Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1022

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Ye Wanwan’s twist of words was an absolute brush with death!

Thankfully, she managed to bluff her way out, and Si Yehan didn’t probe further and accepted her performance

Truly too perilous!

Although Si Yehan had low EQ, he had high IQ, so she was nearly tricked.

Ye Wanwan secretly reminded herself to be more careful the next time she spoke!

Imperial City’s Sandalwood Hotel.

Sandalwood Hotel was a six-star luxurious hotel which had a vintage Chinese style located in the east end of Parkson Street. It was a commonly frequented location for banquet guests from prestigious and affluent families, as well as higher-up government officials.

In order to hold a welcoming reception for Mu Suifeng, the Si familyas the hostarranged a private, small-scale banquet.

Tonight, Qin Ruoxi was wearing a long, light purple limited edition couture gown from Grace and wore her hair in an updo, looking graceful and elegant. She was currently skillfully and easily conversing with the guests inside the banquet hall.

Feng Qinyu, wearing a little cute and charming lace gown, walked toward Qin Ruoxi and affectionately grabbed Qin Ruoxi’s hand. “Sister Ruoxi, you’re so pretty tonight!”

Qin Ruoxi smiled faintly. “Didn’t you say you weren’t coming tonight?”

Feng Qinyu harrumphed. “I originally wasn’t going to come since I didn’t want to see that vixen’s face. How could that lowly woman attend this banquet with the patriarch instead of you?! Allowing a woman like her to attend with the patriarch and receive Mr. Mu is too rude! I have no idea what the patriarch was thinking!”

“Oh, you”

“Enough, enough, I know you’re going to scold me for speaking out of turn again, but I really can’t stand her act! Only someone as mild-tempered as you would be able to tolerate her until now, Sister Ruoxi!”

As Feng Qinyu said that, a commotion was heard from the entrance of the banquet hall as Si Yehan and Ye Wanwan entered.

Ye Wanwan was wearing a gorgeous gown, but her gown didn’t detract from her at all and was nothing but a prop.

The moment she entered, it was as though she had stolen all the stars from the sky. Standing next to Si Yehan didn’t diminish her brilliance in the slightest.

Ye Wanwan was dressed delicately and beautifully today. Standing next to Si Yehan, she looked cute and helpless. She didn’t move a centimeter away from him; she was extremely well-behaved.

Whispers erupted in the banquet hall.

“Oh my god! The patriarch actually showed up with a female companion today!”

“And that female companion isn’t Miss Qin My, it looks like Miss Ye is favored since the patriarch was willing to bring her to attend even these events!”

“It’s no wonder, really. That sweet and dainty appearanceno man could withstand it! A little pillow talk and Miss Qin wouldn’t compare no matter what she did!”

“It proves that men still prefer more delicate women”

A little later, Mu Suifeng arrived.

Si Yehan walked to the entrance to receive him with Ye Wanwan in tow. “Mr. Mu.”

Mu Suifeng looked about 40-50 years old. He was wearing a Tang suit and had a scholarly and friendly appearance. “Chairman Si, sorry, sorry, I’m late!”

As Mu Suifeng said that, his gaze landed on the girl next to Si Yehan. “Chairman Si, this is?”

“My girlfriend, Ye Wanwan,” Si Yehan introduced her.

“Hello, Mr. Mu!” Ye Wanwan greeted him as she stood next to Si Yehan docilely.

“Hello, Miss Ye. You two are a handsome couple indeed!” Mu Suifeng teased them. “No wonder Chairman Si was in such a hurry to come back when he was in Country M!”

“Please excuse us for that.”

“Haha, for you young people, one day apart seems like three years! I understand, I understand!”

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