Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1021

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What Ye Wanwan and Han Xianyu didn’t know yet was that they were photographed by fans

After parting ways, they went back to their respective cars.

As soon as Han Xianyu returned, Fei Yang anxiously asked, “Xianyu, you’re back! What did you talk about? Are you alright, are you alright?”

Han Xianyu pinched his brows. “I’m fine.”

I’m probably fine, right

“Really? Then what’s with your expression? You don’t look so calm!” Fei Yang carefully observed Han Xianyu’s expression.

Han Xianyu looked at Fei Yang and was about to speak but ended up not saying anything.

Part of it was because his emotions were still in turmoil, so he didn’t have the energy to explain everything to Fei Yang.

Another part of it was that as soon as he realized he was the first one, as well as the only one, to know about Ye Bai’s identity besides Ye Mufan, he didn’t want to tell other people for some reason

Han Xianyu glanced in the direction of Ye Wanwan’s car before saying, “I’m fine. Let’s go!”

On the other side, Ye Wanwan had returned to her car as well.

Well, she was five minutes late and the temperature inside the car was already nearly frozen at -5C.

As soon as Xu Yi saw Ye Wanwan, he breathed a sigh of relief. “*Cough*, Miss Wanwan, you’re back. Can we leave now?”

When the incident happened earlier, although Xu Yi didn’t interfere, he was nearby and saw the whole thing.

In truth, he sympathized with Han Xianyu quite a bit

He reckoned Han Xianyu was rather shocked

“Yeah yeah, we can, we can! Let’s go!” Ye Wanwan spoke up.

Si Yehan glanced at her. “Finished talking?”

“Finished talking! We finished! I explained everything! There won’t be any problems for sure!” Ye Wanwan hurriedly said.

When Si Yehan heard Ye Wanwan’s guarantee “There won’t be any problems for sure,” it didn’t look like he believed it at all.

Si Yehan casually asked, “What did you talk about?”

Ye Wanwan: “Uh”

“What? Is it something you can’t tell me?” Si Yehan narrowed his eyes.

Ye Wanwan promptly started coughing. “*Cough cough cough* No, of course I can!”

Her conversations were very open and honorable, alright!

To prove her innocence, Ye Wanwan quickly disclosed the truth. “I merely explained my gender to Han Xianyu! He didn’t believe it at first, so he asked me questions, like what I said to him the first time we met”

Si Yehan propped his head to the side and calmly asked, “Oh, what did you say?”

“You know what happened the day I went. Global held a meeting, so I said I had a way to prove his innocence in seven days and negotiated with the senior management of Global for a while. When I left afterward and was in the lobby, he caught up and asked why I was helping him. I replied that my friend was his fan and really liked him, me” Me as well.

Ye Wanwan suddenly broke off and discovered something amiss


If I finished my sentence, I would’ve been screwed! I was actually tricked by the great devil without knowing!

Currently, Si Yehan was still watching her with his dark-as-the-night eyes, silently waiting for her to finish her sentence

However, how could she say it?!

Her pacifying career appeared to have encountered a great danger

“I” Ye Wanwan harshly swallowed before continuing, “I absolutely couldn’t stand by and do nothing for the sake of fairness and justice, responsibility and morality”

Si Yehan: “”

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