Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648 Avoid Making Dad And Mom Angry

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"Mom, Ive been enrolled for many days," Ye Wanwan answered with a smile.

"Nice." Madam Nie nodded with satisfaction. "Worriless and Linglong both studied at Scarlet Flames Academy. Studying at Scarlet Flames Academy isnt too connected to your background and status, but if you run into any problems there, just use Worriless name."

"Sure" Ye Wanwan nodded with compliance.

It was ten past twelve by the time she left the Nie residence.

Ye Wanwan didnt linger since she planned to go to Rose of Deaths base and see how its formation was going.

Rose of Death had been established for a while, and she left its management to Little Lolita and Liuying without much hovering.

The second she stepped through the main gates and left the Nie grounds, Nameless Nie popped up from nowhere.

"Sis" Nameless Nie called her.

Ye Wanwan halted in her steps and turned around.

Nameless Nie looked a bit disheveled, and his state of mind didnt seem too great.

"What happened?" Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows lightly.

She heard Nameless Nie had an argument with his family.

"Not much I just had a fight with Dad and Mom," Nameless Nie replied with a sigh.

"What was the reason?" Ye Wanwan asked.

"Its nothing Just some tiny, trivial matters," Nameless Nie answered.

Since Nameless Nie didnt seem too willing to explain in detail, Ye Wanwan didnt pursue the matter.

Considering Nameless Nies personality, it would be very difficult to make him loosen his lips unless he wanted to talk.

"Say After Dad and Mom pass from this world, who will inherit the Nie family?"

Ye Wanwan asked with a meaningful look at Nameless Nie.

She absolutely couldnt clearly talk about some matters with Nameless Nie considering his personality, but it wasnt a bad option to go at it in a slightly roundabout way.

Nameless Nie supported his elbow with one hand and rubbed his chin with the other pensively.

A moment later, he asked with displeasure, "Sis, you have an unlucky mouth. Dad and Mom are perfectly fine. Why would they die"

Ye Wanwan: ""

The saying "A weak teammate does you more harm than a strong enemy" was right. Having a teammate like Nameless Nie was seriously too harmful.

"I was just making an analogy. What are you so aggravated about?" Ye Wanwan glanced at him.

"If its an analogy, then after Dad and Mom die, the Nie family Im the oldest, so of course Ill be the one inheriting it!" Nameless Nie boasted with certainty.

"En" Ye Wanwan nodded lightly and asked with a smile, "What if you didnt inherit it? Whod inherit it then?"

"What if I didnt inherit?" Nameless Nie was startled. "Why wouldnt I inherit? Whod inherit if I didnt inherit? The Nie family has so many riches; who would obtain all the money if not me?"

"Ay" Ye Wanwan sighed. How did she have a biological brother like this? Did Dad and Mom save all their brains for her? They shouldve at least given a little to him

"Stop spouting nonsense. Whod inherit it if you didnt inherit it?" Ye Wanwan frowned deeply.

"If I dont inherit the Nie family, then its definitely my second sister whod inherit it! If my second sister doesnt inherit, then it can only be Nie Linglong Oh wait, Nie Linglong doesnt have any blood relations with the Nie family, so she cant inherit it, so it would be Tangtang inheriting it But wait, Tangtangs still young, so he cant inherit it Anyway, it has to be my second sister," Nameless Nie provided his analysis of the matter.

"Nice job. So if you keep angering Dad and Mom and go too far and they kick you out of the Nie family, youd suffer a great loss The right of inheritance would fall to someone elses hands Think about itthe Nie family is so rich All those gold bars, gold bricks the stacks of money everything" Ye Wanwan kept shaking her head lamentably while looking at Nameless Nie.

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