Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383 Mesmerized By Your Beauty Ninth Brother

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“Dismissed,” Si Yehan coldly said, his tone unquestionable.


Soon, everyone inside the hall left, and only Si Yehan and Lin Que remained.

“Ninth Brother, the Fearless Alliance is so arrogant and was the most zealous when attacking us back then, so why don’t we eliminate them?” Lin Que looked at Si Yehan with obvious incomprehension.

Si Yehan looked a bit dazed as though he fell into reminiscence.

A long while later, Si Yehan used an icy and robotic voice to say, “Because of Wanwan.”

“Huh? Ye… Ye Wanwan?!” Lin Que looked astonished. “Seriously… Ninth Brother, what does Ye Wanwan have to do with the Fearless Alliance?!”

“She’s a member of the Fearless Alliance,” Si Yehan replied expressionlessly.

“Huh?! Ye Wanwan’s a member of the Fearless Alliance?!” Lin Que was shocked. This was the first time he heard about this matter from Si Yehan.

Sh*t, when he first learned that ugly weakling, Ye Wanwan, was Ninth Brother’s legendary beloved person, he was shocked enough already. He didn’t expect her to be connected to an organization like the Fearless Alliance too.

After Si Yehan decided to return to the Independent State, he finally informed him that Ye Wanwan was a resident of the Independent State and was the girl he liked. A dramatic accident happened afterward, so he brought Ye Wanwan to China in order to ensure her safety.

“Ninth Brother, there are too many things you didn’t tell me. I’m still boggled right now; what in the world is this situation…” Lin Que asked hastily.

Si Yehan pondered over it for some time, a vicious current rippling through his face. A long period of time passed before he began his explanation in a low voice.

Back then, Si Yehan was inspecting a branch of Asura when Ye Wanwan suddenly infiltrated the branch, wanting to eradicate the branch.

However, Ye Wanwan ran into Si Yehan at this branch.

Upon seeing Si Yehan’s decent martial arts skills, Ye Wanwan thought Si Yehan was a small leader in the branch. A fondness for talent arose in her, so she earnestly persuaded Si Yehan to leave Asura and join the Fearless Alliance…

When Lin Que heard that, he covertly peered at Ninth Brother’s face with a nuanced expression.

Hm, fondness for talent?

Are you sure it isn’t… fondness of beauty?

For the next two months, Ye Wanwan would sneak into the Asura branch to look for Si Yehan nearly every day, thinking of all sorts of ways to poach Si Yehan to the Fearless Alliance.

Si Yehan turned pensive for a moment when he spoke up to this point as though his memories were replaying in front of his eyes.

“So… Ye Wanwan is a member of the Fearless Alliance?” Lin Que asked.

“Probably,” Si Yehan dryly replied.

“D*mn, that girl is simply—! She could follow anyone but just had to follow someone like Bai Feng! However, that girl is really something! What eyes does she have? She actually thought you were a small leader of a branch of Asura…”

“Tsk, if Ye Wanwan knew the small leader she wanted to poach was Asura’s supreme Lord Asura, the biggest boss, I wonder how she’d feel?”

“However, since Ye Wanwan was so persistent in poaching you to the Fearless Alliance, we can tell she’s very loyal to the Fearless Alliance!” Lin Que theorized.

No wonder Ninth Brother was so lax in his attitude toward the Fearless Alliance.

Si Yehan dryly glanced at Lin Que when he heard the last part, his expression chilling a few degrees.

Lin Que detected the man’s displeasure and promptly changed his words, “A-ahem, the Fearless Alliance and such are all mist; that girl must’ve been solely mesmerized by your beauty, Ninth Brother, hahaha…”

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