Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1020

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“Sorry, I really didn’t do it on purpose I also scared myself to death today” Ye Wanwan said miserably.

She really didn’t expect Han Xianyu to get so angry that he would start fighting with Si Yehan at a shopping center

As Ye Wanwan said that, a message tone rang out from her phone.

Unsurprisingly, the sender was Si Yehan.

He was reminding her that she was one minute overtime

Upon seeing that, Han Xianyu glanced at Ye Wanwan’s gown and quickly said, “You must have plans tonight, right? Go take care of it!”

“Um, yeah, I’m really busy today. We’ll talk another time!” Ye Wanwan said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it. Go!” Han Xianyu stood up and went to pay the bill.

“Put on your mask and sunglasses properly,” Ye Wanwan reminded him.

Han Xianyu answered, “Okay.”

Ye Wanwan added, “Right, if Brother Yang asks, you can tell him.”

When Han Xianyu heard that, he made a casual noise in response.

When Han Xianyu went to pay at the counter, the young, short-haired girl peered at Han Xianyu several times.

“It’s done. Take care! We look forward to your next visit!”

What Ye Wanwan and Han Xianyu didn’t know was that the short-haired cashier dug out her phone and secretly took a picture of their backs as soon as they turned to leave.

“Xiao-Qin, why are you taking a photo of them?” A waitress walked over and asked when she saw that.

The short-haired cashier was over the moon as she cried, “Ahhhhh! Oh my god! You absolutely won’t believe what I saw just now!”

“What did you see to make you so excited?” the waitress asked curiously.

“Han Xianyu! Han Xianyu and a woman are shopping together!” the cashier named Xiao-Qin answered, incessantly excited.

The waitress knew Xiao-Qin was Han Xianyu’s crazy fan, so she found it funny when she heard the cashier. “Han Xianyu? I think you’ve gone mad from thinking about Han Xianyu. How can you claim some stranger you met to be Han Xianyu?”

Although their shopping center was high class and often had celebrities visiting, you couldn’t claim someone was Han Xianyu simply because they wore sunglasses and a mask!

Xiao-Qin hurriedly asserted, “Hey, today’s entertainment news revealed Han Xianyu’s whereabouts and said he was shooting at Imperial Films. There were several photos that showed him wearing this outfit when he left after shooting. Also, did you notice his sleeves in my photo? There was a tiny feather embroidered on them. This jacket was given to him by a fan! There’s no mistaking it”

As she said that, she dug out the photos from the article to show the waitress

When the waitress heard Xiao-Qin’s logical reasoning and saw the two photos in comparison, she was shocked as well. “Is this true? It couldn’t really have been Han Xianyu, right? Ever since Han Xianyu was stabbed in the back by his girlfriend last time who slandered him as a pedophile, there haven’t been any rumors about his love life, let alone any scandals! Could it be that he has a new romance?”

“D*mn d*mn d*mn d*mn!” Xiao-Qin had a face of despair. “No! If that’s true, then this love rival is too strong! Let me tell you, that girl just now was really gorgeous! A pity that I couldn’t get a shot of her face. I just know her face wasn’t very familiar, so she probably wasn’t from the industry”

The waitress clapped her on the shoulders and comforted her, “Maybe you saw wrong!”

“There’s no way I’d mistake someone else for my idol, okay! Wait, let me send this photo to the group and show other people”

Xiao-Qin had a social group for Han Xianyu’s fans. She hurriedly posted the photo into the group for authentication.

After the people in the group heard Xiao-Qin’s story, tears flew everywhere, and some people even uploaded the photo onto Weibo.

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