Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 I Know Youre The Best

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"Tch." Big Dipper pursed his lips. "Sis Feng, thats what I was actually thinking. I just didnt say it fast enough."

Ye Wanwan turned to Big Dipper and expressionlessly said, "I know, youre the best."

Big Dipper nodded vehemently. "Sis Feng, you understand me, as expected!"

Ye Wanwan wasnt in the mood to tease Big Dipper and sighed inwardly. The Fearless Alliance was a truly churning muddy pit. Perhaps she had to wait until her Rose of Death was strong enough to crawl out of this muddy pit.

The Rose of Deaths headquarters was established in a manor, and the manor was bought at half price under Old Jiangs coercion and threats as a member of the Fearless Alliance.

All the recruited experts were arranged to reside within the manor.

The manors surroundings were currently desolate.

The silence was soon disturbed by the arrival of a young man dressed as a Taoist devotee with an enigmatic smile on his face.

"Heavenly Venerate Immeasurable Is there anyone home?" the Taoist devotee shouted at the manor.

"Is there anyone home? Come out quickly!" After calling for more than half a minute without any response, the Daoist priests expression turned impatient.

"Who is it?!" A moment later, an elderly man in black came out from the manor.

This elderly mans name was Jiang Cheng. He was a top-notch expert who was from the first batch of recruits for the Rose of Death.

"Heavenly Venerate Immeasurable I just wanted to askis this the Rose of Deaths headquarters?" The Taoist devotee was grinning.

Jiang Cheng was startled briefly, and his brows furrowed. "How did you know?"

"A friend referred me" the Taoist devotee replied.

"Oh?" Jiang Cheng was pensive.

The Rose of Death had recruited quite a few experts lately, so a referral from a friend was plausible.

"Little brother, it wont be that easy if you want to join the Rose of Death We have to examine your martial arts skills to determine whether youre qualified to join the Rose of Death," Jiang Cheng said.

The Taoist devotee looked thoughtful upon hearing that and nodded after a moment. "Its nothing, its nothing I was just casually asking. Confirming that this place is the Rose of Deaths headquarters is enough."

After saying that, the Taoist devotee turned to leave.

However, Jiang Chengs face darkened abruptly.

This Taoist devotees behavior was extremely odd. There was no way he was referred by a friend! He simply came to confirm the location of the Rose of Deaths headquarters!

Although Jiang Cheng didnt know this Taoist devotees intentions, he wouldnt allow him to leave until he figured it out.

"B*stard, you have the nerve to scout around for information on the Rose of Death?!"

Jiang Cheng became furious and disappeared from his spot. A breath later, he appeared next to the Taoist devotee.

Jiang Cheng grabbed the Taoist devotees shoulders. "Unless you explain yourself, Im afraid you wont leave alive today!"

"Heavenly Venerate Immeasurable, old mister, dont have such a fiery temper. Its bad for your health."The Taoist devotees figure shifted minutely as he said that.

Astonishment flickered through Jiang Chengs eyes. This Taoist devotees martial skills were unfathomable. He managed to shake Jiang Cheng off with his body alone

Jiang Cheng wanted to call for some backup, but the Taoist devotee was extremely fast and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Yun City, Nie District:

Each of the four great clans dominated a major district of the Independent State. For example, the district that the Nie family occupied was named the Nie District. These districts were named after the surnames of the four great clans.

At the Nie residence:

After Taoist Devotee entered the residence, he headed straight for the main hall.

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