Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 Couldnt Offend A Single Person

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After receiving Lord Asuras invitation, Ye Wanwans expression was variable, but she had her own considerations about this matter.

Lord Asura invited the leaders of many factions to participate in this conference, so it didnt require much thought to wager that the Martial Arts Union knew about this matter.

To the Martial Arts Union, perhaps this was the Fearless Alliances best opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Asura. If she didnt go, whether Lord Asura would unleash hell on her or not was one thing, but she wouldnt even pass the Martial Arts Unions test

Currently, the Rose of Death she was establishing hadnt come into full fruition yet, and recruitment was naturally occurring in secret, so its might wasnt that apparent.

Right now, it wouldnt be wise for her to offend either the Martial Arts Union or Asura

"Sis Feng, if we really accept the invitation, it wont be fun this time Those people from the Martial Arts Union will certainly order the Fearless Alliance to use this opportunity and attack" Big Dipper lightly said as he leaned closer to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan nodded slightly upon hearing that. She knew that, of course.

Ye Wanwan previously planned to use this opportunity to escape from the Fearless Alliance. As long as she left, she wouldnt have to worry about all this anymore.

However, after some deep contemplation, she dispelled that idea.

There wouldnt be any point even if she successfully escaped from the Fearless Alliance. At that time, not only would she be hunted by the Martial Arts Union, but she would also be admitting she wasnt the true president of the Fearless Alliance and would be wanted by the Fearless Alliance. The results were too horrible to contemplate.

"Seven Star, what are your thoughts?" Ye Wanwan asked Seven Star a moment later.

The current Seven Star seemed to believe in Ye Wanwans identity. He might have some lingering suspicions, but Ye Wanwans performance wasnt enough to make him too cautious.

Without waiting for Seven Star to respond, Big Dipper pursed his lips and looked at Ye Wanwan, interjecting, "Sis Feng why are you asking this rock? Ask me! I know everything."

However, before Big Dipper could prattle on nonstop, he swallowed his words after a displeased glare from Ye Wanwan.

"Sis Feng." Seven Star turned to Ye Wanwan. "This matter is unavoidable There isnt a faction who can afford to offend the Martial Arts Union. Moreover, we accepted the Martial Arts Unions money and benefits, so we should act as agreed"

Big Dipper retorted immediately, "Bullsh*t, are you saying we must sneakily attack Asura?"

Big Dipper snorted. "Dont you know the Fearless Alliances current situation? Sis Feng doesnt control any real power. If you tell those old geezers to launch a sneak attack on Asura, see if theyll do anything!"

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper but didnt seem to have any desire to respond to him and continued to say, "Sis Feng, we dont need to launch a sneak attack on Asura; we merely need to clearly show the Martial Arts Union our attitude"

"We can accept Lord Asuras invitation this time then decline to pay tributes every month. Itd be even better if we could wreak havoc on Lord Asuras side. This way, even if we didnt immediately attack Asura, the Martial Arts Union couldnt criticize us."

Ye Wanwan nodded slightly. Seven Star was thinking along the same lines as her.

As long as she made a show of taking actual action, the Martial Arts Union couldnt fault her for anything.

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