supposed to sing one song, but since Tang Yiling had revealed herself, and because the event would take place at Elder Tang's birthday, before things got too out of hand, Elder Tang had announced that both teams would sing two songs. One which would be judged by the audience and judges and another completely independent from the Tang's in every way. At first, this sounded a bit ridiculous to most because it could still end up with a tie but Elder Tang had made it clear that whoever wins the independent one is the true winner.

Due to this, many people had hailed Elder Tang's quick wit. However, this still did not restore honour to Tang Entertainment... But this would come in time.

For the competition, Lu AnLing knew that she and Mo Sheng would have to do something amazing so Lu AnLing had said,

"Maybe we should do a duet?"

Hearing this, Mo Sheng's eyes widened and a huge smile appeared on his lips. "Hell yes! It's been so long since we've done that!"

Lu AnLing nodded.

"So the first song, the one for the judges and audience, will just be you singing. I'll accompany you with the piano. The second one..." Lu AnLing trailed off as she began to search through her belongings. Suddenly she reached into her bag and grabbed the torn up The Little Prince book and removed a folded paper. She then handed it to Mo Sheng. "What about this song? I would still need to tweak it a bit to make it a duet though."

Mo Sheng heard what the girl had said but he didn't answer at first. Instead, he was reading over the piece of paper. He was completely immersed.

"Darkness fills the gaping void you left... You meant everything to me but not anymore...looking at your disappointed face makes me suffocate..." Mo Sheng said reading every few sentences with a frown. "You had a depressing childhood..."

Lu AnLing shrugged.

"Not really... I wrote that because I was annoyed at my dad... he was never ever proud of me. It was always, 'little siren, you can do better' or 'that's not good enough, again!'" Lu AnLing complained with a frown.

"We're not singing this." Mo Sheng said with a frown himself.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing gave him a 'why not?' look which caused Mo Sheng to sigh.

Mo Sheng: "If you really want your dad to remember you, how about you think of the good moments you had together? I'm pretty sure the man would much rather remember that."

Hearing this, Lu AnLung froze slightly. She agreed with Mo Sheng, her father would be much happier to hear about the good times but the times which she would consider happy, would he? What if he listened to her song, remembered her and then, she learned that those 'good times' were things that Tang Yian wanted to forget?... Lu AnLing wasn't sure so she didn't know what to do.

Seeing this, Mo Sheng sighed once more before he approached Lu AnLing and then put his hand on her shoulder.

Mo Sheng: "Look, chances are, your dad didn't mean to make you feel that way and he, most likely doesn't know you felt that way, either... He probably, truly believed that you could do better."

Looking at it this way, Lu AnLing couldn't help but smile slightly. She didn't truly know what her father thought of her. Before they had ever gotten mature enough to speak to each other eye to eye, the accident had happened... thinking about it, Lu AnLing knew that Mo Sheng was right. She was sure that it was best to make her father remember the happy times rather than the sad. Despite the fact that sad and hard times had almost always surrounded them, Lu AnLing could not say that her childhood was bad.

Thinking back o the look on Lu AnLing's face when she realized this, Mo Sheng felt happy for her...

After they had spoken about this, Lu AnLing's worrying mind shifted from herself to Tang Bingyi. Lu AnLing wanted to cheer up Tang Bingyi so she had contacted Lu Xia and had decided to go hang out with the girl. Mo Sheng was supposed to come too but because Lu AnLing had to think about certain things alone, she had told Mo Sheng to stay at Kang Jun's a bit to allow her some time to think as she headed over. She had then taken a taxi there, though not before ordering Rong Xin to take Mo Sheng to the Celestial Fox at a certain time.

Despite being her bodyguard the man agreed reluctantly.

Now, the time was right, and so Mo Sheng waited for Rong Xin to grab the car.

"You're going to go join a party full of girls? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Kang Liang said mockingly from behind as he stepped out of Kang Jun's home.

Hearing this, Mo Sheng swiftly turned to look at the man who had just lit a cigarette. "Ashamed? Why should I be?"

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