Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 312

"No reason. Want a ride?" Kang Liang said as he pointed at his extra helmet on his bike, which was located close to them.

Looking at Kang Liang's bike, Mo Sheng's face twisted. "What type of man goes on the back seat of a motorcycle, forced to hold onto to another. I'd rather die."

"Would you?" Kang Liang said suspiciously, then he looked at the car which pulled up in front. In it, Rong Xin was driving. "What if I wasn't the driver?"

Mo Sheng didn't catch Kang Liang's insinuation so he said, "I still wouldn't do it. I'm a man too you know!"

Kang Liang laughed. "Says the man going to crash his best friends girl's night out!"

"It's not crashing it, AnLing invited me and either way," Mo Sheng said smugly. "Rong Xin will be there too!"

"Whatever you say, Sheng Sheng." Kang Liang said pinching the boy's cheek.

Feeling this, Mo Sheng frowned and then he slapped Kang Liang's hand away. "You're only 4 years older than me, stop treating me like a child!"

Kang Liang was about to retort but then, Rong Xin suddenly approached them.

Looking at Mo Sheng, Rong Xin said, "I need to do something inside, we'll leave once I get back."

Mo Sheng nodded. The boy had no complaints whatsoever.

Seeing his obedience, Kang Liang wanted to laugh. But once Rong Xin left, Mo Sheng became strangely quiet before he said, "What's your relationship with Lu Shuya?"

Hearing this, Kang Liang froze with his cigarette in his mouth. That was a very strange question... what had Mo Sheng seen to prompt this? Kang Liang wondered.

"Why?" Kang Liang asked. He was not going to answer something he didn't know the reason for. Mostly when the question came out of nowhere like Mo Sheng's.

Mo Sheng: "I saw you two getting chummy back at Hotel Helios... you didn't touch her did you?"

"No..." Kang Liang rubbed his neck. "She's a cute and prissy but to tell you the truth, we don't have much of a relationship"

For some reason, the boy's voice turned a bit strange. This caused Mo Sheng to frown.

"If you're planning to play with her, don't. It's a bad idea." Mo Sheng said simply.

Hearing this, Kang Liang frowned.

"What are you? Her big brother?" Kang Liang asked with slight questioning and slight annoyance. He knew that Lu AnLing and Mo Sheng were close but Lu Shuya and Mo Sheng didn't seem to interact all that much so Kang Liang just assumed that they had no relationship.

Mo Sheng: "Shuya is AnLing's sister. AnLing is family to me, and so despite her faults, Shuya is also family. And I know you Liang. You chase girls left and right and you always chose those who are easy to deal with, Shuya isn't that."

Hearing this, Kang Liang was slightly offended but his reputation sure did proceed him.

Kang Liang took another cigarette out and began smoking again.

Kang Liang: "First of all, I don't chase after women. They chase after me. I just flirt with them. And secondly, I'm not going after the girl. She's uptight. I was just trying to get her to relax a bit before she ends up being depressed."

Kang Liang then turned to look at Mo Sheng in the eyes, and he said simply, "That's. All."

Whether this was true or not, Kang Liang was not going to allow Mo Sheng to analyze him, so when he had finished the cigarette, Kang Liang threw it to the ground and crushed it with his foot. He was slightly annoyed but he knew Mo Sheng well enough to know the boy had meant well. He did not want problems between his circle of close friends and relatives and Kang Liang could understand this well.

So after the man had swung his leg over his motorcycle, he looked at Mo Sheng and smiled.

"Good luck party crashing, little nephew. Don't drink too much." Kang Liang said

After speaking he put on his helmet, revved his engine and then drove away, towards the hospital, without looking back.


At the hospital, Zhao Qin sat quietly in his office looking at the wall. He was bored and tired, but he quite preferred days like this because it meant that no one was sick...

As he thought about this, his door was suddenly ripped open.

"Doctor!" Xu Shen said as he burst through the door with Lu Yuxi in his arms.

Looking at the man, Zhao Qin was speechless.

Xu Shen: "Xixi... she... she's..."

When Xu Shen was very worried so it was hard for him to speak. Zhao Qin looked at the man and wanted to sigh, it would be hard to speak with him...

Thankfully for Zhao Quin, though, Lu Shuya had come with her father.

"Doctor Zhao, Xixi has been vomiting a lot, please check her out!" Lu Shuya said with worry as she tried to keep her voice from shaking.

Seeing the two in such distress, the doctor gestured for Xu Shen to put the girl down.

Xu Shen followed every single one of Zhao Qin's orders.

After examining Lu Yuxi he gave her a lollipop. Meanwhile, Lu Shuya and Xu Shen looked at the doctor with worry.

Seeing this, Zhao Qin smiles softly, "She's Fine. She has a fever, That and the vomiting are mostly due to an ear infection. I'll prescribe some antibiotics. It should help. If she still feels discomfort after a few days, come see me again."

Hearing this, Lu Shuya was relieved. She had thought that the girl was experiencing something worse due to how distressed she looked but thankfully what she had was treatable.

Though, on the other hand, Xu Shen was still worried as he caresses Lu Yuxi who he had taken back into his arms.

Looking down at how weak the girl looked, Xu Shen felt his heart hurt.

Xu Shen and Lu Xiaoling had just told her, a couple of days ago, that she would meet her parents soon and the girl was ecstatic. Lu Yuxi had always wanted parents. But imagine her surprise when Lu Xiaoling told her that she also had a sister. The girl was practically bouncing off the walls.

But after so much excitement, Lu Yuxi had suddenly gotten sick...

Xu Shen was not a superstitious man but when he was a child, his mother had told him to never have expectations and to never be too happy about something because someone might die before they got to see whatever it is that had made them so happy in the first place. He had always disregarded this saying, but for some reason, this came to his mind.

Thinking about this, he quickly pushed it out of his head. Lu Yuxi was more or less healthy. There was no way she was going to die but what about someone else...

Lu AnLing? Kang Jun?

Xu Shen hopes not. He sincerely prayed that the superstitions were wrong.

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